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Mannix: Even with LeBron, Heat won’t beat Celtics


I think next season it would be extremely difficult. Now, I’m
convinced that Michael Beasley is going to stay on the roster because
they can’t give him away for a ham sandwich. They’re trying to pass him
off on every team in the league, which is a little mind-boggling
considering that two years ago this guy was the No. 2 pick in the draft.
We were arguing about being possibly the No. 1 pick with Derrick Rose.
Their willingness to just give him away is a little baffling.

But you make the point, even if those three guys sign, you’re left
with Mario Chalmers suddenly becomes the Rajon Rondo of the Miami Heat,
where he sort of he’s sort of an unknown commodity and he has to play
exceptionally well for them to succeed. But the other problem is they
don’t have a Kendrick Perkins equivalent. There’s no center down there.
There’s nobody down there. They’re going to have to sign a Mikki Moore
to play center for that position. They’re going to have fill up the rest
of the roster with veteran minimum salary players.

I think come next year, if maybe Beasley proves himself he can be a
trade shipment and you can use that whole mid-level exception to use on
one guy and maybe spread it out over two guys,  I think that next year
they’re in a better position. But I’m not convinced guys that even if
those three guys come together — and I’m sure they’re going to win 65 to
70 regular season games — I’m not convinced they’re getting out of the
Eastern Conference. I mean, if Boston can get their act together and
Kendrick Perkins can come back in the second half of the season and give
them something close to what he gave them last year, I think they’re
still going to be considered the favorite. I just think they still have
enough left in the tank to make one more run and chemistry-wise and
talent-wise, I think even though they have all the stock power down
there in Miami, I don’t believe they have enough to get past the Celtics
or even maybe Chicago in the conference finals.

Mannix makes some good points. There is no money left for anybody of significance.

The Celtics Big 3 succeeded because of defense. Will that be the mantra of this Heat team?

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  • Lakerhater

    Mannix nails it, these cats aren’t going to sacrifice salary to make room for help on the bench. Mikki moore may be a bit extreme though. They can’t play 48 minutes each in a seven game series. They will be the media darlings in the regular saeson (see 2009,2010 cavaliers) but won’t make it out of the east because of a lack of depth. Also, I don’t dislike Bosh but he has yet to play in a meaningful playoff series and doesn’t strike me as a tough mofo who will do what needs to be done to win.
    But you have to admit, it will be interesting to see who will get more trips to the charity strip – LBJ of Wade?
    PS – Is spoelstra still the coach?

  • greenbeand

    NBA Summer League – Indiana vs Boston 3:00PM EST 7/8

  • greenbeand
  • DiP

    Would it be possible for the Heat to trade beasley to the Celtics for sheed? Sheed goes to miami and retires clearing cap room for the heat?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    These guys are going to take less money and sign with the heat. Wade and Bosh already said they plan too, and Lebron is no different. They just offered a 5 year deal for Mike Miller worth about 6 mil a year which means they clearly are taking pay cuts if they are all signing together. Sources say the heat told Miller that they are near positive that Lebron will sign with them. It’s pretty clear all they wanna do is win, and taking less pay they gain some of it back with the no income tax in Florida.
    All I know is the Eastern Conference just got a whole lot tougher with Orlando, Atlanta, Miami, and Chicago all being stronger. Nets getting better, Knicks getting better.

  • john

    Chemistry issues? How are these three max guys going to possibly respect and not belittle the 7 or 8 veteran minimum guys? Sure they may nab one or two who has won a ring or done something in his career of not, but always remember, you get what you pay for. There is a reason guys are on the vet min market. Additionally, not many players have the financial and endorsement security of these three superstars. The Celtics utilize the MLE when asking for paycuts, meaning a million or two tops. The Heat are going to be asking guys to take four or five million dollar paycuts to win a championship. That’s a lot of money to leave on the table before a new, owner friendly CBA next year.

  • CoachBo

    Not enough basketballs to go around in Miami, and Bosh is pillow soft.
    No worries. Too many volume shooters on that club to succeed.

  • Kap

    Even with LBJ-Wade and Bosh teaming up in Miami, it doesn’t guarantee a championship. LA once tried it with Shaq-Kobe-Malone-Payton. Miami still has to build a team around those three. Chemistry has to be built. The nice thing with the Cs is that they already know what it takes to win it all. There are no egos within the Cs anymore. Everybody knows the pecking order even with the emergence of Rondo.

  • why are celtics fans saying not enough basketballs to go around and it will take time to build chemistry?
    Its the same thing that was said about us 2 seasons ago…what happened?
    Im not convinced it will def work either, but not for those reaons..