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The Knicks owner is an absolute moron

In the final days before LeBron James made his Decision, who did Knicks owner James Dolan turn to with the future of his franchise on the line?

Isiah Thomas. Zeke.

But when the Knicks became aware that they trailed the Heat
and Cavs to sign James, the organization brain-stormed and decided it
needed to sit down with James' camp one final time. D'Antoni was the
natural choice to fly to Ohio, but Dolan had other ideas. "He wanted
Isiah," said a Knicks official. "That was Dolan's master plan. Mike was
supposed to go to Ohio, but Jim wanted Isiah."

"The guy doesn't even work for the team and he's the one talking to
LeBron's people on behalf of the Knicks? That's incredible," said one
opposing team executive. "Did they really think that would help them?"

NY Daily News

We've asked this before, and we'll ask it again. What is Dolan's fascination with Thomas?

Does he not remember that Thomas burdened the franchise with overpaid players (Eddy Curry, Zack Randolph, Jerome James, Jared Jeffries) during his stint as GM?

Does Dolan not remember Thomas' sexual harassment lawsuit that cost him $11 million?

I cannot help but take joy in LeBron's snubbing of the Knicks. The franchise remains in complete disarray. There's talk Donnie Walsh is ready to retire. They gave a max deal to a one dimensional power forward Amar'e Stoudemire with durability issues. Eddy Curry is still on the payroll.


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  • thetitleisours

    I have to admit I am glad it is not NY.
    But Lebron should know this. Most attempts at “Dream Teams” have failed.
    Miami will start off the season like a Honeymoon, but end up like a real marriage at the end

  • KY Celts fan

    Personally, I’m kinda excited to watch Miami for the next few years. Boston is going to be in rebuilding mode after next season, so I’m gonna be looking forward to a MIA vs. OKC finals!
    As for NYC, if the past decade has taught us anything, it’s that championships (at the least Finals appearances) are won by defense and rebounding. Look at our Celtics, the Lakers, all those Spurs teams, the ’04 Pistons. All defensively minded and all had the bigs to bang the boards.
    Yet, Donnie Walsh decided to sign an injury prone PF who does neither of those things. And pair him with his old coach? Those guys couldn’t get anything done in PHX, why would they in NYC?
    New York Knicks = Epic Fail

  • I kind of understand the move in this sense: LeBron is constantly telling us he respects NBA history. ESPN and ABC are always spoon-feeding us these stories of him (and Kobe) being history buffs of the league, caring about their legacies, etc. So sending a legend of a player, even though he was a joke of an executive, makes sense in that regard. Had Jordan not caught on with Charlotte and just been a failed Wizards executive, Chicago would have sent him to talk to LeBron in a heartbeat.

  • KY Celts fan

    Yea, but Jordan is a Bulls legend. Zeke’s only association with the Knicks was his miserable coaching career. The Pistons might be able to send him as a recruiter in that regards, but not NY.

  • Fair, but Zeke can at least pull the “I know what it means to bring a title to passionate fans” kind of thing — I mean, there’s a way to pull it off. He was great, and he was a leader, and he would theoretically know how to explain that. Of course, maybe he doesn’t, and maybe that was part of why he was a lousy executive and coach.

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