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The Summer League Roster

The Herald posted the roster along with some explanation of who some of these guys are.  Semih Erden will come come in from Turkey… where  he's been tucked away since being picked late in the draft a couple of years ago.  

His biggest skill as far as I know is not being small.  Other than that… who knows.  Guess we'll find out next week in Orlando.  Here's the roster:

NO.  Player                       Pos.    Ht.      Wt.       College

41  Jaycee Carroll              G      6’2      180        Utah State
50  Semih Erden                C      7’0       240       Turkey
27  Tony Gaffney                F      6’8       215       Massachusetts
45  Rodney Green              G      6’5       190       La Salle
55  Luke Harangody           F       6’8       255       Notre Dame
46  Matt Janning                G       6’4      198        Northeastern
60  Vyacheslav Kravstov     C       7’0      270        Ukraine
40  Oliver Lafayette            G       6’2      190        Houston
56  Art Parkahouski           C       6’11     260        Radford
47  DeShawn Sims            F        6’8      225        Michigan
48  Ryan Thompson           G       6’6      220        Rider
49  Ryan Wittman              F       6’7      215        Cornell

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  • Janning?! NU representin!!

  • Hell yeah-very glad Janning will get a chance to play. Saw him ball when he was at NU and kid has a sweet jumper and a nice overall game. I actually got the package from so I can watch all the games. Hell, it was only $15, and we all know that life w/out NBA is boring as hell. Will also be interesting to see how the Turkish Terror looks.

  • Only 5 games??? 🙁

  • Finn

    My boy Tony Gaffney, from UMASS doin it big. Curious to see Erden play.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Is that the summer league roster or an all-name team?

  • Shawn-cvd

    As for Semih Erden should he get signed next season and should he struggle at first then have a break out stretch in December (averages 9/7/1.5 in 24 min per game) look for a headline like “Semih Comes Full Circle: Rookie Center is Coming Around” then when he has an awful game (3/1 on 1-7 shooting, 4 turnovers,fouls out) the headline would read “to Erden is Human…” On bad puns alone this kid deserves a shot!

  • Shawn-cvd

    KWAPT : If you get NBA TV you’ll be able to see the first four games. Better on the small screen than a monitor.

  • Cool, I do have NBAtv. Thanks Shawn.

  • thetitleisours
  • Haha yeah I go to northeastern and this past year
    they made the student section courtside. Absolutely
    amazing. But yeah the kid can play the 2 spot damn well and can run point if he has to. Looking forward to seeing these gonna have to
    get that package haha.

  • You can watch on NBAtv or pay $15 & watch on your computer. The $15 deal is decent because you get every single game of both Orlando & Las Vegas summer league(s).

  • sgawrys

    Do a couple of the centers have a chance to be serviceable at the NBA level or am I just being overly optimistic?

  • mike

    sgawrys, I’ve seen both of these kids play Kravstov and Erden and both extremely athletic for 7 footers. They’re obviously still raw, but they can def play. Erden can I know that for a fact in 09 he outplayed Pau Gasol in the euro championships, im excited to see them play.

  • sgawrys

    The scouting report on Kravstov is that he is athletic and has upside. I have neer seen Erden play, but as you say many are high on the kid. Then there is this kid Art Parkahouski who played well against good teams (kansas), shoots pretty well and rebounds really well. He is not as athletic, but seems to play physical, take up space and rebound. The C’s need a physical guy who can clean the glass.
    For the first time ever I will watch summer league games hoping the C’s find a hidden gem with just one of these guys. I’m not trying to get ahead of myself here, but if Danny can get solid back up minutes from one (or two) of these big guys it naturally gives the C’s the chance to address other needs through a trade or free agency. With what the NBA GM’s pay crappy centers these days finding guys like this is more valuable than ever. This could be Danny’s best find yet of even one of these guys works out.

  • mike

    Art Parakhouski
    Vyacheslav Krovtsov
    I believe these are the correct spelling.
    I wonder how comfortable it makes a player feel to have his name spelled incorrectly on the Celtics’ official website?
    I am sure they are glad to be given a chance, but how much respect and encouragement comes from misspelling their names is something else.
    I hope they both do well, the C’s certainly need some depth.

  • mike

    Whoops it’s easy to do,