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Your Morning Dump… Questions about Nate and Tony

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The C’s general manager has to complete deals with Jermaine O’Neal, Paul
and Ray Allen. And he’s still trying to lure Tony Allen and Nate
Robinson back.

“We’ve talked to Tony,” Ainge said. “We’re just continuing to have
conversations, but we’re not close to doing anything right now. I think
both those guys are exploring their opportunities.”

Herald – Plenty of work to do

While Greg Dickerson of Comcast has said Tony Allen will re-sign with the Celtics, I have yet to find another report along those lines. The Celtics do own TA's "Bird Rights" and can sign him w/o worrying about the salary cap.

Nate Robinson is a different story. He relinquished his "Bird Rights" during the trade from NY to Boston. He made $4 million last season. Will he see similar money on the market? J.J. Redick has been offered $6+ million per year by Chicago, and Raymond Felton is getting $7 million per year from NY. How much can the Celtics pay him? Jay at Celtics Town explores the non-Bird exception, but, like me, isn't really sure what it means.

On Page 2, the lunacy continues in Miami.

Did Wade actually say "arguably the best trio to ever play the game of basketball?" Is there any limit to the human ego? Then again, I shouldn't expect humility from a group who is dubbing themselves the "Three Kings."

I will go on record and say I despise this Heat team and will root for their failure with all my heart and soul. If they meet the Lakers in the Finals, I might, I repeat, might, have to cheer for the Lakers. And I'm not sure that is even possible.

The rest of the links:

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  • David Yu

    The lesser of two evils, I will root for the Lakers when they do meet the Heat at the Finals or just STOP watching the NBA once that happens
    Boston Celtics is the NBA

  • mike o

    i struggled with that thought yesterday, I might actually root for the lakers? wow


    I agree. I have a new team to hate. Those 3, AND Pat Riley to boot! Dwade’s words will bite him in the ass and haunt him.
    I’m going to go make 3 voodoo dolls.

  • and to think a couple of years ago that Lebron was the the more likable alternative iconic face of the nba compared to kobe.

  • What’s Miami going to look like when Wade goes down with his typical midseason injury? Even if all 3 of these guys are healthy and play 40 minutes a night, that still leaves at least half the game where at least one of them is on the bench.

  • i’m watching that Heat video just trying to suppress the bial rising to the back of my mouth…..

  • it’s not working…

  • larry

    these chumps really do think they are the sh.t.!i didn’t think i could hate any team more than the lakers.!

  • Bobby V

    Are you serious? I could never root for the Lakers.
    I ain’t even talking about the Heat in the fianls. The season has not even started. But if they do get it against LA, I am all for the Heat.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Root for the Lakers!??!? You gotta be kidding. First thought I had when these 3 chumps came together was well at least if we don’t win it, the Lakers won’t be winning anymore. No more rings for Kobe and Pau 🙂 That thought makes me happy

  • larry

    we need to come up with a nickname for these three clowns…ra, you should have a contest to see who can come up with the best name.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Under NO circumstances can a true Celtics fan root for the Lakers. I don’t even have a problem with these guys being cocky, each of them were in the top 10 in the league in scoring last year and they’re all in their prime and they’re excited.
    We can lose Nate, and try to get Eddie back who can come in for Ray or Rondo. We still need a shooter off the bench plus our rookie Bradley should make the squad and help at backup PG.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Nate should be back but at 3-4 million over two years. Like Marquis did for the wing last year you want to be three deep at PG so Rondo is guaranteed better control of his minutes. TA might never had broken through like he did if he wasn’t competing with Daniels for the PT.
    If not we’ll have to pray that Avery Bradley is in fact NBA ready and Doc will willingly play him.

  • Saymirr

    I’m okay with that thought,
    I, today, hate LeBron so d*mn much that I’ll root for whomever plays against the Heat, even if it happens to be the Lakers in the NBA Finals..
    The three best players in history? The King of the regular season and a guy who made two playoffs appearances in 7 years, whose team ended up a lottery candidate in 5 of them? Really?
    But most of all, I hate LeBron for what he did to the Ohio fanbase, because we, fans, should know it could have happened to us (and it has, remember Roger Clemens).. this goes beyond rivalries, it’s about a value that fans cheer for but that disappeared: loyalty…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Bring back Nate! The guy is a potent scorer and will average a point a minute and more familiarity with Boston’s system will only make him better than he was this year. I can see him lighting up the Heat in May to help us win a game or two in that series (should the Heat even get that far…)

  • Shawn-cvd

    As bad as Clemens was it wasn’t an hour long production on national TV…

  • Eli

    Oh come on now. Miami is EASILY more hateable than the Lakers right now. I can understand why as a C’s fan you might want to root against the Lakers no matter what, but as a SPORTS fan and a C’s fan, there’s nothing more I want to see than their experiment to fail. If they succeed, it will have huge ramifications on parity in the league.

  • DR. NO

    I hate lebron even more after he goes on national Tv to make his decision. jordan is the best basketball player to ever played the game, would never do something stupid like that. not even kobe. lebron is like a female that love the attentions. queen james should be his name. and wade have the nerved to say, this is the best trio to ever play the game of basketball. are you freaking kidding me. with that kind of ego. this team will be the most hated team in the history of the nba. i hate kobe and the lakers. but i rather see kobe keep on winning championships. Instead of lebron and the miami heat. if the celtics are healthy in the post season we can seriously beat this egoist heat team. it would be the gratest sport story ever, if lebron never win a championship with the miami heat. go celtics.


    I feel we MUST get Nate back. We saw what he can do when he’s focused – our guys will keep him focused. We might not have the $$ for him but hopefully he’ll take a small pay cut to stay with us. I am really looking forward to Nate coming off the bench and torching Joe Average who’s coming off the Heat bench for the league minimum…


    And by the way – Wade saying that is a joke.
    He can’t be a….. ‘student of the game’ like Kobe (I just blew my groceries…)

  • Celticfan

    A true Celtic fan will never route for the Lakers.
    I don’t like the cockiness of the Heat but it still isn’t like watching the Lakers/Kobe try to get another ring.
    No more rings for Kobe and those idiot lakers fans.
    The heat won’t make it past the Celtics anyway. Celtics will be too deep for them. It will be tough but they won’t be us.
    Kobe is not a “student of the game” either by the way.
    Lebron and Kobe are not much different. Kobe cries when he doesn’t have good players and demands better ones to get him rings and Lebron moves to where the good players are. Same thing.

  • Celticfan

    …..root for the Lakers. My bad. 🙂

  • Yo yo yo!!

    …..Kobe demands better players or he will leave his team like a baby that is. Lebron just kept his mouth shut and left for the better players.
    Both can’t do it by themselves and are cowards.
    Nobody can do it by themselves anyway. You always need that #2 or #3 guy to win it all. even Jordan had pippen.


    I was kinda hoping u noticed the sarcasm!! Kobe is a student of douche

  • Ryack

    Three amEGOs ?

  • mollysdaddy

    I’m sorry, but I don’t fully get why everyone is hating on the Heat. What is it that they did so wrong? Sure LeBron screwed up when he let himself get talked into that TV show, but as far as I can tell, that’s the only part of any of this worthy of all the hate. Sure the three were giddy as hell when they were presented to the fans, who wouldn’t be? Who wouldn’t want $90 million to live and play basketball in Miami? What franchise wouldn’t love to have Wade and James and Bosh on their team? As for being “arguably the best trio…” give me 2 other trios who have played together on the same team more talented than Wade, James and even Darko. Anyone can argue the point that these three on the same team could be the best three ever to play.
    Sure it will be fun to see the Celtics kick their asses, but for hating them, I don’t get it.

  • Shawn-cvd


  • Double P Reppin the B

    Well said my friend.. Took the words right out of my mouth. I don’t see why the Heat are getting hated on so bad either

  • David Yu

    I hate the two teams but I do have respect for Kobe’s talent and passion for the game
    I have no such respect for Lebron, he took the easy way out in an embarrasing and egotistical manner.
    Like I said, I won’t be watching any games without the Celtics in it
    They are the NBA for me

  • Saymirr

    They’re hated because no fanbase would want to get backstabbed in prime time on national TV by its most beloved player.. so quite a lot of people now hate on LeBron for what he did to the Ohio faithful, and therefore on his team, the Heat. All the cockiness shown during that introduction show didn’t help the dust to settle I guess..

  • perhaps just shorten it to “The 3 Egos” would be sufficient.