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Perk and Baby: On the outside looking in?

Ain't a blog around not bitching about owners throwing money around like they're in a rap video.  Guy are getting PAAAAAAAAAID.  

And hey… good for them.  If some idiot wants to add a few too many zeros to my paycheck.. so be it.  Who am I to say no?  Even Paul Pierce is sorta getting in on the action.  His alleged $61 million deal should have been a little less money for a little shorter time.

But, that's the price you gotta pay to play in today's NBA… and it's mostly because of the new CBA(…ooooh… speaking of rap videos… HOLLAH!!).  

All these guys are opting out and cashing in.  Being a free agent right now is WAAAY cooler than being a free agent next year… when there will be no contract and who the hell knows what rules will govern this mess next summer.  Pierce is probably walking around in front of all his teammates yelling "oh MAN.. you gotta try this opt out shit…. it's like Wyc just gave me his ATM card and password." 

Which brings us to Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis.  

The boys are actually out fishing today ("beep sea fishing", according to Baby) and probably wondering what could have been if their agents had the foresight to realize what the labor situation would be next summer.  

Perk will make $4.4 million next season.  Baby will get $3.3 million.  Then they're both free agents.  How pissed do you think they get when they see Darko get $5 million a year?  Or Amir Johnson get $6 mil a year?  Or Hakim Warrick get more than $4 million a year?

Knee injury aside, the term "best post defender in the NBA" has been tossed around when it comes to Perkins.  If Minnesota really paid $5 million for Darko to be THEIR defensive stopper…. shouldn't Perk be worth like $50 million a year?  Isn't he 10 times the defender Darko is?  

And Baby, while undersized, can really get in there and board.  And when he plays within himself, can be a very key player off anyone's bench.  If he was a free agent right now, he'd be getting a lot more than $3.3 million, I'll tell you that much. 

I feel like Perk and Baby are like the grounded kids watching all the other kids play outside from the window.  But those kids outside are little assholes who should totally be grounded while Perk and Baby go burn ants with a magnifying glass.  I kinda feel bad for them.  And no, I'm not sucking up in hopes they'll read this and buy me something (but you can if you want guys.  Just sayin').

Maybe Danny will let the market pass and hold the looming labor mess over them and get them to sign extensions in September that are a bit of a compromise.  More than they're making now… but maybe less than they'd get in the new NBA.  

No one wants to go into next year without a contract.  This could be a chance for Danny to get a couple more Rondo-type steals under his belt.

At this rate, Danny's gonna be the Ricky Henderson of NBA GM's.  But if he starts referring to himself in the 3rd person… I'm outta here.

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  • thetitleisours

    It is funny. Last year everyone was talking about the crappy economy.
    It is still crappy but nobody is talking about it this year

  • Lakerhater

    Erdin on the summer league roster. So is Kravstov? 7-0 center out of ukraine. Anybody know who this guy is?

  • larry

    come on now..the economy is never crappy for rich people..

  • thetitleisours