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Your Morning Dump… Where J.J. Redick is an option


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Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge is trying to use Rasheed Wallace’s
contract in trade talks, a move that would allow the Celtics to keep
their midlevel exception, league sources said.

Wallace has yet to file retirement papers, so the $6.32 million owed
him next season and $6.79 million in 2011-12 would come off a team’s
books after Wallace is traded to them. They could do a deal and not take
on his money. Ainge is trying to use the Wallace contract to bring back
a power forward or center to replace Wallace and the injured Kendrick

The Celtics could then use their midlevel exception for a different
player. Several sources believe that Ainge’s target is Orlando’s J.J.
Redick, who is a restricted free agent.

Boston has strong interest in Brad Miller in free agency and could
try to acquire Dallas center Erick Dampier.

Yahoo! Sports

Whoa. There's a lot to digest. Let's start with the trading of Sheed's contract. I'm assuming this is an option because Wallace is walking away without asking for a buyout. If that's true, thank you Sheed. As for potential trade partners, I haven't heard a peep.

On to Redick… is he really worth the full MLE? He averaged 9 points in 22 minutes for the Magic. He can shoot (40% 3 FG), and as we've witnessed first hand the last few years in the playoffs, he can play harassing defense.

I'd love to see Redick coming off the Celtics bench (hey, I have a soft spot for d-bags), but the money concerns me. He made $2.8 million last season. It might take a full MLE offer. And this doesn't take into account that Orlando can match any offer.

On Page 2, the Cavs have interest in Ray Allen.

The Cavs are also believed to pursue in various shooting guards. Sources
indicated the team planned to make contact with Ray Allen, Mike Miller
and John Salmons. Allen, like Stoudemire and Bosh, would become more
likely if James re-signs.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

More than any other team, the Cavs can't make a single move before LeBron makes his decision.

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  • thetitleisours

    I guess Redick had played well against us in the past. DA likes guys who have played well against us.

  • G4L

    I think Morrow would be a cheaper option, I’m not sure how his defence would be. But he can shoot lights out.

  • Danno

    If I had to choose between Nate or JJ, I’ll take Nate.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I can’t stand JJ Redick. I really do think that Shaq would be a great option for us if he would sign a veteran minimum. He could fit right into our game play pretty quickly. Yes his pick n roll defense is very suspect but he is a huge body to be able to throw out there and him and big baby playing together could mean hell down low for other teams. This is what I propose, dream scenario:
    Obviously sign Ray and Paul back
    Trade Sheed to Miami for Beasley
    Sign Shaq to vet minimum
    Pick up a guy like Mike Miller/Travis Outlaw for MLE

  • Tommy Legend

    Hey guys I hate jj as much as anyone but if you look with an unbiased eye you will see there is not much difference right now between redick and jesus hurts me to say that but i am a truthteller

  • Tommy Legend

    One other thing I don’t really have enough energy to check out if this works under the cap but is it possible for us to let paul & ray walk and get rudy gay and reddick and one big guy that just rebounds imagine rondo and rudy running that fast break that would be sick

  • michael

    Rudy Gay/Travis Outlaw + Mike Miller/JJ Redick. If we can get a favorable combination with two of those four, we should let Paul go. Can’t justify paying Rudy Gay more than Rondo though. I say let Paul go, try to sign Ray to a reasonable 2 yr deal. If can’t get Ray for the right price then go after Redick. Go after both M. Miller and Outlaw to replace Pierce. Add a temp center like Brad Miller or Shaq. Not sure how the numbers work, but this seems reasonable to me.

  • Shawn-cvd

    ESPN mentioned that C’s are talking with Josh Childress. Any chance for him? What you guys think?

  • Shawn-cvd

    With Ray there not bad. With out this team does not compete next year but is future proofed…

  • michael

    yes, Childress is a great option and has some personality to boot. For a minute I thought you were going to say Josh Howard, which would be a no for me 🙂

  • beastondo32

    to everyone saying we should let pierce go and pick up someone like rudy gay… thats a terrible idea… Rudy is a nice player but he is NO superstar and cannot carry a team in crunch time. Thats why OJ mayo and zach randolph take all the big shots in memphis

  • michael

    I’m off the Rudy Gay bandwagon mostly bcuz he’ll be overpaid. Mike Miller or even Redick are capable crunch time shooters and unlikely to demand the ball in their hands to dribble out regulation without getting a shot off. Pierce did hit some big shots this year and his decision making improved with the occasional pass as clock winds down. I just think we need to move on.
    Maybe a sign and trade with Denver for Carmelo. Why Pierce would agree to that = $$. Why Denver would agree = Melo wants out and they need a replacement. Unlikely, but I can dream

  • Tommy Legend

    I was not saying rudy gay is as good as paul pierce I was saying rondo would finally have someone to run with in the open court and rondo and rudy 2 on 1 fast breaks would be fun to watch. but if paul pierce was such a closer how did we lose game 7 just saying

  • michael

    Memphis is overpaying and giving Rudy the max, though it breaks down to “only” 16 mil per year.

  • Shawn-cvd

    PP matched Kobe in game five to take a 3-2 lead. Game 7 was a team melt down in rebounding over the coarse of the entire game. NOT THE FOURTH QUARTER. Too many FT for Lakers for sure though.
    Any combination of 4 additional KG defensive rebounds and 2 more Ray Allen 3’s and your opinion of Pierce would be different.

  • Tommy Legend

    I love me some paul pierce you cannot tell me he had a great finals though i just think we need a younger version of him and rondo needs someone that can keep up with him when he is running the break

  • michael


  • JD

    It really depresses me that Shaq, Dampier and Miller are our only viable center options in the free agent market.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Amir Johnson gets 35 mil for 5 years……Jesus H!
    They will be LUCKY if we get Shaq, Damp, or Miller……I prefer Miller but any of the 3 would help. The bigs are going fast Danny!