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Your Morning Dump… Where talks with Ray have begun

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…the team also expanded its scope and began negotiations with
representatives for Ray Allen, who also became an unrestricted free
agent yesterday.

Unlike most members of this summer’s enormous free agent class who
won’t be trolling for maximum contract dollars, Allen could still score
well with contenders searching for a shooter to complement their younger

In a field of shooting guards that also includes J.J. Redick, Kyle
Korver and Michael Redd, Allen is clearly the most desirable of the
group. He can expect to hear from Cleveland if, indeed, James chooses to
remain a Cavalier.

Utah, which appears set to part ways with Korver, could also emerge
as a contender for Allen’s services.

Herald: Talks begin with Ray Allen

I've heard it a million times so I'll just reiterate it quickly… anything can happen to any free agent after July 1.

There.  I said it.  But I'm not worried about it.  I know we all face some level of trepidation with Ray when we see all the money that is stupidly being thrown around… but he wants to be here.  He's only got a couple years left.  And its not like the C's will offer him the veteran minimum.  He'll make plenty here… and he's not going to go start over anywhere… not Utah, not Cleveland…. nowhere.

By the way, the latest stupid contract: 5 years, $34 million for Amir Johnson in Toronto.  He averaged 6 and 5 for the Raps last year.  And while he'll get more time with Bosh leaving… and yeah, he's 23 years old and he's got potential…but isn't more than $6 million per year a little much to be paying a 23 year old with single digit averages? 

It's funny to see, actually.  All these historically bad teams are making it rain.  Any wonder they're historically bad?

On page 2: The C's contact another big

It has been widely reported that the C's have targeted Chicago center Brad
Miller as a possible replacement for Kendrick Perkins, whose right knee
injury suffered in Game Six of the NBA Finals will sideline him until at
least December.

But league sources told Thursday night that the Celtics have
also inquired about Dallas center Brendan Haywood.

Prior to being traded to the Mavericks
last season, Haywood was having one of his best seasons in the NBA with
the Washington Wizards, averaging a near double-double with 9.8 points
and 10.3 rebounds.

CSNNE: Celtics inquire about Brendan Haywood

Of all the available bigs, I think this guy should be our number 1 target.  I just feel like we need someone who will hang down low and hit the boards.  He'd essentially be Perk's replacement.  I know Brad Miller is almost Sheed's replacement and sort of KG insurance… but we just need a banger.  And Haywood is as close to that as you're going to find right now.

But we're going to get priced out of this guy the way things are going right now.  He made $6 million last year.  I'll say he's done nothing to get a raise.  $6 mil. is a bit on the high side… but that's this market right now.  The problem will be the years.  He'll turn 31 this coming season.  He'll want 4 or 5 years to play out the string.  And it seems like 5 year, $30-something million is the "in" thing to offer role players these days.  That's way too much.  I'm all for playing for today… but you can't screw yourself either.

The rest of the links.

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  • james

    it would be nuts it we got hayward. he’s going back to the mavs though, no doubt about that. so little decent 7footers left after him. huge step down to b miller.

  • John

    According to Sportscenter, Haywood would refuse to resign with the Mavs unless he was guaranteed to start over Dampier. Do you really think he’ll come to Boston, for arguably less than Dallas will offer, while being merely a placeholder at Center, best case scenario platoon starter? I don’t.

  • Walk

    I don’t want Haywood for the simple reason of not having to hear about his “tweets”. I’m not a massive twitter guy, but some of the stuff Haywood has posted has been extremely offensive and down right moronic.
    Different topic: How would people feel about Josh Childress? Let’s say Ray leaves…is Childress even good enough to consider? I feel like he should be a decent option but not positive.

  • DiP

    Most people would demand to start over eric dampier. I wouldn’t be happy if I was sitting on the bench behind a total stiff either. Perk only plays 25 mins a game so there’s plenty of minutes left for a guy like hayward.

  • Lakerhater

    Where’s joe smith when you need him.

  • Antoinew8

    I think Haywood would be a PERFECT fit here. He runs the floor a little better than Perk. Has a better offensive game by far, and when he was in Washington, he toasted the C’s all the time. Get him if you can Danny!
    And with Paul and ray’s Likely paycuts, maybe the team actually could.
    It’s reported that Paul is taking about 5 mill a year less in his new contract. And likely ray will at least take five mill less if not more. So if the C’s are willing to go over the cap to the 95 mill they spent last year on total salaries, then there’s the five mill or more they can go with to sign Haywood(as they’d have to pay double the money if they’re already over the cap)
    See, that is what i’m looking for the C’s to spend this off-season, something around the 90-95 million that they’ve spent the last two years, as that seems to be their fixed budget, not the leagues 57 million salary cap.
    So if you look at the salaries now.
    Kevin Garnett – 17 mill
    Paul Pierce – 15 mill (reported)
    Ray Allen – 12 mill (likely, or less)
    Rajon Rondo – 9.5 mill
    Kendrick Perkins – 4 mill
    Glen Davis – 3 mill
    Avery Bradley – 1 mill
    TOTAL 62 mill so far.
    -Sign Haywood for 7 mill = 69 mill
    -plus another 7 mill to the league for being over the cap = 76 mill
    -Sign Brad Miller for the MLE of about 6 mill that doesn’t count against the cap = 82 million
    -Sign Mike Miller for Bi-annual of 2 mill which doesn’t count against the cap = 84 mill
    -resign Tony Allen for a similar contract to what scalabrine had of 3-4 mill wich doesn’t count against the cap because of the Bird exception = 88 mill
    -Then Round out the roster with veteran minimum contracts that also don’t count against the cap and you’ve got a great team for less than the team spent last year on total salaries. A team looking something like this:
    C – Brendan Haywood
    F – Kevin Garnett
    F – Paul Pierce
    G – Ray Allen
    G – Rajon Rondo
    C – Kendrick Perkins
    F/C – Brad Miller
    F – Mike Miller
    G – Tony Allen
    G – Avery Bradley
    and possibly a mix of three of these guys. . .
    G – Larry Hughes
    F – Hakim Warrick
    G – Devin Brown
    F – Malik Allen
    F – Rasul Butler
    F – Craig Smith
    G – Jerry Stackhouse
    F – Damien Wilkins
    G – Trenton Hassell
    C – Josh Boone(Please! Please! Please!!!)
    C – Aaron Gray
    F – Jonathan Bender
    G – Eddie House
    F – Kyle Korver
    Not a bad way to go into next season if you ask me. And if you laugh at the idea of Mike Miller taking the 2 mill bi-annual, he’s looked down upon slightly by the league now, having been injured for a third of the season last year so teams might not just throw money his way. Plus with his Orlando connection with Doc, he might do a Marquise Daniels one year cheap deal with the C’s so he can show he’s still got it and could get more next year. (Though hopefully he has better luck with that than Marquise Did)

  • Double P Reppin the B

    You can’t just sign people to go over the cap. The cap is there for a reason. If we are at $62mil as it stands then the only money you can spend after that is the MLE and minimum contracts. Only reason we can spend past the cap is b/c we are signing Pierce and Ray and we have their Bird Rights. We don’t have Haywoods bird rights of course. Only way it would work is if he signs for MLE or we somehow do a sign and trade for Sheed’s contract But I’m sure he’ll get a better offer than that

  • It’s imperative that the C’s do whatever they can to re-sign Ray, along with Paul.
    Haywood def intrigues me. Would be a great fit.