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Your Morning Dump… Where Wade and Bosh are teaming up

Wade and bosh

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and Chris
are teaming up together on the Miami Heat,
according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

Whether LeBron
, the kingpin of this summer's celebrated free agent class,
will join them remains to be seen. James will announce his decision
Thursday night at 9 ET during a one-hour special on ESPN.

Wade and Bosh are expected to announce their decision on Wednesday,
according to the source.

ESPN: Source: Bosh to join Wade, Heat

This makes much more sense, actually, than Wade and LeBron playing together.  It gives Wade that low post partner that he just couldn't get with Michael Beasley or Jermaine O'Neal.  It's a big upgrade for the Heat. 

They still have more to do, I think… but this is a good deal for them.

NOW… the question is… is this a sign and trade, or is it a straight signing of Bosh.  If it's a straight signing… then maybe the Celtics can send Sheed's contract to Miami for Beasley.  He's a 6'10" guy with touch that needs to get a lot tougher.  If playing for Doc Rivers and the Celtics doesn't teach you how to be tough… then you've got problems.  He's got the skills… he just needs to get his head on straight.

On Page 2, Doc meets with Lawrence Frank

Lawrence frank

Lawrence Frank hopes doing "the sprinkler" will impress the Celtics

MAITLAND, Fla. – Doc
insists his search for an assistant coach isn’t yet
decided. But there may be a very good fit in former Nets coach Lawrence
Frank, who came to town to speak with Rivers yesterday.

The two came to the Sportsplex and were together as the Celtics were losing to Philadelphia, 86-69, in the
Pro Summer League.

“I’m just talking to guys, Lawrence and about three or four
guys,” Rivers said. “I’m in no rush.”

Frank talk continues

There's no reason to rush.  Although it seems like Lawrence Frank is
the guy to replace Thibodeau.  If we're looking for the person who might
step in for Doc, the Frank isn't a horrible choice (ringing
endorsement, huh?). 

We've got to face facts… Doc is almost definitely gone next
season.  And after that the Big 3 era will almost definitely be over. 
We're going to need someone for those in-between years… and maybe
beyond.  Why not pull a guy in and have him sort of audition for you as
an assistant for a year?  

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  • Luke Walton

    Beasley is 6-7 without shoes. Check out his draft report

  • CFH

    Eh, the C’s will be generous and let him play with shoes on.

  • Josh

    whats beasley’s current contract?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Why wouldn’t LeBron join them. It’s either Miami or New York now. He’s not going to be upstaged, he is THE free agent and I doubt anyone is coming to Cleveland to join him (Boozer? Yeah right).

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Can i go to Miami and pick him up with my car and drive straight to Boston?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah I think this basically puts the Cavs out of the hunt. What is he going to do? Sign back with the Cavs and have nothing there to compete. I think It’s gonna be Bulls or Nets, and Boozer or Lee will follow him to the team he chooses.
    If the Heat are really looking to fill out there Roster they may look to move Beasley and I would definetely look to move Sheeds contract for Beasley. He’s got some good potential and in the right environment could really excel. Beasley makes about 5mil a year this year and next I believe.

  • I always wondered why guys were measured without shoes. They should never be measured without shoes. I don’t care how tall they are coming out of the shower… I want to know how tall they are on the court.

  • Mid-4 million range for 2 more years

  • Danno

    Looks like Prohkorov and the Nets got porked, both on the Draft, and the Free Agent class of 2010.
    ha ha. suckers.

  • Danno

    I’d bet you a million dollars that if Sheed’s contract got traded to a team with Bosh, Wade and Lebron – he wouldn’t retire.

  • The laker1

    Wow boston is screwed in the east, So much for the allusion of beung in the hunt for one more year. Sign kwame Maybe you can use him to get a pau gasol like trade and have a chance to be rellevant in the nba.

  • The laker1

    Oh hold on let me do this for you……Ha what a dumb laker fan we are never going to win another title in the next 20+ years so your spelling sucks its being not beung.

  • Michael

    LakerIdiot –
    It’s a relevant illusion u were searching 4

  • nick

    Sorry, but color me unimpressed by a bosh and wade pairing. These are 2 of the most overrated guys we have in the NBA, wade cannot shoot from the outside but thinks he can, bosh cannot bang with anybody because all the 4’s and 5’s are 10 times stronger than him. I don’t care what anybody says, lebron aint gona be a pussy and follow the leaders to miami he certainly cant stay with the cavs, the nets would have been a good team for lebron if he was younger but he wants to win now so i think he is going to N.Y…I thought 4 awhile that the bulls had the best shot 2 get him if they paired bosh anf lebron with rose,noah, and deng.. but lebron won’t go their without bosh or wade. If you really look at it i think lebron to the clippers would be the smartest basketball move he could make. He would have Baron, Kaman, Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin and their 1st round pick from this year, but donald sterling is there so no way. So 4 me its gota be the knicks, amre is much better than chris bosh despite what espn tries to feed us, lebron, amare, you bring in ray allen and ray felton for the backcourt and maybe trade gallinari for a center. Thats the best case for lebron. Lebron and wade are too similar to work together and i’ll take that to the grave with me.

  • Luke Walton

    FYI, there is no shoe in the world that adds three inches to a basketball players height.
    Beasley is Baby II

  • Of course there isn't.  So maybe the listing I saw was a little inflated.  Still, he's got talent.  If you can instill some toughness in him, then he'll be really good player.

  • larry

    i bet lebron signs with new jersey…it makes the most sense..they have a good nucleus of young lb will be in new york without actually playing for new york….plus you have a smart owner a decent coach..and let’s not forget a friend like jz, who has done pretty well for himself.

  • Michael

    Yes, he should sign in NJ. I am leaning that he will go with NY based on playing with Amare. I completely agree with Nick that Amare trumps Bosh. Amare is like KG from 5 years ago, minus a decent jumper. Bosh is more injury prone than Amare, although I don’t have “stats” to back that up.
    IF he goes to Miami, I might just become a Heat fan.