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The worst, most vomit-inducing, story in Celtics history

Kwame brown

 … at least the worst, most-vomit inducing story not tied to Rick Pitino in any way.  The C's are meeting with Kwame Brown.

“We’re checking out a lot of possibilities – it’s still very early in
the process,” Danny Ainge said today of what is certain to be a broad
casting call for big men, including Shaquille O’Neal.

Ainge said he has not set up a meeting, to this point, with O’Neal.

The 6-11 Brown spent the last two seasons with the Pistons, and in
strictly a backup (13.8 minutes per game) role averaged more rebounds
(3.7) than points (3.3) last season. But his value as a shot blocker
(0.6 career average) may be what the Celtics are looking at now.

I would rather sign two guys who would play in a comically oversized uniform where one sits on top of the other's shoulders for the whole game than sign Kwame Brown.

Has it really come to this?  Is this all that's left in the league?  Is there no tall guy in the DLeague that can block a shot or two?

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  • greenbeand

    Kwame Brown will not bring banner 18

  • Kwame Brown won’t even bring combination 18 from the Chinese restaurant.

  • Lupo

    Hopefully Kwame Brown will not be walking through the door lol.

  • larry

    talk about jumping the shark.!!

  • Idrinkdetergent

    If KG rips his head off in practice, does his contract count against the C’s cap?

  • Shawn-cvd


  • Lee in Oregon

    Jesus Danny, are you effin kidding? I was afraid they were gonna sign Shaq, but this?
    Maybe this story is a plant so I’ll actually be relieved when they sign Shaq. Or Jamaal Magliore. Or Theo Ratliff.
    What’s the point in getting everyone back together and then not having any decent bigs?

  • and HE was the top pick in the Draft. Thank you Michael Jordan!

  • JPD985

    Come on Erdin, please save us from this.

  • thetitleisours

    Or Art of Slav! lol

  • james

    why is this even being considered… the celtics really turn my stomach some times. i’m sure resigning shelden is a better option than this…

  • thetitleisours

    I would rather have POB back 🙁

  • thetitleisours

    HERE IS OUR SAVIOR!!!!!!!! lol
    Krav to the rescue. Nice block shot though

  • Now that is funny.

  • nick

    EVERY PERSON WHO MADE A POST AND THE PERSON WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE IS A FUCKING IDIOT. Kwame Brown is a 10 times better player than semih erden and he has way more value and upside then brad miller who cant leap over a fucking insect. This kid has never been in a good situation..he got chewed out by M.J in Washington then he got chewed up by the rapist primadonna in L.A then he went to memphis and detroit where he had ZERO positive influences and direction. I’ve been advocating signing this young energetic 7 footer since the day our season ended do to the fact that we cant get offensive rebounds or block shots. All u people laughed when i clamored for matt barnes over Marquis daniels, but guess what u were all sorry weren’t u?? This kid will realize his ntapped potential in GREEN&WHITE..he’ll have cliff ray K.G Perk and Baby to help him learn the ropes and help train him to kill Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. I CANNOT beleive how idiotic u people are when it comes to assesing potential and ability to grow and progress. U all wana just keep singin 35 year old white guys who can’t jump. I LOVE THIS MOVE if we bring in Kwame,u heard it here 1st. Doc will bring it out of this 7 foot 280 pound beast

  • greenbeand
  • green8teen

    Wow, did you really just call that many people “fucking idiots”? You’re an asshole. Oh and your assessment sucks too…
    All those circumstances you mentioned, they all happened because HE IS TERRIBLE and will always be.

  • KY Celts fan

    Nick, you are some kinda stupid.

  • kate

    Kwame is like that guy on the Burger King commercial with the tiny hands.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Nick, glad the guy has one person in the world who still believes in him. Maybe he’ll blow up in Europe after he’s out of the NBA.
    Now how about getting your head out of Matt Barnes ass?

  • I’d rather have this Kwame on the bench.

  • LMAO..I KNEW someone would bring up Matt Barnes. Good one.

  • Nick,
    I’m going to say this once and once only.
    Disagree with me all you want, but leave the personal insults at home.
    You got that?

  • nick

    its not a personal insult..U try to sway everyone into hating the guy b4 he even joins up with the C’s..Every time I like a specific player..Matt Barnes, Corey Maggette, Monta Ellis, Kwame Brown..u try to turn them into dogshit and get all of your puppets 2 agree with you, i respect your celtic pride but you often times don’t understand the game and u get alot of people into your mindset b4 they even get a chance 2 see a guy perform. WE NEED TO GET YOUNGER…do u not see that? i’m not saying go 2007 young but we can’t just keep signing 35 year olds like wtf? the guy is a 7 foot 280 pound chiseled freak of nature. If cliff ray can get guys like powe, gomes, baby,and others with less size and athletic ability to be great rotation players.. you think he cannnot do it with a giant like kwame? Lets not 4get this kid looked good his 1st year with L.A but then kobe horrified him and shit go ugly. Don’t be a kwame hater

  • Joe Blough

    All Kwame has to do is rebound and defend: he can do both. He is equally adept versus the pick ‘n roll (you know — the play Shaq can’t defend) and the low post. He doesn’t have to score: he’s replacing Perk.

  • Lee in Oregon

    We don’t understand the game? Dude, Matt Barnes is a journeyman, Maggette is a one-dimensional journeyman, Kwane Brown flat out sucks (compared to him, Maggette is Larry Bird), and Monta is a good player on a shit team who is also a head-case. 0 All-Star appearances amongst the entire group and only Ellis has a slim chance of being one.
    Put those 4 guys with anyone, including LeBron or Kobe, and you’re in the lottery.
    Getting younger for the sake of getting younger translates into sucking.

  • Don’t make excuses for this guy. If he was any good, he’d have made more of an impact by now. Kobe horrified him? C’mon.
    And I love Clifford Ray, but he’s not magician. If a guy sucks, he sucks. He couldn’t do a thing with Patrick O’Bryant. Kwame has had YEARS to prove he’s more than he is. I get that he’s 7 feet and 280 or whatever he is… but that’s just his height and weight. I’m 6’5, 220… but that doesn’t make me good enough to be a shooting guard. You gotta have some skill to go along with the proper size and weight for your position. And if you’ve got the skill… you won’t suck for as long as Kwame Brown has sucked.
    Let me ask you this.. if I’m such a moron and all these people are my puppets, then why the hell are you here?
    And I didn’t shit on Matt Barnes. I just didn’t want him last year. And quite honestly, the way you conduct yourself turned the name Matt Barnes into a joke. Plus, it’s not like he did anything for Orlando last year anyway. He disappeared in the playoffs.. which is why he could be a cheap option. He is what he is.
    Grab a cup of decaf, dude, chill out…

  • gordbillybob

    I realize that Kwame, (should have a nickname like K-Whammy) is a huge disappointment of Darko proportions. But he’s an upgrade over Sheldon Williams, and if he wasn’t drafted where he was drafted he wouldn’t considered such a loser. He’s not worth the 4 million he got last yet, but can we give him the veterans minimum???

  • Lakerhater

    Actually thats sheldon.

  • sgawrys

    C’mon guys, enough with the overkill on this guy. Sure, Kwame has been a bust because he was the number one pick, not because he is worthless. He is still a serviceable center. He has talent and if he did not he would not have been able to average 8 points and 7 boards a game for the Lakers just a few short years ago. For the right price he can give the C’s 15 minutes a night and give Erden (or someone else) time to develop.