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Your Morning Dump… Where Sheed might not be retiring after all

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With Doc Rivers deciding to return to the Celtics next season, and
Boston close to re-signing Paul Pierce to a four-year deal, a source
said Saturday night that there is a "possibility" that veteran forward
Rasheed Wallace could re-think his decision last month to retire after
15 NBA seasons. The Celtics believed Wallace would retire after the
team's seven-game Finals loss to the Lakers, and he appeared to make the
decision final a week or so later.

Because Wallace had two years
and $13 million (including $6.32 million next season) remaining on his
deal when he retired, the Celtics have been looking into moving his
contract to another team, which would then get the savings from
Wallace's cap number, in exchange for assets. But obviously, if Wallace
decides to play next season, that team wouldn't get the money off of its
cap. David Aldridge's free agent watch

This just falls in line with what people always say… never listen to an athlete talk about his future right after the season ends.

IF Sheed is thinking of coming back… maybe he can come back in a little better shape.  Maybe this past season can be a little lesson to him that he's not the same guy he used to be and he needs to put in a little work in the offseason to make sure those little tweaks and pulls and strains don't catch up to him come playoff time.

Sheed, take it from one old man to another… just "turning it on" nowadays doesn't work the same way it used to.  

And the thing is… Sheed, even now, is a better option at that money than a lot of the guys out there now.  He should make his intentions clear, though, soon.  Because either he's quitting and the team is going to be able to assure that when they trade his contract… or he's not and that's one hole they don't need to fill.

On page 2, a little more on Pierce

Celtics fans no longer have to be concerned about or
debate the future of Paul Pierce. He will remain in Boston for at least
four more years after his agent, Jeff Schwartz, and team president Danny
Ainge agreed on a deal late last night.

Pierce, 32, will earn more than the expected $61 million over the life
of the contract. The eight-time All-Star and 2008 NBA Finals MVP will
likely retire as a Celtic, which is something he said was a goal.

Globe: Pierce deal gets done

More than $61 million?  That's the first I've heard of that.  And will Paul Pierce get a no-trade clause?  That'll be a factor in 3 years when the team is past the Big 3 era. 

The fourth year is guaranteed… which I saw first reported by CBS' Ken Berger (who, by the way, is worth following on twitter for breaking NBA news).

So while the deal has been finalized, some details are yet to be released.  Regardless, the final word is Pierce will be a Celtic for life.  And that's the way it should be.  I'm glad this got done with no stress.

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  • thetitleisours

    He redeemed himself in the playoff’s, but honestly with his regular season attitude I hope he stays retired.
    But if he is interested in getting back in shape…

  • greenbeand

    A no trade clause will be a factor in 3 yrs? He’s given his entire career to Boston, brought banner, and has earned the right for guaranteed money with a no trade clause. They’ll probably raise and retire his number some day..

  • Jon with No H

    a random 4th of July tidbit involving the C’s from
    “Leandro Barbosa-G-Suns Jul. 4 – 10:07 am et
    The Suns are actively shopping Leandro Barbosa, and the Celtics and Raptors are said to be very interested.
    Source: Alex Kennedy via Twitter”
    According to the ESPN trade machine, a straight up Sheed for Barbosa swap works.
    Another thing I read is Mike Miller is meeting with the Clippers and wants more than the MLE. No big surprise there.
    Happy 4th Everybody, Hope You All Keep Your Fingers

  • Shawn-cvd

    Trade Sheed, assist inn his retiring paperwork and/or buy out, then bring him in for league minimum after 2011 All Star Game. How hard is that. Hit the league with our version of that Big Z trade non sense