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Your Morning Dump… Pierce is saving Wyc $12 million

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By opting out, he will save the Celts significantly this year. Again,
the structure has yet to be learned, but even if the deal pays him
equal increments of a little more than $15 million per season, the
benefit to the Celtics – and, in turn, to Pierce’s desire to win – will
be great.

Using the $15 million-plus figure, Pierce will cost the club some $6
million less this coming season. And when you figure in the
dollar-for-dollar luxury tax, it would end up being a savings of around
$12 million for 2010-11.

That does not – repeat, does not – mean the Celtics have that much to
spend on a premium free agent. But it does mean the team is better
equipped to take on difficult contracts if it can find an attractive

Boston Herald – Truth is, Pierce's new deal benefits the team

While some other media outlets are hyping the fact that Paul Pierce and the Celtics are haggling over the amount of guaranteed dollars in the final year of the Truth's new 4-yr, $61 million contract, Steve Bulpett says those negotiations are a mere formality. 

If push comes to shove, Pierce can look across the table at Wyc and say, "but I'm saving you $12 million this year."

Regarding potential free-agents and Ray Allen, there isn't anything new to report. Danny is still shopping Sheed's contract and there remains interest in Mike Miller and Brandon Haywood. The Lakers signed Steve Blake, which according to Fox Sports, takes them out of the running for Miller.

On Page 2, how Doc's daughter talked him into returning.

“My daughter told me, ‘Why don’t you go back? You’re 48,’ ” Rivers said.
“I told her I wasn’t retiring. I was just going to take a break and
then get back to coaching. Think of what teachers do. But she said it
again. ‘You’re 48, you have a group that you love, you have Danny
(Ainge, the C’s general manager) who you work well with, why would you
walk away from that?’ ”

Herald – Competitive spirit drives Doc 

Smart girl.

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  • The laker1

    I wonder how long it’s going to take for your fanbase to realize your lucky four leaf clover is wilted.There is no way Boston wins number 18 before the lakers do.That right I said 18 because they already have 16 and will win at least two more before you win one more, And if your thinking no they have 11 those from minn dont count even though literally the rest of the world outside of mass says they have 16 google the okc thunder they have a championship because the trophy stays with the team after the move, enjoy the bottom of the cellar for the next 20 years.

  • Antoinew8

    What a shmuch with the above post.
    Anyway. . .
    I’m glad RedsArmy has jumped onto my Mike Miller bandwagon. Haven’t heard anyone but me seriously mention him coming to Boston in any articles until now. Wouldn’t that be a great fit though? A shooter who can also rebound and play solid defense at both the two and three positions and possibly even the four if they want to go small. He’d be Posey with a step down on D, but a big step up on the offensive end.
    Haywood and Mike Miller mean championship 18, you can mark it on the trophy already if this goes down.

  • Antoinew8

    Hey, I’ve got a question for anyone on this site that comes across this. If we trade Rasheed’s contract to another team for another player, does that new player coming in count as taking the mid level exemption that Sheed had, or do the celtics get a new MLE every year despite someone on the team already possibly having a three year deal with it, like sheed did last year?
    Thanks for any answers i get, Sorry that it might not exactly fit with this articles topics.

  • CFH

    They get a new MLE every year (regardless of whether Sheed plays, retires, is traded). It’s the LLE that’s every other year.

  • Pierce for the win………..GOT IT!!!

    Laker fans make me chuckle. Your team got completely blown off the court in game 6 of the 2008 finals by 39 points, then they barely manage to get by the Celtics in a 7th game at home by 4 points!!! You’re right, we have no reason to believe this team will win one more championship before the Lakers win 2! Shouldn’t you be out celebrating their 16th title by lighting a neighbor’s store on fire?! Idiot…

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    HAHAHAHA. SUCKDIC FANS – If “barely losing” makes you feel better, then keep telling yourself that. But, the fact of the matter is, you’re loss, Game 7 in the FINALS, was WAY more painful because the Suckdics were so close. HAHAHAHAHA. Just knowing that KG, Pierce, and other Boston fans were teary after such a heartbreaking loss is the GREATEST
    I loved it, the pain on the Boston fans face after a run of beating Cleveland and Orlando was great. All of those victories, were ALL FOR NOTHING!!! Those victories gave you Boston fans false hope. HAHAHAHA.
    And now you think you guys are going to be able to make another run? Pierce, Allen and KG are another year older, which means it will be THAT more difficult to get back to the Finals. The Lakers on the other hand, are primed for at least 2 to 3 more runs to the Finals. But because we have an owner with the balls to spend money, those 2 to 3 years, will extend to 5 to 7.
    LOL, LOL, LOL, I LOVE IT. Keep reveling in 2008, HAHAHA, because much like that, and the championships of the 60’s, are NOW ancient history. HAHAHAHA
    I’ve never seen a city that likes bring up the PAST, like you guys. Pathetic

  • Finn

    Agreed, if there’s any way we can get Haywood and Mike Miller. Barring the formation of a super team in Chicago, I think our team can knock some serious heads next year. Rondo gettin better with his jumpshot, KG finally 100 percent, not much to say bout Ray and Paul cuz I don’t know how they’d be better…but still. That would be legit.

  • Lakers still in denial

    If the past is sooooo irrelavant then lets just throw away the Fakers title they just won. I mean, it’s the past right?
    You idiot faker fans love to pick and choose what years and decads make you feel better about the fact the Boston completely owns the fakers all time. Celts are 9-3 in the finals against the fakers and all time head to head winnning percentage in every category from playoffs to reg. season.
    …and before you go talking about the past and how it doesn’t matter? The fakers LOST 7 times to the Celtics before 1970 in the finals. If they were to have won the majority of those would you not count the titles and say they are “in the past and don’t count? The fakers won SIX titles before the 80’s and if the past is so old and means nothing then why do you idiotic faker fans keep saying the fakers have 16 titles? ….like they all count and mean so much yet the Celtics NBA leading 17 tiltes (dominating the lakers on their way) are just from back in the day and don’t mean much. You can’t have it both ways idiot faker fans.
    Just face it. You are still playing second fiddle to the best franchise in NBA history and will continue to until you cannot just pass the Boston in titles but beat them head to head in the finals doing it.
    Sorry to burst your Kobe bubble. Go celebrate your title over a team that just about made you look stupid AGAIN at home this time. Congrats. Wink….Wink…LOL!!!!

  • eat it

    …..not to mention 5 titles in MINN. and weren’t even in LA and faker fans love to count those titles as well as if they weren’t 50 years ago. idiots…. 17 and counting for the celts… it. 9 of them against the weak fakers. Wouldn’t you ahve loved to be that dominant against your rivals? HAHAHA!! lol!!

  • Pierce deal did NOT go through. Just wanted to clear the air with that.

  • Oh, I see you put it up, nevermind.

  • patrick stone

    joseph,and his granola state partner lakers fag1 are typical fruit state rejects.You two can keep your criminals like Kobeyashi Rothlsberger,Ron” I’ll go in the stands and attack women and kids”Artest,I slept with half of Los Angeles Majerk Johnson,and of course the cross dresser no not Zaa Zaa Gabor Vujovic,but Denise Rodman. your team will have calk walk again in the weak west,but Boston has not finished their summer moves yet you partners joseph,and lakers fag1.Your city can”t even field a NFL team maybe ballet teams.So go back to your over regulated,over taxed,bankrupt,wildfire,mudslide,earthquake,illegalalien infested granola state eat your tofu,fruit salad,and shut up.

  • Pierce for the win………GOT IT!

    Actually, since you bring it up, it did make me feel better to watch the Celtics lose by 4 points as opposed to 39! How could you even compare the 2 losses??? Way more painful because they were so close? Are you retarded?! The Lakers looked like a high school junior varsity team in game 6 of the 2008 Finals! I laughed so hard as the Celtics kept racking the score up higher and higher!!! At the end of game 7 this year I felt like the Celtics gave it an honest effort. Could you say the same for the Lakers in 2008? That’s what I thought. You may resume jerking off to your Kobe poster…

  • Pierce for the win……..GOT IT!

    Thank you…

  • The past is only irrelevant to Laketards when they aren’t claiming titles for themselves they had nothing to do with. Pretty soon they will be claiming all of Phil’s titles plus the ones Kareem won in Milwaukee and Kupchak won in Washington.

  • One other thing to keep in mid about Joseph. His Mother was a crack whore and his Father abandoned him. That explains a lot.