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Your Morning Dump… Is Jermaine O’Neal worth the MLE?

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Editor's Note: The Morning Dump will be a LeBron Free Zone. Screw him, ESPN and the rumors.

Free-agent center Jermaine

is leaning toward signing a contract with the Boston
, but still hasn’t reached a final decision, league sources
told Yahoo! Sports.

O’Neal, 31, has narrowed his choices to the Celtics and Denver
, sources said. The Dallas
have been a strong consideration, too.

The Celtics and Nuggets are believed to have offered O’Neal near the
midlevel exception of $5.8 million over two seasons, sources said.

Yahoo! Sports

Near the mid-level exception? Does $3 million qualify as near? I realize the Celtics are desperate for a big man, but I was really, really, really hoping they'd be able to split the MLE among two quality guys willing to sacrifice cash for a shot at a title.

Those inept GMs who gave $5 million to stiffs like Darko Milicic and Amir Johnson are ruining my summer.

As for other big men, there's very little talk of Brad Miller and Shaquille O'Neal is leaning towards San Antonio or the Hawks. The Celtics remain interested in Kwame Brown (consider him a replacement for Shelden Williams and nothing more).

On Page 2, insight into the Ray Allen negotiations.

The Celtics and Allen had been talking steadily, but concern had
grown in the team’s camp as the process lingered. Allen’s people had put
out a big request to teams at the start, and, while the number and
years had come down, it appeared they would wait to see if there were
any takers.

One NBA team said yesterday Allen was looking for $12 million per
year, and a Western Conference executive said he was led to believe that
was too high for the Celtics – even if it was just for two years.

Boston Herald

“I’m happy to be returning as a Celtic,” he told via text
message. “There’s no other place I wanted to be.”


This is a perfect deal for the Celtics. The Celtics rebuilding will come in two years, when KG and Ray's deals expire. Anyone know the marquee free agents available in 2012?

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  • DiP

    Dwight Howard & Gerald Wallace will be free agents that year

  • thetitleisours

    I suppose if we give O’Neal the full and resign TA our bench really isn’t any worse than last year. Maybe some of these young guys will bring in energy what they lack in polish to the rest of the bench.

  • Mike

    List of free agents-to-be in summer of 2012:

  • Howard can opt out that year. Here’s the list of others… with no real interesting names

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’ve watched his whole career from day 1 with the Blazers, he definitly has skills. Unfortunately, he’s ALWAYS hurt. Good guy though. They still need another big….maybe Sheldon is as good as anyone left.
    What happened to Brad Miller and fat-Shaq?

  • thetitleisours

    Did you catch some of the Summer Game yesterday?
    I think Semih Erden will be OK as a replacement for Sheldon and Sims could fill in for TA if they do not resign him.
    JC and Janning could fill out the end of the bench for cheap

  • thetitleisours

    P.S. Should we bring back House do you think?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I feel like if LBJ joins Wade and Bosh in Miami all this becomes moot. They will own the league for the next 5 years…. argh
    but J Oneal is simply not worth the full MLE, unless they are working out a deal where the heat sign him to a deal like Sheeds and they send sheeds contract to miami and he retires. Only possible way I can see that being worth it because the full MLE we have would suck to blow all on J Oneal, Id MUCH rather have big Shaq diesel

  • Paul

    Don’t forget, the rebuilding could start next summer. KG and Ray represent 30M in expiring contracts.

  • Scott

    Is Melo not interesting? He’ll be the marquee free agent that summer for sure.

  • I’d like to get someone a little more well rounded than Eddie first. If we can’t then he’d be fine guy to have off the bench. But he shot like shit last year. Really not a good year for him.
    As for summer league, It’s always tough to determine based on player performance. They’re not even playing D-League level competition in some cases.
    I think Harangody, Gaffney, Lafayette and Erden will be in camp. I don’t know if anyone else will be. It depends, really, on how free agency goes.

  • I don’t expect melo to be available. He’s either going to agree to an extension in Denver… or he’ll get traded and agree to an extension there.