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Ray Allen: We’re not looking at Miami

Some excerpts of Ray Allen's recent interview with ESPN Radio (courtesy ESPN Boston):

On Boston's Game 7 loss to the Lakers and the lingering pain: "I
was depressed for a while and my teammates would echo the same
sentiment. I couldn't sleep. Everything emotionally and physically went
into what we were doing… You don't want to go outside and there's
nothing really you can do that will satisfy you. But just being around
family and friends, enjoying the summer. For me, I'm just getting to the
point where my body has started to heal itself. Mentally, I'm starting
to work out again, running on the street. But it never leaves you, it
hurts all summer."

On James going to Miami: "It's interesting. Obviously, for
the last year or so, people have been wondering where LeBron was going
to sign. At first it was New York, then Chicago jumped up in there. Some
were trying to organize their team [for a shot at him]. As a team, on
the Celtics, we look at it as another challenge. We still think Orlando
is the team that we definitely have to beat [in the Eastern Conference],
but we're not looking at Miami on the radar. We had a tough time
playing them in the playoffs. As the Celtics, we have to focus on what
we have to do to get back to where we were last year and try to win this

The pain of Game 7 has yet to leave me. I just awoke from an afternoon nap with Game 7 on the mind. I was thinking – Will the Celtics get that close to another championship with the Big 3?

As for Ray's comments about Orlando being the team to beat, I love it. When the Heat fill out a roster and start beating teams on the court, then he'll take notice.

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  • Booyah!!

    Yeah, lets see how they look and let them win some games first before we worry about the Heat. I don’t think they will be any tougher than the Magic if they aren’t that deep and don’t have any other good starters that make them more of a threat.
    James and Wade are the only 2 I worry about. After that bosh will get canceled out and then contain one of them and they are done.

  • larry

    i still think if perk hadn’t tore his knee up we would have won..that’s what hurts most of all.

  • nick

    I just want 2 apologize 2 john and chuck because I’ve been going a little bonkers lately with t he name calling and childish shit. I just get very intense and passionate about the C’s like we all do and I acted out in a crazy way because I’m reaLLY interested in gettign Kwame Brown. U guys do a great job and I respect the passion and your opinions so I just want 2 man up and say I was a bit out of line and shouldn’t of gotten so crazy. In my opinion I just think that he is a very big and athletic body, and from what I have seen of him..which is a lot because I get the NBA league pass he defends 1 on 1 VERY WELL in the post..his biggest short-coming is his post offense and that is something that Cliff Ray has helped many people with..I’m not saying the guy is a superstar but if we could get him 2 be are 4th or 5th big especially 4 the vet minimum and due to the fact that O Neal K.G and Perk are all injury concerns 2 a certain extent..I think that would be a great move. As 4 the heat..if we resign T.A thats huge to sick him on D-Wade & Bron Bron..then we trade Sheed for another wing defender, I think we’ll be the favories again…Hell if you ask me I think Chicago is gona be are biggest challenge.

  • piecz

    we dont have to look at others, they should look at us cause we’re East Champions, agree with ray

  • Roger Verganio

    In your dreams allen, u people in boston are not being realistic. u will be against a monster team. i hate your team as much as i hate the miami now.
    u know why? garnett, pierce, allen are all a piece of arrogant ppl. a whiner…ur old now and i don’t see you will still win in the eastern conference.

  • Danno

    Don’t you just love how everyone who hates the Celtics types like a 12 year old girl texting gossip to her girlfriends?
    U! Ur!
    Why don’t you come back to troll when you learn how to speak and write English, you fucking moron.

  • Champ

    Hey there you are Danno!
    Hows it feel to have your Celtics BEATEN by the fricking soft ass Lakers? Damn, that must make the Celtics super soft charmin bitches!

  • Don’t you just love how everyone who hates the Celtics types like a 12 year old girl texting gossip to her girlfriends?
    Why don’t you come back to troll when you learn how to speak and write English, you fucking moron.
    Isn’t that the truth? The problem is many trolls especially your common everyday Laketard will never be functionally literate so they really can’t wait that long.

  • Sora

    Letting those three know that they’re top concern would only make their heads bigger than they already are. i wanna puke and i can’t wait for them to choke. right on, ray.

  • Hated Lebron before this whole episode, hate him more now. The one positive thing about all this is that it will be very enjoyable to watch him go back to the Q. They are going to need the damn Nat’l Guard in that building the 2 times he visits. People are going to let him have it. This will be the rudest homecoming for any athlete in the history of sports. I see things being thrown at him and the whole nine. Can’t wait..heh heh. And I agree w/Ray-I put everything I had behind this team as well (obviously not like him) and that Game 7 loss stung. It really stung because I knew we were the better team. The C’s simply ran out of gas in the last few minutes, and the Fakers took advantage. The Fakers are done now-they will not win another title this upcoming year. (Thank God) Especially if Fisher goes to the Heat. He means more to them than most of their pathetic fan-base even knows.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Pathetic when you have to resort to making fun of someone’s grammar in attempt to make fun of them. Because the word “Laketard” is of high maturity and grammar. But then again what should we expect from a hick from Nebraska who likes of all teams…BOSTON??? WTF? I guess being a hick is WHY you can’t count 17-16