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Your Morning Dump… Where Heat comparisons to Boston are wrong

Wade and lebron

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How handy that we have a nice
comparison team in the 2007-08 Celtics. The Heat are surely comforting
themselves with the knowledge that Boston’s “Big Three’’ came together
quickly enough to become immediate champions.

That trio, however, was composed quite
differently than this one. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen
were inherently complementary. Allen’s best work is done off the ball.
Pierce’s best work is done with it. Garnett is a natural facilitator who
can also hit an open 15-footer or post up, as the need arises. Playing
smoothly together was never going to be an issue. In addition, Garnett’s
primary value was quarterbacking a defense that ranks with the best the
league has ever seen.

James and Wade need the ball, or at least they always have. Oh, sure,
they can say they proved how well they can play together on Team USA,
but that is an entirely different circumstance. It’s one thing to
subjugate yourself for a couple of weeks for a very specific common
goal, and it’s another to sacrifice a large part of your game (i.e. your
identity) for 82 games, plus a two-month playoff grind.

Boston Globe/Bob Ryan: Three big reasons to be afraid

I'm getting a little tired of people pointing to Boston's Big 3 as Miami's blueprint for this year's squad.

The Celtics, as Bob Ryan writes, were natural fits.  The Heat are going to have to make bigger adjustments.  They're also going to have to fill out that roster.

This is where things get a little scary for the league.  These guys will all get paid less than $15 million this season… leaving the Heat about $8 million to play with.  That could buy them some decent pieces. 

Will it be enough to buy them a center, a shooter and some decent bench players?  It might. 

Just because Miami brought 3 big-name players into a team doesn't mean they're following Boston's blueprint.  The construction of these teams is completely different.  And because Miami's not done yet, we don't know if their installation as the new favorites is legit yet.

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  • lolcats

    since when did dwade get so buff

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    How is it 8 million to play with? The cap is $58 mil this year, 3x$15 mil is $45 mil, Chalmers is making less than $1 mil, so shouldn’t they have about $12 mil just to get to the cap, then the MLE and Veteran Minimum contracts, putting them over $17 mil.
    I never understand the money part of the NBA, but it seems they could get 3 decent players (Fisher, Mike Miller, Shaq?) at about 5 mil per year each and still have a couple veterans come aboard plus sign their rookies, putting them 9 or 10 deep.

  • Shawn-cvd

    no mle for heat. Started off season under cap. Don’t know about bi anual exemption. Cappology is maddeningly complicated so just roll with it and assume it’s 8 million…

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    Since he had a long summer break…hahahaha

  • Antoinew8

    This is rediculous people.
    The Heat can easily put together a decent group of guys around L.C.D. and be a complete team by the time the season starts. I just think they won’t be able to come together as quickly as the Celtics did and win a championship in the first year because they’re adding at least five, if not six or seven guys to the team’s important nine man rotation(depending on if any of the Heat F/A’s resign), where as the C’s back in ’08 only added four(Garnett, Allen, Posey, and House) So i see the heat being great, but not quite getting it done until the second season together.
    With the group of Free Agents still left out there though, I could easily see a solid team looking something like this:(Especially since the heat hold bird rights to Haslem, and Dorell Wright and can sign them despite the cap. And as far as the cap goes, the Heat will likely spend as much as the Celtics and lakers did last year of 95 mill or so because they’ll make that back ten fold with a long playoff push and merchandising, so forget about the 57 mill cap, the Heat will spend up to 90 mill at least giving them plenty left to spend)
    Likely roster
    C – Rasho Nesterovic
    F – Chris Bosh
    F – LeBron James
    G – Dwayne Wade
    G – Luke Ridnour
    F/C – Udonis Haslem
    F/C – Matt Bonner
    F – Josh Howard
    G – Eddie House
    G – Mario Chalmers
    F – Dorell Wright
    C – Dexter Pittman
    F – Jarvis Vernando
    Pretty good team, huh?


    My goodness, WOW, when you guys had your team all new and all, it was the same thing sure you had Powe,Perk and Rondo but everybody knows those guys were not really that ready yet( am talking about summer 07), it even came to the point were you had to sign SCOTT POLLARD of all people. Then your team signed PJ Brown, Sam Alien, Posey and there i taught now your team is ready for the ship. So don’t say that this Miami Heat team cannot be compared to your 08 team cause you are dead wrong.

  • 24/8

    I think that you’re right for the most part except for one major difference – the Celtics, even though they formed a Big 3 (with one of the 3 already a member of the team), didn’t have to deal with integrating an egocentric me-me-me player like LeBron into a team that already has an established TV-friendly main guy.
    Paul Pierce was already the main guy for the Big 3, the face of the Celtics. K.G. is a fierce personality but he’s not all about the camera and the stats and the glory, he’ll willingly hang back and let Pierce or Allen take over and Allen is practically invisible in terms of the media.
    I don’t think LeBron will consistently do that even if he says it’s Wade’s team, he craves attention. He’ll be civil and humble the first couple of months, sure. But later? In the playoffs? No. Worst-case, he’ll be like Gary Payton that year he joined the Lakers (with Malone), all accommodating to the new scheme for a couple months before complaining. Probably LeBron won’t be that bad but it won’t be a smooth switch. Thankfully Bosh isn’t a camera whore, no problem there. It will not be pretty if they get bounced out of the playoffs early, that’s for sure.