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Did Ochocinco and Dudley just ruin LeBron’s “Look At Me” party?

Free agency isn't even a week old and it's already an insufferable avalanche of sources, reports, rumors and attention-grabs. 

Yeah, we all know that LeBron is going to announce his decision in a 1-hour special on ESPN tomorrow night at 9 (hosted by Stu Scott.. which is about right considering the tone of this offseason) and preceded by a 3-hour SportsCenter.  It was supposed to be this big "look at me" moment… 

Except Chad Ochocinco and Jared Dudley might have spilled the beans already.  Earlier today, Ochocinco tweeted this:

Chad tweet

6, of course, is going to be LeBron's new number.  Then Jared Dudley borrowed Ralphi's Ovaltine secret code ring and came up with this:

Dudley tweet
Dudley knows Amar'e, obviously, so there's some credence to that…. he probably didn't just decipher Chad Ochocinco's… ummm… "cleverly" disguised tweet.  

So we've got two pro athletes suddenly tweeting at the same time that 'Bron Bron is going to become a Knick.  They sure as hell could be wrong.  But if they're right.. then they just blew the surprise. 

It would also mean LeBron James just booked an hour long special on ESPN to publicly kick Cleveland in the nuts.  The city that loved its native son… that suffered through sports humiliations like having the Browns ripped from their football loving hands… could be tuning in to have one of the biggest stars in their city's history stand their in front of a national TV audience and profess his love for someone else. 

This offseason has become an episode of The Bachelor.  The only solace we've got is that after tomorrow, we can start moving on.

Oh, by the way, did you hear Kevin Durant just signed a max extension with Oklahoma City with no early termination or opt-out clause?  No?  Of course not… because he's classy and he didn't make a show of it.  Thanks, KD, for showing these other prima donnas how it's done.

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  • Shawn-cvd

    Lebron is ARod…What an egotistical douche. I respect the guy’s game, but booking an hour long special on the nut-hugging enablers known as ESPN to let the world know where he’s going to play is the height of arrogance.
    I’m so hopeful that the C’s bounce this fool again in the second round next year then Miami/Orlando/Bulls or the Celtics derail him through out what will hopefully be a disastrous stint in the Big Apple.

  • michael

    Sorry Shawn, I have to respectfully disagree. LeBron is a class act. I am not surprised to see him land in NY (see my earlier post). He is not the smartest dude in the hoops world, but he is a brand icon and should win a title somewhat soon (less than confident on that one). We bring Ray back and we have chemistry on our side without the presence of an eastern superpower. I like the scenario and I’m excited to see who else we get in the aftermath. Ray +1 = a decent shot at it 🙂

  • Shawn-cvd

    Alright… he’s not ARod…But I still think he’s about to join the worse operated franchise of the past decade. He could of been blazing new trails in New Jersey or showing his true dedication to winning now by hooking up with the Bulls or Clippers.
    And what you call “not the smartest dude in the hoops world” I read as “arrogant ass”. You think he’s overrated now? The NY media machine will be insufferable. Have fun with the Empire State Suns you highness.

  • Shawn-cvd

    * your highness

  • michael

    Good stuff, we’ll see. The LeBronathon is indeed tiresome. He definitely should have gone to Jersey. LeBron will not read this, but if he should – GO TO JERSEY! The Russian dude will show you to the promised land (after we win one more title 🙂

  • michael

    P.S. Can we please get some pix of Katy Perry up here? Best thing to ever come out of Cali!!!
    sorry PP, but we all know I was lobbying to send you packing to the Clips anyway. Now that u r back, I am all for resetting the standard of what it is to be Green. Break the records and make us proud.

  • If LeBron enjoyed losing in Cleveland, I wonder how he’ll like in NY? The Knicks have NOTHING to build a winning team, no not even Amar’e.

  • RDV

    Props to Durant for not acting like one of The Queen’s ladies-in-waiting.
    LOL@Jared Dudley ruining The Queen’s star moment tomorrow.

  • DiP

    Katy Perry isn’t hot. Marisa Miller is from CA. Katy Perry looks like the ugly kardashian compared to marisa miller.

  • michael

    which ugly Kardashian? Oh, u mean Chloe.
    I highly doubt that Marisa Miller can sing, and she looks like a poor imitation of Jessica Simpson.

  • Butter

    Lebron is not a class act, I’m sorry. People who think that have been drinking the David Stern KoolAid. His narcissism is unmatched, and–again–he has accomplished NOTHING. nada. zilch. He exposes himself as a egomaniacal primadonna by quitting on his own team, or even better storming off the court when things don’t go his way. Now, ESPN has reduced him to a kid in a candy store, and I don’t hesitate to think that all of the rumors that continue to circulate are perpetuated by them (or Nike) to generate interest in that farce of an hour of primetime.
    Instead of handling this like the self-proclaimed, Warren Buffet-loving businessman he pretends to be, he has reduced professional basketball to a one-man circus, another chapter in the era of crappy reality TV. Thanks, but no thanks. Anyone who actually likes basketball should hate this guy. People who like WWE, should LOVE this guy.
    Maybe he should try just shutting up and winning. Try accomplishing something that actually means anything, instead of riding a hype wave.
    Lebron James is the Spencer Pratt of the NBA.

  • kirk

    That may be true, but all the proceeds in this event are going to the boys and girls club of America. Even though he may have a big ego, he is at least doing something good.

  • Uncle Leo

    The Ocho is just trying to get attention and doesn’t know shit. And honestly I don’t think anyone really cares anymore.
    The most common response after “the decision” tomorrow will be a shrug.

  • Shawn-cvd

    That I didn’t know…so add some good will to his attention grab.

  • lainok

    I’m just glad this is almost over and we can all get back to building our 2011 playoff brackets, and finally fill out the team that gets lebron, but doesn’t make it past the ECF.

  • tb0830

    Lebron isn’t going to go to the Knicks. He can’t win a championship with Amare and they won’t have enough star players that the Bulls or the Heat can provide. Lebron would be arguing about Amare’s hustle every time out. He’ll complain about D’Antoni’s defensive philosophy (he has none) and be on a team that wins 40 games and gives up 120 points a game.

  • rick hughes

    Why did Lebron James business manager change his mailing address to Chicago yesterday! ESPN is keeping it secret, so it doesn’t ruin their big one hour show tonight!

  • way off…. blame Grant Hill as Dudley’s source by the way…. Dudley tweeted him after the “decision” and told him he’s cut off as a source.