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Larry Bird’s Favorite Player In The NBA: Kobe Bryant

If you think about it, I mean really think about it, it's completely logical.  During his legendary career with the Celtics, Larry Bird redefined the term "Killer Instinct."  Bill Russell was probably the first NBA player to display this trait every game for an entire career that captured 11 titles in 13 season.  It doesn't matter how few teams were in the league back then, 11 titles in 13 years IS killer instinct.  Bird and Magic Johnson pushed each other from coast to coast using it.

In fact, they were probably the fuel that burned Michael Jordan's fire to transform himself from a singular dominating player, into channeling it through his teammates and destroying the NBA for nearly a decade.  So here we are in 2010 and Larry Bird's favorite player is none other than Kobe Bryant.  In the Sunday Boston Globe, Gary Washburn got the following quote from Bird regarding the LeBron charade.  What's interesting to note is how Bird tossed in his two cents about Kobe:

“I watch all the teams and what they did for LeBron, and [the Heat] still have to go through the Lakers with Kobe Bryant out there, who’s been my favorite player for a long time,’’ said Pacers president Larry Bird. “And I don’t think whatever they do in the East is really going to concern him that much.’’

Just when you thought the days of getting a kick to the balls (from Game 7) were over, we get to read this from Bird himself.  It's not the first time Bird has made this statement, but it still stings a bit.  It makes sense though since Bird himself shared similar basketball traits as Kobe.  Mainly, that killer instinct of not only wanting to beat your opponent, but humiliate them in the process.  Still, it doesn't make that groin kick any less painful.

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  • RAS

    I just vomited

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Yeah, it’s sucks a little, when your favorite player all-time praises your most hated player all-time. But it doesn’t change either, so who cares. He’s still worse than LeBron in my book, and a close second to Bin Laden for that matter.

  • SorryMan

    Excellent Post

  • thetitleisours
  • thetitleisours

    Well, he will never have any fans with female lawyers, especially the “Woman’s Legal Defense and Education Fund” crowd lol

  • jared

    Oh Larry..spare us please. Just keep it to yourself. God.

  • Who cares…as a fan the man is one of the greatest Celtics/NBA Players ever. But he isn’t a fan of the Cs, he’s an Indiana guy…considering that it hasn’t been his team since he left and the last thing he had in common with the franchise was probably Red, is anyone surprised about these comments? He does have more in common with Kobe than say Pierce.
    I like what Ainge had said a while back about Red being too sentimental in keeping the Big 3 together, it’s a reality check statement to fans. These guys get paid to play; their loyalties are to themselves, their families and in some cases their egos…just be happy when we have some of those insanely good, insanely aggressive players in green.
    We have a championship caliber team we don’t need to be living in the glory days and hanging off of what former players say. Because they gave us all they had and don’t owe us loyalty now, even though it’s nice when they give it.



  • PeaceSignMoose

    I just cried a little.
    Larry is still a god.


    HA! Bird has more knowledge than any celtic fan…

  • Walk

    Greatness recognizes greatness…I still hate it though

  • Lakerhater

    Yeah thats great Larry, I understand and AI don’t think less of you for it. My wife loves her mother but it don’t mean I gotta. Now all you laker trolls go get yourself a bird jersey and represent.

  • Schooley

    I’m not going to sweat this. It’s not disloyalty; it’s Larry giving an ubiased appraisal of someone’s ability and competitive drive. He’s not saying that Kobe is a nice guy or a good person. I also don’t think he said it to take a dig at his former team. After Kobe is gone he’ll say the same thing about Durant or another up an comer. I don’t know what happened, but it used to be that true competitors respected their rivals for whatever they brought to their area of competition like Larry and Magic or Williams and DiMaggio. That seems to have been lost in all of the WWE style theatrics of modern sports.

  • greenmachine

    Kobe has a killer instinct but I have never seen him humiliate other teams much by pooring it on. He usually barely wins his games and series when he does win. Needs last second shot etc…
    Ihave seen kobe and his own teams get completely embarrassed though.
    Kobe’s killer instinct is fueled by and for himself only.
    Bird and other greats killer insticnts to win were for their teams success.
    Kobe just happens to cry and whine enough to have his franchise go get him good players to help him win and not have to go to other teams to find them.
    Kobe would have done the same as Lebron in a heartbeat if they didn’t get him the good players he has now.
    No crying now cause the baby has what he wanted.

  • prefuse

    “Kobe’s killer instinct is fueled by and for himself only.” Haha… Do you even know the man? Come on, really??? Such a dumb statement..
    “Kobe would have done the same as Lebron in a heartbeat if they didn’t get him the good players he has now. ” Whats with all the excuses for Lebron? His team got a record of 60+ win in the regular season 2 times in a row. Did Lebron win all of those games? Instead of blaming Lebron, they blame everyone, but him. Also, Lebron wanted a big man to go against Howard. etc. They got Shaq. Lebron needed another player, so they got Jamison and KEPT big Z. Lebron got the players he wanted, so stop contradicting yourself.

  • Lakerhater

    Its the silver lining of the Lebron debacle…Kobe fans and Lebron fans arguing over which one is the bigger asshole. God its great to be a celtic fan.
    (For the record its Lebron)

  • greenmachine

    No excuse at all for Lebron. Just 2 different situations.
    Lebron’s players he got are NO WHERE near what Kobe got or has had for ALL FIVE TITLES. Pretty dumb if you can’t and don’t see that. Lebron won 60 games with roll players and old has beens and Kobe could barley make the playoffs with his.
    Not hrad to see and know what Kobe’s reasons are but if you are all over his jock and are a Kobe lover/appologist you won’t and can’t see it.
    I feel sorry for you buddy.
    Lebron did what Kobe wanterd to do until they gave him GOOD players (allstar caliber) with experience that can play and are young still. Jamison was the best piece they gave him and he is like a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being a superstar. Kobe has like a 9 and 2 or 3 7-8’s on his team. Not hard to see.
    Just the way it is.

  • and magic loves rondo. no big deal.
    kobe is more like bird than he is like any other 80s/90s player.

  • prefuse

    Two different situations? No shit Kobe had better players than Lebron. A team that won 60+ in the season twice and can’t even get to the finals? People still blaming on the team instead of Lebron? Also, do you REALLY want to compare Kobe team back in 2006 to the Cavs this year or last? Not hard to see the difference between both team. Do you only watch the Celtics?
    “Not hrad to see and know what Kobe’s reasons are but if you are all over his jock and are a Kobe lover/appologist you won’t and can’t see it. ”
    Yeah, Kobe instinct is only for himself, that’s why he continued on with the Lakers after Shaq went to Miami. He could have left, but did he? Or how he ALWAYS compliments Gasol on his skill level.
    Not until Gasol went to the Lakers, people started to notice how good he actually was. Pretty dumb that you can’t see Lebron was at fault in the playoffs. Back to back 60+ wins and he can’t get anywhere, yet you’re blaming the team. Lebron had Shaq, Jamison and Williams. Are they not “all star caliber”? Lebron had right players, not the team fault that he choked. HAH! You do just watch the Celtics..
    “Kobe has like a 9 and 2 or 3 7-8’s on his team. ” hahhahahaha Pathetic

  • prefuse

    Wasn’t great being one this year huh?

  • #18coming

    Bird is no where near what Kobe is when talking about wanting to be the best and actually trying to get records and be known as the best ever. That is what Kobe tries to do and then winning is something he wants but tries to get the data to come with it.
    Bird just played because he loves the game and wanted to win titles and could have cared less about what NUMBERS came with the rings. He was WAY more aof a team oriented player that wouldn”t think twice about passing ti at ANY time. It just so happened that he had awsome numbers to go along with it.
    Lebrons career average are a lot more similar to Birds career averages by the way. Scoring, reb, and assists. Not Kobe’s.

  • Youknowit

    Are you an idiot? Give Lebron the same players and you don’t think he wins 5 titles? If not, you are more of a kobe lover than I thought. LOL!!
    Laker fans always are blinded by wanting Kobe to stand out when he really doesn’t.
    He is no different than Lebron except that he had awsome help when he came into the League for his first 3 titles then couldn’t do it when he kicked them all out and cried for help or he was leaving. They got him the help right away and he said, “ok, I see you are willing to give me what I need to win. Cavs didn’t do anything close to that because Lebron didn’t CRY LIKE A BABY AND SAY HE WAS LEAVING. He just left and went looking for the good players to play with.
    …..and on top of that Kobe has been with the Lakers franchise. Not the cavs who won’t bring in and spend like the Lakers will ever. Switch the 2 scenarios and kobe would have none and Lebron would have 5. You know it and I know it.
    Thing is, Lebron ain’t gonna win still cause the other 2 teams (Celts and Magic)in the east will be too deep and have too much talent still to beat the heat in 7 games.
    Lakers ahev nobody to test the and make it grueling in the west the past 3 years since kobe cried for help and got it.

  • #18coming

    Kobe career averages 5 reb, 5 ast, 25pts a game.
    Lebron’s are 7, 7, and 28pts a game
    Birds were 10 reb, 6 ast, and 24pts a game.
    The reason James averages are higher than both is because he hasn’t had no where near the help both bird and kobe have had since he’s been in the league.
    Once he has the help he won’t get those numbers cause he won’t need to. Just like kobe has learned after he thought he could do it himself after he ran shaq and others away.

  • prefuse

    Are you a dumb ass? Did I ever mention about Lebron team being better than Kobe? Can you not read? Too illiterate? Are you blinded by that dumb brain of yours? I think so. The Lakers got Kobe helped right away, that’s why it took 4 years till they got Gasol? HAHA. Stop embarrassing yourself. The Cavs traded Z for Jamison, and STILL got him back. HAHA, and the Cavs “didn’t do anything close to that” ahahha. A 60+ winning team 2 times in a row sounds like a good team to me. Meaning good players. Also, you don’t know that he would win 5 titles or not. His team looked good all season long and look what happen? CHOKED? Again with another person contradicting themselves, Lakers have nobody to test? 8th seed for the Lakers was a 50+ winning team? I say you just leave this site before you embarrass yourself even more.

  • greenmachine

    Nope. Shaq is old and done, jamison is alittle better than shaq, and williams? LOL!!! He can shoot but that’s it. No defense and heart from any one of those guys like the Lakers have had and have right now.
    Stop fooloing yourself and look at them for how they play and what they can really giva a team.
    Take the “kobe is better than Lebron glasses off” and realize they are both great and that with the right help both can win titles easily.

  • #18coming

    The cavs also came up against the Celtics which won’t help thing.
    James teamates have never been close to what the Celts and Lakers have you idiot.
    Until now maybe.
    You are embarrasing buddy.

  • #18COMING


  • greenmachine

    You don’t know basketball at all buddy.
    You are one of those “hype” lakers fans who just never get the game itself but want to see their team win and don’t really get why they did.
    Ignorant is the key word here.

  • prefuse

    What can you say for last year with 66 wins? Don’t flatter your team because you guys eliminated the Cavs. You act like its all about super stars. Ever heard of team chemistry? Lebron with 3 All Stars isn’t good enough? 18 coming soon? How embarrassing.

  • prefuse

    Yes, he didn’t start crying until later on, but does that mean he did NOT ask for players?
    Retard? HAHA. Please re-read what you typed ^^^^

  • prefuse

    The Lakers lost in the first round by the Phoenix Suns two times in a row. I’ve watched all that.
    Contradiction is the key word here.

  • prefuse

    Three All-Stars and with a team that won 60+ can’t even get to the finals TWICE. Enough said. Do you really watch the Lakers? If you have not notice, the Lakers are full of inconsistent players. Stop talking out of your ass.
    Also, the glasses been off. You saying that Kobe only instinct for himself is such a dumb ass statement. Lebron had enough help, he and his team choked. Face the fact and start watching the NBA more often.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Yea, the bigger asshole is Lebron, but the biggest assholes are on Boston, and they go by the names of Paul “We ain’t going back to L.A.” Pierce, and Kevin “I got sent to Boston for peanuts” Garnett

  • Shawn-cvd

    For once I agree with prefuse… partially. LeBron DID quit on his team against the C’s… Regarding Lebron not reaching the Finals he dragged a team of absolute bums to the finals in 2007. And before you point out how he got swept it was against the Duncan/Parker/Manu led Spurs. Look at those rosters. Put Kobe on Cleveland’s team and tell me how they’d do…
    Last time I checked play off basket ball is about match ups. A team could win 68 against the field and still be praying not to run into that rival that for some reason has their number. Furthermore you ever hear of the term “built for the regular season/ built for the play-offs”? Well…that was Lebron’s Cavs. So judging the quality of your opponent by their regular season wins is moot.

  • LA Native

    who cares if bird loves kobe. and magic loving rondo .its all about hating gayass lebron anyways. either way both our teams are gonna beat miami

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Prefuse it’s pretty simple. Name me the best teammate that Lebron has had in his ENTIRE career? The second best player on the Cavaliers in the last 7 years? Hard to think of right? Can’t think of ONE marqee name out there that was in his prime? Now let’s look at Kobe, Shaq? Gasol? Malone? Hell even Bynum and Odom are better than the best Lebron has played with. We’re talking the 3rd option and a BENCH player on Kobe’s team being arguably better than ANYONE Lebron has played with… And yet hes taken his team to the best record 2 years running. There’s a reason he wins the MVPs, because real basketball minds recognize what he has been able to do. Any true basketball fan knows the playoffs are a whole different style of game. You have ONE bad matchup and you can lose a series. Well Lebron had about 3 against the Cs this year. And HE had 2 GLARING mismatches in the ORlando series 2 years ago.
    Also, Kobe has had Phil Jackson his ENTIRE career. Lebron has Mike Brown…. hmmmmm
    and don’t even start with Lebron choking in the playoffs sorry but go back and check the numbers. He averaged a near triple double in the Orlando series they lost 2 years ago he just gets no help at all. He has to do everything. I don’t understand all the Lebron hating. I can recognize a great player when I see one. Lebron is an absolute great player and would love to have him on my team any day of the week

  • DR. NO

    I don’t like Kobe and i never like Larry Bird. so i could careless. the bird man can say whatever he wants to say about Kobe.

  • lainok

    I don’t remember anyone hating jordan the way they do Kobe. In fact, I don’t remember anyone ever hating a pro athlete the way they do Kobe. Personally I am a fan, but if you’re not then okay, I get that. I think LeBron is a douche. It doesn’t mean that I can’t see what an amazing baller he is. Kobe doesn’t have the charisma of Magic, the blue collar grit of Bird. He doesn’t have the marketing genius of Jordan, or the whatever it is that James has. You don’t have to like the guy on a personal level. I just don’t understand how people can argue what his place is in the game. At least top 5. Five chips, 81 points in a game ( in the modern era of basketball that’s insane). He leads the franchise in almost every category. And whether you hate the Lakers or not, you must admit with that club it’s an accomplishment. I mean, I really don’t like Paul Peirce, but the man is the all time scoring leader for the Celtics…that’s impressive, even if you are the enemy.

  • 24/8

    Let this be a lesson to you. Great players can appreciate other great players. Some of you are jumping through the most insane hoops to justify disagreeing with one of the greatest NBA players ever. And one of your own team’s historic greats at that. If Bird thinks Kobe’s great, he’s great. Period. If Magic loves Rondo’s game, Rondo’s great, no Laker fan can refute that as much as he or she might wish it weren’t true. What, now Bird is incapable of recognizing who is great? Hell no.
    What if one day Paul Pierce signed with the Lakers? All of a sudden he’s a piece of shit? No. Kevin McHale has praised Pau Gasol’s post moves over and over. Does that make McHale a traitor? An idiot? No. Pau has the best post moves in the game currently. Only because Duncan is slowing down, but still. It’s ok to think a player on another team is great if he’s great.
    Here, for you logic fans. If LeBron is way way better than Kobe then guess what? That means he is SUPPOSED to accomplish more with less – weaker coach, less talented players – than Kobe. He had two years in a row to do that yet he failed. Will that fact stop LeBron from doing that stupid fake camera shoot crap before games? Probably not. You want to talk about somebody who is all about himself, LeBron is it. Magic or Bird would have punched him out for pulling that shit if he’d been on either of their teams.
    And for you Kobe haters, remember what Buss and Shaq said – Kobe never drove Shaq or anybody else out of town, Buss did. Sure, Kobe was a brat back then. But Shaq was overpriced in Buss’ mind. That is what almost drove Kobe to leave the Lakers, hearing that some Lakers management clown was saying that Kobe was responsible. That lie almost ruined the Lakers. LeBron simply got tired of the pressure. So he took the easy way out, going to a champion’s team with another all-star. Those three guys BETTER win now. They now CANNOT EVER lose to the Cavs, Bulls, Knicks or Nets. They must outdo last seasons’ Cavs or this is a failure. For better or worse Kobe hates dealing with the media, there’s no way in hell he would have pulled a stupid move like “The Decision”. LeBron is being advised by idiots.

  • dzippy01

    KOBE does have killer instinct…why you think he has FIVE rings. You need to get a life and move on. Being jealous get you no where!!!! Go KB05