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Tony Allen: In demand

Tony Allen started this year essentially as an afterthought.  Then he seemingly accepted who he is and he became a solid contributor.  Now, he's in demand.

According to HoopsWorld (scroll down), at least 4 teams are pursuing him.

Tony Allen has received interest
from many teams in the first day of free agency. Last night, several
teams looking for a defensive stopper made calls inquiring about Allen
and it's clear there are teams ready to bid for his services.

The Los Angeles Lakers, New Jersey Nets, Miami Heat, and Chicago
Bulls are among the teams that expressed interest in the guard. Most
teams are waiting for the top tier free agents to make decisions before
pursuing others but Allen will have a list of potential suitors when
that time comes. Allen's impressive track record in the postseason and
lockdown perimeter defense has many teams interested in his services.

I know I keep saying this… but the way money is being thrown around, we're even going to get priced out of the Tony Allen sweepstakes.  Owners are throwing money around like drunken crab fishermen on pay day… Tony is going to get an offer somewhere else he can't refuse.

Sorry, I was watching Deadliest Catch last night… hence the crab fishermen analogy.

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  • thetitleisours

    We will miss him but at least we can throw away the Tums and Pepto-Bismol during game time

  • I don’t think we need to be too concerned about Chicago winning that battle… unless they’re including armed guards in their proposal.


    The new kid can fill Tonys roll and just to make us feel better dribble it off his foot a couple times.
    Good for Tony he will need to get every cent he can.

  • nick

    please when you make these posts stop whining about money and how its being given out. If we want to sign people we can pay 4 it and go over the luxury tax..also if you weren’t so happy last year along with ainge when we singed queezy then we wouldn’t be needing to essentially do the same exact thing this year and get a back up swing man, if yu want tony, just match any offer simple as that..we have his bird rights which means we can match it. if ainge and wyc feel he’s consistent and worth the cash than pony it up, i’de prefer 2 let him and queez walk and bring in barnes and outlaw.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Best analogy you’ve ever used…and you’re apologizing for it?

  • Lee in Oregon

    TA will be back in Boston. He will have to get paid, but the crazy money is going to big guys so far. Salmons deal was pretty fair I thought. It’s also crazy to expect the new kid to come in and play D on the league’s best. He’s a rookie, he’d get killed. and he’s 6’2″…..
    LA has less money than Boston. Chicago? There’s people there who want him dead. He’s even said he want’s to be back. He loves Boston.

  • Lakerhater

    Tony allen sweepstakes? Let the fools over pay TA, he deserves his chance to cash in too, but you have to wonder how much of this crap is gorilla marketing from agents. I soooooo don’t give a sh#t if I ever see TA in Celtic green again.

  • Antoinew8

    I think you’re wrong.
    “The way money’s being thrown around” I thik will actually help the Celtics catch some good deals if they wait it all out until late like they did in 2007 to get Posey and House. I think some solid role guys like Tony Allen, Mike Miller, Earl Watson, Craig Smith, Quentin Richardson, Damien Wilkins, Bobby Simmons, Aaron Gray, Eddie House, Keith Bogans, Kyle Korver, might still be around in the end for cheap. Just wait and see.
    Just because teams have big money to overspend, doesn’t mean they’re going to. There are some good free Agents next year also that teams might want to save a little something for:
    2011 class:
    Carmello Anthony
    Tony Parker
    Yao Ming
    Caron Butler
    David West
    Michael Redd
    Jamal Crawford
    Jason Richardson
    Tayshaun Prince
    Leandro Barbosa
    Troy Murphy
    Glen Davis
    Kendrick Perkins