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Celtics overpay for Jermaine O’Neal

Via Adrian Wojnarowski

Jermaine O'Neal's deal with Boston is for two years and nearly $12 million, league source tells Y!.He will be paid full mid-level exception.

I really was hoping that the report of a "portion" of the mid-level thing we heard yesterday really meant a portion… not the whole thing.

Still, he's best big man option out there… so we'll see what he can do.  Considering what the C's have done so far this summer and the overall market… they were bound to overpay someone.  Now let's see what they can do with Sheed's contract.

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  • Eli

    It’s really not that bad of a deal, man. It’s only 2 years, and $6 in this market is average. Haywood got $11 million a year!

  • 283802301

    you guys really think everyone gets overpaid dont you.

  • This summer… yeah, most guys are. I mean.. do you think Brendan Haywood is worth $11 million a year?
    But Eli makes a good point. If that’s what Haywood is worth… it’s hard to imagine getting a serviceable big for less than the full MLE. So the market is what it is.
    We thought the Ray and Pierce deals were pretty good.

  • Section328

    I like O’Neal.
    Any chance of trading ‘Sheed for Beasley?

  • The Celtics absolutely did not overpay for O’Neal here. Considering what the current market has already paid for guys like Darko, Amir Johnson, Chris Duhon, etc. Also take into consideration what other players, especially big men that were REALISTICALLY available this is a solid deal.
    Now, add in the fact that it’s only for 2 years (when KG and Ray expire) it makes it even better. I have to disagree with this post. This is a GREAT signing.
    Also, just like John said… Brendan Haywood got 6 years and $55 million. Now THAT is overpaying.

  • I guess it depends on what kind of sign and trade deal Toronto and Miami work out… and if LeBron goes there. If they need the space, then that’s not a bad deal.
    I’m not sure if I want the Sheed trade to be for a big like Beasley or a guard like Barbosa.

  • luke walton

    Much to my suprise, danny is putting a decent team together.
    I will be rooting for Miami, however, because they have the only real shot at beating the mother fewking lakers

  • make it ray’n

    I think it’s a great deal and also disagree with the post. This is good money for a big man who puts up decent numbers.

  • thetitleisours

    This is a good stop=gap for Perk. I think he was worth it considering what was left.I wonder what three will rotate at center until Perk returns
    JO, Erden, and KG??
    Maybe we could give Big Baby some HGH 😉

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Not a bad signing when considering the alternatives I guess. Shaq was going to give you about 15-20 min a night at the same money. This way Jermaine can give you the same production but at about 30 minutes a night.
    Now I feel BEST case scenario is if Sheed comes back and doesn’t retire. Then we have some great Frontcourt Depth. Sign back TA and try and pick up another wing for the minimum and Go for it. They need to talk Sheed out of retirement!!

  • Tommy Legend

    WHYYYYYYY do they go after these bums and quit talking yourself into these crappy players. I came on here last year and told you not to get excited about Marquis Daniels he is a bum I live in indiana so I know that jermaine is the softest most overrated player in nba history why is danny ainge so good at drafting players and so bad at getting players in free agency. Right now I would just hope that sheed changes his mind about retiring instead of these bums they are bringing in

  • Section328

    The wife pointed this out to me…
    I’m also starting to think that ‘Sheed not retiring and giving me 8-10 minutes per game in the regular season and then being ready to stretch the floor in the playoffs is not such a terrible thing.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Alright! Jermaine is a tough, smart dude. As long as he has the fire to compete and stays healthy, this is a solid pick-up.
    This does mean one bad thing though. We won’t be seeing any Jermaine/Kendrick stare-downs anymore. They ALWAYS went at it.

  • bigmck

    If you look at the CURRENT market, then no, O’Neal is not overpaid.
    But if you asked me before free-agency started, if O’Neal was worth the full MLE, I would have said no f-ing way.
    The owners screwed themselves by signing Darko, Amir and Duhon to ridiculous deals.

  • nick

    Great signing now lets get Kwame for the vet minimum and trade sheed for a good wing. Offseason is ten complete. And please..the next person who suggests we trade for that useless piece of ghetto pondscum mike beasley, i think they need to have to have there finger and toe nails ripped off 1 by one.

  • Tony Allen’s Lawyer

    that noise you just heard was the celtics’ window closing. i can’t believe danny gave the midlevel to jermaine fucking oneal.

  • Tony Allen’s Lawyer

    Kwame as in Kwame Brown? And Beasley is scum? you can’t be serious.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Welcome aboard Jermaine! I hope your ready to put in some huge contributions come play off time.
    The Sheed situation is very intriguing now that the MLE is spent. Do we get Barbosa? He can back Ray and Rondo both who will need rest throughout the regular season and the play offs. I would like the C’s to get a combo 2/3 instead of a 1/2. Beasley? With Baby here I don’t think that makes sense. Ask Sheed to not retire?
    I think that Sheed for Barbosa and resign TA (who while a little undersized can back up Pierce). Then beg Sheed to come back after the All Star break for the post season.
    Late season roster would be:
    Starting five, J Oneal, Sheed, Baby, Barbosa, TA, Avery Bradley, Erden, Harrongody and ??. Sounds Banner 18 worthy to me…

  • Shawn-cvd

    It’s not that bad…Don’t forget the C’s are strapped for cash…what would you do?…read what I think Ainge does next below…

  • Tommy Legend

    u guys cannot be serious about liking this signing it does not matter if it was a good deal the fact is that jermaine CAN NOT PLAY anymore do you not remember the series last year when he was DOA i am so angry we needed yo use that excemption on jj redick we still have noone off the bench that can shoot a 3

  • Double P Reppin the B

    You can’t just retire with a 2 year deal then come back as a free agent out of retirement. It would require the team to buy out his contract rather than him just file papers. If he wants to come back he is legally binded to that contract which would then make him a phoenix sun if we want barbosa. and Why would the suns want sheed to just buy him out of a 13mil contract. So our best case IMO is for Sheed to not retire and come back for us

  • Shawn-cvd

    Some reports floating out there is that Boston would send some cash to help PHX in negotiating the buy out…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Reddick would have been matched by Orlando. It’s like the Baby situation last year. That’s why no one is going after him unless they will demonstrably over pay…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Also PHX is trying to get under luxury tax so giving Sheed any money will save them this year and make them a player in FA next year…we’ll see…

  • MK

    Magic would match any MLE offer to Redick, so there’s now way we would’ve gotten him.
    O’neal had career high shooting numbers last season and pretty good overall regular season. Perk shut him down in the playoffs but guess what? He won’t be playing against Perk when they are on the same team.
    Sorry but there weren’t better big men options out there and with Perk’s surgery this signing was a must. Nice work Danny.

  • Tommy Legend

    it is a stretch u must bow to my bball knowledge next season when u are in here whining about him being out for 2 months with a “sore” knee
    He was good last year because it was a contract year that is the only time he tries

  • thetitleisours

    Bring back Nick Fazekas! 😉

  • sgawrys

    Over paid! What? For a center with that averages 13 and 7? Great pick up Danny.


    I’m sure the professionalism of the Celtics will work well with JO – I’ve always thought he never got the best out of himself. He now has a legit shot at a title – when’s he ever had that?? We needed cover with Perk, the guy blocks shots as well remember, can hit a turnaround so he’s more proficient offensively than Perk.
    I like it. He stunk last year cos Perk was stronger, there’s few strong centres in the L so I like it….

  • Tony Allen’s Lawyer

    i liked the rumors about marcus camby and rudy fernandez for rasheed and another throw in player to balance out the cash.
    my fear is we’re turning into the late 80’s-early 90’s c’s where we kept on hoping for one more run, when we should be looking forward and rebuilding around rondo.

  • Kvasek

    Good deal. He did not play great against us in the playoffs, but he had a decent season. I can’t come up with a better big that was within our reach.

  • Antoinew8

    I just heard on WEEI that the contract with Oneal is a veteran minimum contract.
    Never believe anything Adrien Wjokowski says, especially when it pertains to the Celtics

  • “Ghetto pond scum”
    Care to elaborate?

  • piecz

    we’ve overpaid him but somebody said that he was best option (only haywood was better but much more expensive) so danny made good move; now we should sign carlos arroyo as backup pg ( we don’t know nothing about bradley’s condition after surgery) and bring eddie back to the house

  • nick

    Sure..the kids had druh and alcohol issues, which is fine because i have famil members who have, but he is just known throughout the league as being a cocky jokster who has never worked hard…people talked all this shit the year he came out about him being like derrick coleman, sorry no fn way. Coleman was a insane cry-baby but he was 6’11 and unstoppable when he was in great shape. Beasley just ain’t that good and hes only 6’7 and can’t rebound or play post or wing defense. wtf would we do with him?

  • KY Celts fan

    Wish we could have traded Sheed’s contract for Azubuike. Now that’s a wing with some talent. But Donnie Walsh had to screw that up for us.
    Cleveland is going to start trading anyone and everyone now. Anyone on there squad worth taking a look at?

  • Shawn

    A change of scenery for Oneal will be good, every team he’s been on has counted on him to be a star and he is older now, but would not have to be one of the main go to guys on offense, he instantly gives you a better option than perk offensivly, and with this teams hunger for being one of the best defensive minded teams in NBA, lets hope that passion gets through to Oneal early in camp, all in all a good sign for Boston, now that cleveland is in shambles, lets try to go get Leon back and I think you have a monster front court.