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Your Morning Dump… Where Sheed is retiring, Shaq has interest and Ray has an offer

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coach Doc Rivers said Monday that Wallace is assisting the team by not
filing retirement papers any time soon.

"He's trying to help us out by waiting, which is good,'' Rivers said of
Wallace, due to make $6.32 million next season and $6.79 million in
2011-12. "He's still our property so we can use that in a trade or
something. He's doing a great thing for us.''

While there has been some speculation Wallace might not retire now that
Rivers has assured that he will return to the Celtics and star forward
Paul Pierce is on the verge of signing a new
contract, Rivers said the chances are "very little or none'' the forward
will play next season.

Boston general manager
Danny Ainge, joining
Rivers and the Celtics at the AirTran Airways Pro Summer League, said
that "as far as I know'' Wallace will retire. He also spoke of Wallace
holding off to help the Celtics, saying, "We're hoping that will happen.
A piece (for the team to use in a possible deal).''

AOL Fanhouse – Sheed buying time as Celtics plotting moves

Pfew. I was starting to worry that Sheed might reconsider his decision. I'm assuming the Celtics will trade the contract, but what if they can't land a viable big man in return? Is it possible the Celtics would be better off with Sheed playing another season?

The Celtics are one of three teams (Atlanta, Dallas) interested in Shaquille O'Neal, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard.

O'Neal would be interested in playing for each of the
three teams, sources close to him said.

He has great
respect for Boston's coach, Doc
, a good relationship with Kevin
, and it was Shaq who gave Paul
his nickname, "The Truth." With starting center, Kendrick
, sidelined for up to six months after undergoing knee
surgery to repair a torn ACL, O'Neal would seem to be a solid

Atlanta has reportedly offered Shaq a two-year deal at the MLE (although his camp denies it). That's a bit steep for my taste.

On Page 2, the latest on Ray and Tony Allen.

Ainge said an offer has been made to Ray Allen, 35, but he would not
terms nor speculate about what Allen might do. But asked if he believed
it was an attractive offer for Allen, Ainge said, "Yes, it is.''

AOL Fanhouse

Ainge acknowledged that
Tony Allen, who played a critical
role in Boston's run towards the NBA Finals this past season, is also a
player Boston has had discussions with about coming back.

just haven't come to any agreement," Ainge told "But, yes,
we're talking with Tony."


Ray Allen is waiting for the LeBron, Wade and Bosh dust to settle before he signs anything. It's the smart business decision.

As for Tony Allen, how much of a raise will he see from the $2.5 million he made last year?

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  • drew33

    i would not mind having shaq to play 15-20 minutes a game. Neither him or Brad Miller are very Mobil, but they both have there strengths. I think they both are only worth the vet minimum or maybe half of the MLE.
    As for sheeds contract….does not look like there are any big men we can get with it. So are other option is either barbosa in phoenix who could back up both rondo and ray allen. Or we can somehow get fernandez for a future draft pick. I would still like to see us working a sign and trade with theknicks….big baby and sheeds contract for David Lee. Then Lee could start off around 10 mil per season wich is a fair and decent price.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I like the idea, but only one question. Would David Lee start? Would he be the starting Center or would we still pursue Shaq and/or Brad Miller and Bring David Lee off the bench? I don’t know if he would be happy about not having a starting role at this point in his career the guy averaged 20/10 last season