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Is there a chance Nate Robinson returns?

Via Chris Forsberg's Twitter:

Ainge on interest in re-signing Tony Allen and
Nate Robinson: "We do have interest in both of them, we always have."

Nate Robinson had this to say yesterday about the Celtics, via Twitter:

I dnt knw if I'll be on the celtics y'all I'm not
sure only GOD knows

I love the energy and offensive punch Nate brings off the bench. I want the Celtics to bring him back, but I've been under the assumption they won't be able to afford him.

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  • Danno

    I don’t see how we won’t be able to afford him.
    J. O’Neal is getting Less than Sheed, Sheed’s contract is coming off the books, and the new contracts of Ray & Paul are combined to be $14 mil less per year than their last ones. If teh Celtics spend the same amount in total they did last year, They can afford to bring everyone back.
    He’s not going to demand full MLE money.

  • Brian

    When we traded for him didn’t we get his Bird rights? so we can offer him whatever we want right? I still think we should look at murrow from golden state. Along with nate that would give us some sg options. Any idea if we can get a back up for paul, or do we have to have TA play the undersized 3 role?

  • greenbeand

    why not bring scal back too..

  • kate

    time for a synopsis of what we have left after signing Babyface O’Neal… I’m in agreement with Brian thinking salary cap issues don’t affect TA and Nate but can we really still get someone like a Morrow?

  • kate

    Here’s the Celtics’ updated roster as of this afternoon:
    PG: Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Oliver Lafayette (non-guaranteed contract)
    SG: Ray Allen
    SF: Paul Pierce, Luke Harangody (second-round draft pick)
    PF: Kevin Garnett, Glen Davis, Tony Gaffney (non-guaranteed)
    C: Kendrick Perkins, Jermaine O’Neal, Semih Erden, Rasheed Wallace

  • PeaceSignMoose

    I thought I read somewhere that he had a sort of NTC or something, and to get him to waive it we had to deny Bird rights on him. Could be wrong though.

  • piecz

    bring Eddie House back !

  • Minderbinder

    I think that when you trade for a player in the last year of his contract you don’t get Bird rights.

  • Henry

    We did lose them, it was something to do with one-year deals. This means the most Nate can be offered his 120% of his previous salary, and 8% annual raises. That works out to roughly 6 million next year, and 6.5 million the year after that. Unless Nate gets a better, three-year offer from a salary cap team, that would be his best option financially (he’d gain full bird rights having been under Boston Control for three years, and it’s better over the next two years than full mid-level).

  • KY Celts fan

    Do we give Ole’ Billy Walker another shot?
    Who’s on Cleveland that we could trade for, since they’ll now be willing to trade anyone that saves them money?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Anthony Parker? Moon? IDK

  • xkenchy

    teh main question here is , can we afford to lose TA? he is just as important to the team esp a year older as any of the starting 2 guards and small foward we have because he can hold down lebron, wade and kobe: pp and ra will strugle as evidence from last playoffs to guard any of those guys. WE NEED TA BACK PERIOD to have a chance

  • Brian

    Looks lik TA is coming back. I didn’t know Luke was a sf but that works…. We still have sheeds contract. I thought they were going to make a trade for beasley but he must really really be a mess to go to the twolves for only a 2nd round pick. I think they can sign murrow as he only makde 750k last year. We can bring him in for next to nothing. I would like to bring house back. People complain about his size but murrow isn’t going to do much other then shoot 3’s at 456pct..atleast house will play like someone just pushed his kid on the floor….

  • celticjay

    Trade Sheed to Cleveland for Andersen Varejau. Cleveland can release sheed and pick up $12Mil against the Cap. If they renounce Shaq, that opens up another $20Mil, and puts them below the cap.
    At that point we can deal either Varejau or Big Baby for a top-tier forward with outside range.
    We have plenty of money to resign Nate. The Pierce & Allen deals saved mgt $22 Million in costs – even with KG’s & Rondo’s higher salaries baked-in.

  • DR. NO

    Noooooooo chanceeeeee, the celtics don’t have the money to resign him. and i don’t expect him to take a hometown discount. he’s a good pleyer. his probably looking for the MLE contract or more money.