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Knee jerk reactions after one summer league game

Harangody Basketball is back, sort of, in the form of the Orlando Summer League.  If you missed it yesterday the Celtics showed that they are still the Celtics by blowing a 4th quarter lead and losing to Oklahoma City (which was playing key players like James Harden and Serge Ibaka, for some reason). 

But couldn't care less about the score.  I'm here with knee jerk reactions to a few of the key guys on the C's team.

1:  Oliver Lafayette

Nice game out of him.  Showed some good fundamentals with the way he saw the floor and found guys in spots where they could score.  He also found his way to the rim and knocked down a couple of jumpers.  All in all, an impressive showing.

2:  Luke Harangody

I'm not gonna lie… that jumper is not pretty.  The lower part of his body is off kilter, his follow through sometimes has a weird flick to it, and the guide hand occasionally seems to get bored with the process and ad-libs with its own little flair.  But yesterday, it was effective.  And in the end, a lot of players have made careers in the NBA with funky looking shots.  I'm just afraid this one will be streaky.  Yesterday, it was on.  Let's see if it stays on today, or if Luke shoots 23%.

3: Semih Erden

He's tall. 

That's the best thing I can say about him so far.  He looked a little lost out there.  Rebounds flew over his head.  Guys slipped past him on the way to the rim. 

It's going to be an adjustment for him.  I'm not saying he can't make it.  I'm just saying he'll have to make one.

Others guys did decent things, but those things stood out for me.  Of course, all of this comes with the huge caveat that it's freakin' summer league and it's damn near impossible to glean anything substantial from these games.  But we're looking for little fundamental things that might be a clue about their potential.  And since OKC brought a few of their actual players, it added a smidge of legitimacy to some performances.  Ok.. maybe not a smidge… a little less than a smidge.  But I don't know the metric system so I don't know what that is.

Keep watching.  C's play again today at 5.

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  • sgawrys

    Good points. Just a few minor things I noticed:
    1.Harangody’s shot looks a bit awkward, but he does get it off quickly which is important because he lacks length and vertical lift.
    2. I realize that Erden was signed and therefore is getting all the press, but Paraghouski (sp) appears to be much more serviceable at this time. He actually goes after the basketball and throws his weight around nicely. He is a bit stiff offensively, but seems to have a jumper. I could care less about offensive skills with these young centers anyway. We need rebounds and Paraghouski pulled down 10 boards in 17 minutes of play. Job well done in my opinion. Lets teach that kid how to defend and he may have something that the C’s can use.
    3. Lafayette looked good I simply question his ability to make the team.

  • thetitleisours

    I hope “J.C” shoots better next game and Slav Krav should play today. Supposed to be a banger too


    How did Gaffney look? Any chance he makes the team?

  • JD

    So do we really have to pay to see these games online? Cuz thats complete BS its the godamn summer league for chrissakes.

  • 11in13

    Couple things about Erden.
    • He is not a shot blocker. When guards penetrated he took a position with both hands straight up instead of challenging. This shows he is not a natural shot blocker.
    • He was physically knocked off the ball in box out situations on numerous occasions. May not be a physical player.

  • You do if you go through I’m sure if you go through though… you might find a free stream

  • I’ll be honest.. didn’t see much outta him. Nothing that stood out. I’ll keep a closer eye on him today

  • JD

    Word, thanks!

  • Apologies if my assumptions here aren’t true, but I’m guessing Americans (I’m from the UK) don’t know much about Erden. I watched a lot of Eurobasket last year when he played with Turkoglu for Turkey and the kid can play. We need to give him a chance to adjust to the US style, but he’s certainly an effective offensive player who can hustle and bring a presence. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do for us but I’ll admit that he wasn’t great yesterday. Just don’t count him out just yet.

  • John

    As somebody who followed Notre Dame basketball very closely during Luke’s tenure, I have a couple thoughts about him and his prospects. He has a knack for scoring points. No way around it he will put the ball in the hoop. He extended his shooting range over the course of his last two years at Notre Dame. He was a bit of a ball stopper on offense, forcing up a lot of bad shots and playing highly inefficiently for large stretches. That said, he seems to have found a stroke from distance and his jumper is very quick so it shouldn’t be hard to get off. He is a terrible screener. He is not long enough to contest for rebounds straight up, with the majority of his secured boards coming after multiple taps. His defense is nothing to write home about. His footwork is superb and he does have very solid hands for a big guy (or I guess as much of a big guy as a 6’8″ guy can be). He runs the floor fantastically, as if he gets a new burst of energy at the thought of getting a layup in transition.
    Offensively, he’ll create good matchups because he is strong enough and clever enough with the ball to post up most threes and he can pull fours out of the lane with his shooting range. Defensively and on the boards will always be an uphill battle though.