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This whole LeBron/Wade thing might be real

And it might be happening in Chicago


will meet privately with
officials for a second time in two days on Friday and is
seriously contemplating leaving the
to join his hometown team, a league source told Yahoo! Sports.

This could be a significant step in Wade helping to create a
blockbuster partnership with 
on the Bulls.

Wade and James have been discussing the possibility of playing
together, but the major hurdle to the starry alliance remains James’
reluctance to join Wade in Miami, sources say.

“D-Wade and LeBron want to play together, but neither one wants to
commit to each other,” a source with knowledge of the conversations told
Yahoo! Sports on Friday.

I think Tom Thibodeau needs a change of pants.  That move to Chicago might be the best thing that ever happened to him. 

I like this line best: 

Sources say that Wade is intrigued by the infrastructure of talent the
Bulls have to surround him, especially in contrast to how gutted the
Heat roster has become in the clearing of salary cap space.

Really?  You mean guys DON'T want to go to teams that completely destroy themselves in a pathetic attempt to lure one megastar player?  Shocking.

I will say this, though… LeBron and Wade to Chicago is NOT what I expected this offseason.  If this comes to fruition… Damn. 

Somewhere, Chris Bosh is saying "what about me?"

Enjoy Houston, Chris.

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  • baltimoresbest

    If any opposing coach doesn’t play zone defense against that team, he should be fired on the spot.

  • BRADinLA

    Please basketball gods DO NOT let this happen.

  • KY Celts fan

    A Wade/Lebron combo anymore will be league devestating. Also, kinda fun to watch since after this season, the C’s shouldn’t be competitive for a few years.
    Also, I think Bosh would enjoy Houston. Look at the starting lineup: Aaron Brooks, Kevin Martin, Trevor Ariza, Chris Bosh, Yao Ming. You’re telling me that team isn’t a contender? Also, Denver might be looking to trade Carmelo since he doesn’t want to sign an extension. What if there was a Melo for Yao/Ariza trade? Would it not the greatest thing to see a Finals of Bosh/Melo vs. Wade/Lebron?

  • Matt

    Yeah, and Amare can rot in the Big Apple

  • 11in13

    Well atleast Phil and Kobe won’t win another title. This happens and thibodeau in 5 years will be talked about as one of the great coaches ever as he wins his 5th title.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I would actually think this would be really fun to watch were it to happen. I am willing to bet Wade signs there if they can clear some more cap space up. I wonder if the Cs can play a role in this, they have some pretty intriguing young guys like Taj Gibson

  • I’ve felt all along that Lebron wanted to go to Chicago more than anywhere else. Ever since his whole “leaguewide retirement of #23” stage, I’ve sensed he wants to “be like Mike.” It’s almost like he’s fulfilling this childhood dream he has to play at the United Center for the Bulls and win a championship where MJ did. However, as far as he & Wade co-existing, I really do not think it can happen. I don’t believe Lebron is mature enough and just don’t see it working.

  • Make or break for Thibs. If they flop, he couldnt manage super-star ego’s. He would, of course, take the blame. LeBron would have it no other way. lol.

  • @kwapt…
    LeBron was right. He shouldn’t wear MJ’s 23. He doesn’t deserve to. He does that jersey no justice. He denegrates it. He couldn’t fill Mike’s nikes.
    I am SOOOOOOOO sick of LeBron!

  • You really think the C’s won’t be “competitive” for a few years?? I disagree. Will they challenge for the NBA title over the next few years? Maybe not, but I definitely think they’ll be competitve, especially in the East.

  • And someone needs to tell Bosh he’s not a superstar..lmao..poor guy. They already tried building a team around him. Fail.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    If I were a betting man I’d say if Chicago lands Lebron and either Boozer/Bosh/Lee at PF that they would go right after Ray Allen. I would also bet Ray opts to go to the Bulls if the contract is the same. With Thibs being there and the chance to play with Rose, Lebron and that line up I would absolutely think Ray goes there. If we sign Pierce to 4 years and Ray bolts we are screwed

  • KY Celts fan

    He’s been in the league 7 years, and played in Toronto. No one can do it alone. You have to have at least two HOF players in good condition to win a title. Neither Lebron nor Bosh have had that their entire time in the league. Same reason Pierce, KG, and Ray couldn’t win on their own either.

  • KY Celts fan

    In my mind, being competitive for the title is the only thing that counts. Sure, the Hawks were competitive for the East, but not for the title. And all it got them was a new coach and overpaid Joe Johnson.

  • mdr8

    @ Double P…..
    You can’t forget, Ray’s main reason for wanting to be in Boston is for the easy access to Joslin Diabetes center. It is one of the leading Diabetes treatment/research clinics in the world. With Ray’s son having diabetes and all, Ray wants to remain in Boston for his son more than himself. Sure he’d like a championship and sure he’d like more money…. but he already has a championship and tons of money. Something tells me if he’s as genuine as he seems to us through the media, he’ll stay in Boston if he can.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I’d have to go with impossible Ray goes there in those scenarios. Here’s why…
    1 See mdr8 post below about Ray’s son &
    2 The money won’t match up. The Bulls will have no cap space left after getting LeBrick and one of said Power Forwards. What will they offer Allen that Boston won’t counter with?
    Worst case scenario would be a sign and trade which means we’d get Deng and Taj.

  • I hear ya'. But Bosh is certainly no KG or Pierce (IMO). I just think it's hilarious that he has basically put himself in the same category as DWade, Bron and some other marquee free-agents. I think Bosh is the only one that doesn't realize he's not a franchise player.

  • Hakws did (do) not have that veteran leadership & experience either. They also still have no genine leader. And yes, the title is definitely what we compete for-I took your statement as saying that the Celtics will not be in the hunt at all.

  • Very true-been saying the same thing also. The Allens really want to stay close to JDC and Children’s Hospital. Granted, they have the $ to fly back and forth all they want, but they genuinely like it here and don’t want to put their kid through that. If we don’t have another solid scorer, or younger 2 guard with alot of potential, I really would prefer to keep Ray 1 more season at least.

  • KY Celts fan

    I think most are seeing Wade and Lebron as the only franchise players up for grabs this summer, and everyone else acts like a compliment to them. And I think Bosh knows this, too, since he is the best compliment for either player, and he’ll be playing with at least one of them next season. Wade and Lebron might not end up on the same team, but one of them WILL be playing with Bosh. I think that does make him as big as Wade and Lebron.

  • KY Celts fan

    I honestly have no idea how the Celtics will fare over the next few years. This year will most certainly be the last year we will compete for a title, and that’s if Ray doesn’t leave for Miami or Chicago to play behind Wade. But the Eastern Conference could look completely different next season. Last year, the top teams were BOS, CLE, and ORL. Next season, could easily be MIA, CHI, and MIL, and Celtics end up in the sixth seed.

  • CFH

    And the ability to fly back and forth doesn’t help them when the kid’s blood sugar goes crazy in the middle of the night and he needs to be hospitalized right away.
    Even aside from that, I wouldn’t underestimate Ray’s attachment to the team he’s been with for three years. It might make more sense for him to join the super team, but it would have made more sense for Doc to take a few years off, too.