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Signing Ray could take a while

Rivers told that he and Allen talk frequently.
Because of those conversations, Rivers anticipates the process of
bringing Allen back will take some time.

"He's going to wait.
He's doing his business, and I'm fine with that," Rivers said. "I just
hope we get him back."

Rivers acknowledged it has been difficult
at times knowing that both the Celtics and Allen want to reunite, but
well aware that Allen has to do what is best for him and his family
which is to explore all the options at his disposal.

"It is
nerve-wracking, because some one can come along and pay him more than we
can pay him," Rivers said. "That can happen. We have to be prepared for
that as well."

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Now with some pieces falling into place, we'll get a much better idea of what Ray will be looking at as far as a contract offer.

Miami will need a shooter, and if they do a sign-and-trade for Bosh rather than signing him outright… then they'll have the space to do it.  And no, I'm not putting much stock in the LeBron to Miami possibility.  Sure its possible.. but they might do better spending that money on better role players in Miami. 

If LeBron stays in Cleveland, then they could try to pull a sign-and-trade… though I feel like that would have to include Mo Williams and he neither fits in here nor do I want him.  

Chicago could use a reliable shooter to help Derrick Rose out.  And if they add Carlos Boozer, then you've got a pretty nice little squad there.

In the end, I feel like Ray will come back.  That makes the most sense for everyone.  We've just got to hope that a team like the Bulls don't overpay for a couple of years as they try to seize the moment. 

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  • thetitleisours

    As much as Ray would be great to have back the truth is our bench has been inadequate because of lack of money.
    I hope we do not overspend on him. We could always bring House back at a lesser price

  • nick

    I just read an old heartbreaking article from 2004 and it talked about how Kwame Browns father used to beat him unmercifully on a daily basis. The kid was abused physically and emotionaly. He went into a shell, and when M.J and Kobe verbally abused him he went into a shell and all those old feelings came back again. I think we are going to sign kwame brown and turn him into a great player under the tutledge oh K.G, DOC, PERK AND CLIFF RAY.

  • Celticsdug

    i feel like if ray allen leaves ben gordon would be a good fit but, hes not a free agent right?

  • NineSevenEight

    Did you miss the earful that KG gave Davis that led him to tears DURING a game? If Kwame is looking for prim and proper guidance, he’s not going to get it from KG.

  • greenbeand

    NBA Summer League – Charlotte vs Boston 1:00PM EST 7/5

  • michael

    Eddie House and Ben Gorden can’t hold a candle to RayRay. We need him back, but for under 9 mil/yr. 3 yrs at most, preferrably 2 yrs.
    Hey Nick… we need to hang sometime@! I am not so sure about Kwame, but I dig the research. I think KG would help a young lad such as Kwame. Sad to hear about his Dad, but would be great to see a turnaround. He is worth a flyer and I was equally adamant about Matt Barnes, so must be onto something