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C’s could get Jermaine O’Neal

He tells the 4-letter network Boston's on his short list.

Free-agent center Jermaine
said Wednesday that he expects to sign with one of the three
following teams in coming days: 
Dallas, Denver or Boston.

"Those are my
favorites," O'Neal told ESPN.com "Those are teams that are going to
compete [for a championship] next year."

O'Neal said he's still
deliberating between the three teams — all believed to be offering a
portion of the mid-level exception to sign him — and called the
decision perhaps "the most important of my career because I know this is
kind of my last run at it" in terms of title-chasing.

Jermaine O'Neal could not have played worse in the opening round series against Boston.  He was flat out terrible.  

BUT… he averaged 13.6 ppg and 7 reb. last season.  So we can rationalize it by saying the C's defense was a huge reason he sucked so badly.  And if the C's are truly looking at adding a guy for a portion of the MLE, then this might be our best option. 

Bas Rutten Jr brought this up in the comments… so I'll post it.  Classic Nike commercial with Jermaine and Pierce:

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  • Aaron

    Heh, at least it’s not Kwame

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    The moment he smashed that fat Pistons fan in the face…instant fan.
    He’s kinda inconsistent, but I’ve always enjoyed his attitude. If he came here, I think being around the big 3 (come on Ray!!) would rejuvenate him a bit. I’m go for bringing him in.
    Wasn’t he and Paul in a commercial together back in the day?

  • yes. Adding it to the post.

  • michael

    i condone, and my opinion matters

  • JD

    After thinking that our only options are Semih Erden and Kwame fucking Brown, I am perfectly fine with Jermaine O’Neal. On this team, he’ll be able to blend in a little easier and be a role player, rather than a second or third option like he was last year in Miami.

  • james

    Jermaine is one of the best big guys we’ve been linked with, and if its only for a portion of the MLE than it isnt too bad. But i still think he is more of a 4 than a 5. He’ll have a hard time filling it at 5 til perk gets back. And hes only 6’11. Garnett struggled against legit 7ft+ bigs in the finals so i dont see Jermaine doing any better. Still not a horrendous choice. Anything that isnt Kwame Brown is looking like heaven right about now…

  • nick

    I love this move if it comes to fruition, AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T EFFECT OUR CHANCES TO SIGN KWAME. It shouldn’t though because J.O and Kwame will replace Sheed and Shelden and Perk while he’s out. I like O’neal 16785709 times more than that stiff Brad Miller who can’t even run. But the key has gota be Kwame because he can play Dwight and Bynum 1on 1 just like Perk. I’m starting to like what I’m hearing this off-season with names like Kwame, J.O, Barbosa and Fernandez…for a while i thought it was gona be a shit storm of brad and mike miller..thank god that didn’t happen

  • DiP

    dude i hope you are trolling with this. Kwame Guard howard and bynum? You might as well put traffic cone in the paint. The guy us 7′ and his lifetime average is .6 BPG?!?!? he aint stopping nobody.

  • Danno

    I hate Jermaine O’Neal.
    I’d much rather have Shaq. Or Brad Miller. Or Vin Baker. or Chris Herren.

  • JD

    nick, just stop. please.

  • finn

    Jermaine shows has a real good offensive game and can D-up when he’s motivated. When he’s motivated he showed he has some serious game, I think Doc and the Big 3 can keep him from gettin lazy….then again that’s what people said about Sheed.

  • Art

    Haaa…you said Vin Baker!!!

  • rav

    Jermaine is a better idea than Shaq (by a bit) or Brad Miller (by a lot) and Kwame Brown (immensely).
    He’s big, defends well, rebounds well and also blocks shots. Offense will be gravy from him, but he can juice up the second unit and carry the load inside.
    I just hope we don’t give him too much money and/or years

  • LA Native

    like the vid. it will end up being a one on one. he a scrub. gonna make it that much easier for the lakes next year.

  • Tommy Legend

    WHYYYYYYY do they go after these bums and quit talking yourself into these crappy players. I came on here last year and told you not to get excited about Marquis Daniels he is a bum I live in indiana so I know that jermaine is the softest most overrated player in nba history why is danny ainge so good at drafting players and so bad at getting players in free agency. Right now I would just hope that sheed changes his mind about retiring instead of these bums they are bringing in

  • aaron

    i want to meet you in person.
    because you rule.
    and so does matt barnes

  • Erik Morey

    Great point. Need more articles like this. Wondering if you every plan to feature any new Jordans in the near future?