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C’s talking to Eddie House

So tweets A. Sherrod Blakely

You can add ex-Celtic Eddie House to the list of players the #Celtics have had some discussions about signing this summer.

He also says the C's could offer Kwame Brown but… get this… he's likely to get more money somewhere else.  

In honor of the potential return of both Eddie House and Tony Allen… we've brought back the play of th year from this past season… the House steal, save, and behind the back pass to Tony Allen for the huge posterization.

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  • Sara

    Please, please, please get Eddie House (and Jaelen too).

  • shawn

    Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie, make it happen Danny

  • thetitleisours

    Honestly we really need some new blood added to the bench.
    Add JC Carroll or Janning to the bench for example or work on getting Rudy or Barbosa

  • drew33

    yeah….try getting mike miller, barnes, barbosa or fernandez first with sheeds contract as trade bait. then go after eddie house if all else fails….or get one of those guys and eddie also

  • Pickety

    Eddie is fantastic option if the C’s strike out with others. Mike Miller is gone from the mix now (Heat), I don’t see Boston coming out of this with Fernandez or Barbosa either.
    Would House be okay with minutes much more diminished from the first half of last year?

  • Brian

    We can still trade for a guy who makes what 5/6 million that is sheeds contract. I think they still need some beef up front and I think once dallas releases erik dampier they should pick him up. JJ reddick would have been nice but the C’s need a center more then they needed a back up for Ray. I still like Murrow but we need a back up for paul. Tony at the 2 makes things congested. When you put a lights out 3pt shooter like ray or even murrow in the lineup it really opens things up for rondo and everyone else. I think we could have a better bench this year. Sheed was a bust until the playoffs came. With Jermaine, and a healtly perk and erik dampier that gives the celtics the size to keep up with gasol and bynum. As long as we have perk we can get past orlando, and 3 susperstars and a d league roster isn’t going to win a championship anytime soon…

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Kwame can get more somewhere else? How crazy is this off season? Blows my mind that Kwame would get any more than a minimum deal. Same with a 38 yr old Shaq. Both deserve the minimum and nothing more.

  • piecz

    yes, yes, yes, Eddie is what we want


    I’d prefer they sign Nate Robinson – not sure what his situation is but he offers a lot more than House.