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Tony Allen to Memphis?

UPDATE via Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld:

Tony Allen agrees to three year, $10 million deal
with the Memphis Grizzlies, according to sources.

Allen wanted to return to Boston at the same
price but the Celtics didn't want to pay him.

TA made $2.5 million last season. I don't understand why the Celtics wouldn't give him a $500,000 raise. It had to be the number of years.

(See previous reports below)

It's close, according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal (via Celtics Hub)

Allen, 28, is an unrestricted free agent and the
Griz are hoping to sign him to a multiyear deal starting at roughly $3

I'd like to think the C's would be willing to match $3 million for Tony Allen.  That's not outrageous.  I do, however, think this paragraph is amusing:

The Griz decided on Allen because of the defense and
toughness he could bring to the backcourt off the bench. Memphis
is also said to like Allen's leadership qualities and championship
given he's played for the title-contending Celtics.

Ok… I like Tony and all… but I don't see TA as a leader.  I think he's a nice fit for this Celtics team since his embracing of his defensive role.  But I wouldn't look to him as a guy who will lead your young guys to any promised land.

I guess the question is now is… will the Celtics overpay to keep Tony Allen knowing that if he leaves, they can only fill his spot with a veteran minimum guy.  Tony has become an important player for this team.  The Celtics will need him if they're going to face Miami at all.  I wouldn't be shocked if the C's bit the bullet and gave him more than he's actually worth.   

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  • Listen man, the C’s BETTER not let him go unless they have Ronnie Brewer or someone else lined-up. T.A. became a key part of our bench last year and a defensive stalwart. I PRAY they do not let him go and then sign another 30+ year-old dude. This also brings to mind the almost forgotten topic of Marquis Daniels. Wonder if there’s any chance Ainge will give him another 1-year deal.

  • nick

    I say if he goes (which I DONT WANT AT ALL) Sign the Graham brothers to fill out the roster..both play D very well on the peremiter and both shoot better than TA even though they aren’t great shooters. i have always liked both of those guys 4 their toughness, even though both aren’t well known, they would deff come play 4 a title for the vet minimum..they jst strike me as no nonsense guys who will battle at the drop of a dime, now b4 every thinks I’m a dumb asshole…I’de prefer T.A or Matt Barnes or Childress, BUT if we could get these guys as a PACKAGE deal… I’de prfer them 2 over JUST T.A…anyone agree??


    Maybe this can make you guys realize how great Kobe Bryant is.
    “I watch all the teams and what they did for LeBron,
    and [the Heat] still have to go through the Lakers with Kobe Bryant out there,
    who’s been my favorite player for a long time,’’ said Pacers president Larry Bird.
    “And I don’t think whatever they do in the East is really going to concern him that much.’’

  • xkenchy

    nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! DA what are u thinking. who is gonna be bailing pp out again when he gets stuck guarding lebron, wade or kobe. are u kidding me i think TA is worth that much and more. 500000 are u kidding me and 3years. u cant give him that? u just gave pp a ridiculous amount of yrs in his contract and can give TA what scal has been making for 5yrs aaaaaaaaahhhhh wtf

  • NineSevenEight

    Chris Wallace hard at work for the Lakers again.

  • Zauer

    We need him to guard Wade and LEbron. Off topic but important: C’s are interested in signing another undersized PF in Craig Smith, and Ryan Gomes is a Clipper.

  • Mauritz

    TA majored in education and said he’d probably be a teacher if he wasn’t playing basketball; leading young guys doesn’t seem that far-fetched, does it?

  • Mauritz

    Clippers starting five (unless they do more moves): Davis-Gordon-Gomes-Griffin-Kaman. Not too shabby. Who will blow his knee out this season?

  • It’s still far fetched. I’m really not putting much stock in his major. I don’t see TA as the studious type

  • zippittyay

    I think tony would do fine as a teacher as long as the subject WASN’T basketball….
    btw.. nice looking blonde ref at LV Summer League game.. get pics..