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Paul Pierce, C’s reach a deal

Pierce arms raised 2

UPDATE (via Fox Sports Jeff Goodman)

According to a source close to the Celtics,
Pierce's new contract is a 4-year, $61 million deal.

Source also told that all four of Pierce's years on his new deal will be

I think we were all hoping that fourth year wouldn't be guaranteed. But with the money being thrown around yesterday, I'm not surprised if Danny was forced to do it.

According to Ken Berger of CBS

One of the key issues still to be resolved is the guaranteed amount in
the fourth year, sources said. Pierce will turn 37 in the fourth year of
the deal.


Of course… he never really left, did he?  According to the Herald, Paul and the C's have reached a deal.

Paul Pierce will remain a Celtic.

The club has reached agreement with its captain on a new
contract, according to sources. The deal is said to be for four years,
with only the first three fully guaranteed.

The papers cannot be signed or officially announced until next

The report says no numbers are available… but did say Pierce will make significantly less than the $21 million he was owed this year. It'll be for 4 years, 3 guaranteed.

See?  You were worried about nothing.  Ray is next.

More details as they emerge.

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  • MikeinNYC

    Happy to see this thought not thrilled about brining back the same team to compete next year. We all watched the regular season and while I don’t buy into the whole “they reached their limit” stuff, the team will be one year older and rondo’s one year more expeirience does not offset the age factor of the big three. Something else needs to happen for another shot

  • thetitleisours

    I think the big three can win another one as they have the intangibles. What has been missing is a deep supporting cast and lack of height
    They cannot carry the team on their backs anymore but they can lead the TEAM to the promised land

  • Danno

    Does this mean Micheal will stop posting about replacing Paul with Joe Johnson or Rudy Gay or some other mediocre playoff no-show boob?

  • Lorilei

    Update from Boston Herald:
    “It has now been confirmed that Paul Pierce’s new four-year contract will be for a total of $61 million.”

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I don’t know how happy I am about paying Pierce almost $16mil when he’s 37… Does this mean we are affected by the over-36 rule? Seems like we were desperate to give him this type of deal, I hope they didn’t lay down like dogs and give him a no trade clause as well

  • thetitleisours

    Thanks for that. He could have received a lot more from others. I wish it was one year less, but by then it will be a transition period for the team anyway

  • DiP

    This sucks. So now Rondo has to put up with Peirce the length of his entire contract? great… when KG and DOC aren’t here to keep pp in check he’ll be doing his best antoine impersonation for the remainder of his contract.

  • michael

    No Danno, it means Michael will start conjuring up the best case “who can we trade PP for” scenarios. Please tell me this contract will not include a no-trade clause!

  • Finn

    Doesn’t that mean they’re gonna save on luxury tax? So they not only get 6.1 million (or however much) off his contract this year but also pay that much less in luxury tax (dollar for dollar). I could be wrong…

  • Double P Reppin the B

    It depends on how much over the cap they go with this contract combined with Ray Allen’s contract. Any dollar paid out OVER the cap limit is essentially doubled, whether it be from Pierce’s contract or any other player. This would at least help them save money on luxury tax when they sign Ray Allen to a deal.