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Ray’s shopping himself around, assessing his value

Ken Berger is making official what was speculated earlier today… Ray Allen is waiting to see what the market is before figuring out a deal with the C's.

Ray Allen
will give the
“every chance of re-signing him,” but has been in contact with the
top-tier free agents and wants to wait until they choose a team before
making a decision, a person with knowledge of the situation told
CBSSports.com Monday.

Allen’s conversations with Celtics
brass have been “productive and cordial,” the person said. But Allen,
like other free agents, can’t have a complete picture of his value or
the best situation for him until the likes of LeBron
, Dwyane
and Chris Bosh
decide where to sign. It is not clear whether Allen, 34, has spoken
with those players, but a person close to one high-profile free agent
said Allen has been in contact via text message as the Big Three try to
assemble a supporting cast for next season and beyond.

This is where idiots like Kahn in Minnesota will screw us.  Ray is going to get way too much money somewhere.  The question now becomes will it be in Boston.  How far do the C's go before this becomes James Posey episode 2?

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Maybe Ray is worth more as a sign & trade?
    I still think this is all part of Doc’s grand plan. But if Ray want’s another big/long contract, they should let him go or try a sign & trade. Lock up TA and steal Reddick from Orlando.
    I have never in my life seen a team set so many picks for 1 guy as the C’s do for Ray. Perk alone picks up about 3 personal fouls a game doing this. KG is good for another 1 or 2. Ray wants to play in Boston, it’s up to Danny not to commit to much. I am surprised he’s all of a sudden in demand by other teams.

  • ansdyW@hotmail.com

    I think Ray needs to bounce. Get him off the books and sign David Lee instead. Not only is Ray over hyped, but his career should be over in Boston.

  • Shawn-cvd

    It could work. Ray Ray sign and trade w/ New York for Lee. Hate to see him go but not if we can stay competitive AND get younger and taller.

  • Bishop Nelson

    That’s the difference between Paul Pierce and Ray “Me Not We” Allen. He ought to kiss Rondo’s feet for all of the sweet passes he gave him, instead he talks down to him like he’s a rookie.
    Get him out of here. Reddick is as good as Allen at this stage in his career at half the price.

  • I was right about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    We should have traded Ray Allen at the deadline – the dude is wack. His bricks cost us the championship. Trade him to NYC get Lee and bring House back.

  • RayRay

    Ray is 3 times the player that Reddick is and the ultimate team guy. Everyone got real quiet after Ray turned it on following the trade deadline but how quickly we forget. Bishop Nelson obviously watched 2 games all year before deciding to drop this knowledge on us. “Me Not We” really buddy?? You sound foolish.

  • CelticJay

    Ray’s playing a game with the Celts. Right now we all can assess his market value at somewhere between $8-10 Million but some club will offer more, and that will be his bargaining point with the Celts. I like Ray, but the Celts should not shoot themselves in the foot to keep him. Yes, he had a very good 2nd half of the season but he choked in the Finals. His 3-pt shooting is very important to the Celtics spacing on offense – but so too was Eddie House’s, until he became a liability.
    Ray wasn’t the only Celtic checking Kobe on D and if Tony Allen had outside range…. Ray would be gone by now. I say make him a rich offer this week, sign him, and then dump him for younger players – we can build through his greed. Trade him to New York….. see how many open looks he gets from Amare. I can just see Ray running the trackmeetstyle at the age of 35. At least the Truth to a paycut to help the team win and retire a Celtic. Thanks Ray, don’t let the door hit you on the way out dude.