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A quick note on Ray

In the middle of the Luke Harangody story in the Herald was this quick update on Ray Allen:

The club last spoke with Ray Allen’s people Saturday, and the veteran
guard still seems to be checking out the market.

Things should come into sharper focus this week as free agents begin
agreeing to deals (starting Thursday) and teams get a better idea of
their relative positions.

I see this as posturing… the same way the C's trading for Rudy Fernandez or Leandro Barbosa is a little bit of posturing out of the C's.  They're trying to see what the market is and then they can figure out what the hometown discount will be.

The question is… does he get 3 years or 2?  A third year kicks in another crazy salary cap clause called the over-36 rule will changes the cap number for the entire deal.

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  • Jay King

    The Globe had a conflicting report, writing that Ainge has spoken to Ray every day and has been a lot more aggressive in his recruitment than the Herald reported.

  • sgawrys

    I think Ray goes in a sign and trade deal to bring in someone with youth and size.

  • realfacts

    Ray has been saying he wants to stay in boston, well he has to understand his not gonna make not even close to what he made last year. He’s 35 year old. He should take a 3 years 24 millions contract. its the same contract jason kidd signed with the mavs a year ago. that’s the only way this is going to work out.

  • Damn these conflicting reports. Don’t these people know I’m too lazy to read more than one thing?
    Get your stories straight, legitimate journalists

  • Lee in Oregon

    2 years is 1 too many. Much love & respect to Ray, but he had a sub-par playoffs again.
    If he wants 3 more years, it should be at a serious discount. Otherwise, 2 years is all I would want him for. Having said that I’d hate to lose him without a legitimate player ready to step in. I just dont want the C’s to be handcuffed into giving Ray years AND money. Let’s face it, Ray had a good year but he’s slowing down.

  • rav

    I’m cool with 2 (that way he expires with KG), but 3 could be a problem.