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Perk surgery set for Monday

It was delayed yesterday for the second time.  According to Chris Forsberg, it was to allow for added strengthening

Perkins and the team have delayed surgery this summer in order to allow
time to strengthen the muscles around the knee and speed up Perkins'
already lengthy recovery. Perkins and Ainge both previously acknowledged
that Boston's center could be sidelined into the new calendar year and
will miss the start of the 2010-11 season.

"I guess the philosophy is to get more range of motion, help the
swelling, strengthen the glutes and the quads — all that before
surgery," said Ainge. "That gives him a quicker recovery. That's what
they're doing now, just rehabbing before surgery."

We don't even really know the actual extent of the injury… and we won't know until doctors really go in there and see what's still intact.  

It's in his best interests to come back as healthy as possible.  When you look at Brendan Haywood getting $55 million over 6 years… and next year being Perk's last year under contract… he needs to prove he's 100% so he can get some of this cash. 

Seriously… $55 million for Haywood.  Goddam some money is being thrown around.  I stand corrected on the Jermaine O'Neal signing.  In this market, they almost got him cheap.

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  • jdelisi

    Stick to your guns… the c’s over paid. J Oneal has been tough on the eyes and the money could have been better spent elsewhere.
    The silver lining is that we could have spent it on brad miller, oneal was down in southbeach last year (not exactly a city to get motivated in), now he will be playing with veterans like kg, pierce and allen (his comments that he was aware his championship window was closing were nice) to hear, and he won’t be playing against perk in the playoffs.
    I know the market is tough, but we can still make some other moves.

  • AMP

    The Heat…pretty anti-climatic and lame.

  • who da guy

    ive had a shitty day, and all of this pretty much makes it that much shittier

  • who da guy

    oh yea and i still feel cheated on game 7

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    How much does Josh Childress want? He would be a great backup SG/Wing.