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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s are pursuing Josh Howard

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The Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls have shown “serious interest” in
free-agent forward Josh Howard, a league source told Yahoo! Sports.

While the Bulls could have the salary-cap space to sign Howard,
depending on what happens with their offer sheet to J.J. Redick, the
Celtics would need a sign-and-trade to arrange a deal because they have
already used their midlevel exception on Jermaine O’Neal.

Howard has yet to receive a contract offer. The Washington Wizards
also have some interest in re-signing Howard.

Yahoo! Free agent buzz

Washington picked Howard up in a trade last year, and he immediately blew out his ACL… so we're not exactly sure how he's doing physically.  Obviously he'll have to pass a physical before being signed, but just because his knee is structurally fine, it doesn't mean Howard will be fine.

However… assuming he's 100% healthy, he's a guy who can score and defend.  And he's taller than Tony Allen, so he'd be able to fill in at the 3 a little more easily than Tony.  And since Tony just left, I'm looking this as the move the C's have in mind to fill his slot off the bench.  Someone has to be the scoring threat off the bench… maybe Howard can fill that role while also picking up some of the defensive slack left by TA's departure.

The C's only have Sheed's contract and minimum contracts to work with.  Unless they can work a 3 team deal or something to get more than one player… we're looking at paying someone like Howard around $6 million a year.

On Page 2… Rajon Rondo may join Team USA

Colangelo said that over the past 10 days every member of the U.S.
Olympic team has declined an invitation to play this summer in Turkey,
including Kobe

who played through a number of injuries during the Los
Angeles Lakers
’ run to the 2010 NBA championship, and LeBron


and Chris

who just signed with the Miami
. The last declined invitation came Saturday night when Utah
guard Deron

called Colangelo.

USA Basketball is expected to add Rajon

and center Robin

to the World Championships roster. The team also has commitments from Kevin


and Derrick

Yahoo!: US will have new team for Worlds

Back in February, there was a "misunderstanding" that left Rajon Rondo off the Team USA roster.  It's nice to see that it was cleared up.  Yes, it took every player from the Olympic roster saying no to allow it to happen… but hey, it's Team USA. 

I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Rondo can do with these guys.  All these young athletes running the break with him might get a little fancy.

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  • CoachBo

    Now, there’s a plan to replace Turnover Tony.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I like Howard as a basketball player, and I really dislike him as a person. Remember that bullshit he pulled with the National Anthem? Dude’s a turd.

  • Brian

    Sounds good to me.. You can’t let Allen leave unless u have a back up plan in place. It’s going to be nice to have a swing man instead of a 6-4 guard covering the 6-7 plus “small” fowards in the nba. I now resign Nate, and u are half way there. I’d still and kick the tires on raja bell and see if you can beg him to play for the vet mini… I would also do the same with erik dampier once the mavs release him…then I think your done. I had a pipe dream of scal sign and trade along with sheed for rudy “spanish” Fernedez and Camby. Idunno if you can sign scal to a one year deal for 3mil and make it work but I’d love to have those 2 guys on the bench. Damn Salary cap, 2 bad they can’t make this an uncapped year with the lock out coming…

  • DR. NO

    This guy is a trouble maker. he had a lot of issue with the mavs, that’s why they traded him. his not going to take 2.5 millions. i don’t understand why danny didn’t just tony the third year. its the same thing that happen with posey. this is the second best defender we lost in the free egent market. because danny is being stubborn. we never replace posey and i’m sure he ain’t going to find anyone to replace tony allen. paul pierce need some help guarding guys like Kobe, lerbon, carmelo, joe johnson and vince carter, his getting to old to be playing all these minutes. danny you made a big mistake for resigning tony.

  • DR. NO

    i meant to say why danny didn’t just give tony the third year.

  • 11in13

    This would be a huge upgrade over Tony Allen. He fills the 2nd team offense hole this team had last year as well. Historically he has always been a great player at the beginning of games (1st quarter stats are amazing) so could he be a big spark off the bench and really play well for the first 10 mins he is on the floor?

  • JPD985

    I don’t think he is even healthy right now. He tore is ACL back in March, shortly after being traded.

  • Mauritz

    Howard is a MUCH better player than TA. He would be more expensive, but a huge improvement. I think with him and O’Neal, we might actually be better than last year if/when Perk returns.

  • finn

    YES! Let’s pull this off. He was underutilized in Dallas, a seriously good player. And with the questions of attitude? If we dealt with Sheed for a year we can deal with him. Would be a perfect fit, c’mon Danny.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    That would be a nice pick up. Only way it could happen is a sign and trade with the wizards I’m sure for Sheed’s contract since they are rebuilding Wizards might want to do that. I always loved this kids game but I hate his attitude. Still love his game though and would be excited if we got him

  • Lee in Oregon

    A) got a blown out knee
    B) NOT the defender TA was
    C) a bigoted jerk
    D) alot more expensive than the paltry 3/mil they coulda had TA for
    Yeah, he can shoot better than Tony. So can I.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The loss of TA is being way overstated. He’s really not gonna be that hard to replace. An athletic swingman who can’t do anything in a half court offense all he has is transition. He’s not a “lock down” defender like a Bruce Bowen or Shane Battier. TA is NOT as good as people are making him out to be and Josh Howard is an improvement on him regardless of his character, was TA’s character all that great? Body guards in Chicago?


    This is what I like about this site when the player is not on the Celtics roster the player is a bum but when their are rumors or any reports about the Celtics getting him all of a sudden out of the blue the player is a fantastic player and so on and on, LOL

  • Shawn-cvd

    So what’s your opinion of Tony Allen? Or Posey? Or Sheed? How about Mikki Moore? Marbury? Daniels? House?
    House is still in the banner so there’s always been a soft spot for him. The fans have had a love/hate relationship with TA for years- open your eyes. Sheed redeemed himself (barely) with his inspired post season play. Until then he was much hated here. And the JO talk around here has been mixed.
    Regarding J Howard considering how pinched the C’s are $$ wise it would be a great pick up. We need scoring and a dependable back up for Pierce/Allen.
    If we could get Rudy/Camby or Juwan Howard for Sheed that could be even better

  • nick

    He’s been slowly but surely regressing every year since 2006, i’de take a chance on if it only costs us sheeds contract, but i think we should sign the graham brothers each 2 a vet minimum contract, two tough players who would quickly adopt UBUNTU.