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Happenings in the NBA while you slept…

Man… folks in the NBA ain't playin' around.  If you actually slept last night, you missed a few things.

– The Milwaukee Bucks agreed to a 5 year, $32 million deal with Drew Gooden.  $32 mil. is a lot, but $6 million a year isn't too bad.  Kelly Dwyer explains it pretty well.  As he says:  average player, average deal.

– Byron Scott is going to be the next coach of the Cavs… not Brian Shaw.  Shaw was going to be the coach and was said to be picking assistants when he abruptly pulled out.  Which mean one of many things… including LeBron putting a stop to the hire or Phil Jackson quitting and Shaw taking over in LA.

– The Hawks are going to break the bank and offer Joe Johnson a max deal.  That's 6 years, $119 million.  That's what we call "overspending".  Johnson would have been a great #2 guy somewhere… but he's not leading the Hawks anywhere… and isn't that why you give guys max money?  To build around them a have them lead you to the promised land?

– It didn't happen while you slept, unless you went to bed early, but Richard Jefferson opted out of the last year of his deal, leaving $15 million behind.  After you stop laughing, you'll see that the impending potential work stoppage is even making guys like this opt out.  And after looking at that Gooden deal… who knows how dumb this really is.

– And perhaps nothing captured the desperation of this free agency period quite like Chris Bosh on twitter.  Each tweet got increasingly more desperate.  How would you like being a Raptors fan following him and watching how much he can't wait to get out of town?  Yeesh.

There's a lot more, obviously, going down… but this is what happened on night one.  

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Drew Gooden at 6+ mil a year? No wonder were heading for a lockout……the owners need to save themselves from eachother! I actually like Drew but am shocked he gets more than the MLE.
    So if Gooden gets that, what does guys like David Lee, Haywood, even Brad Miller get? C’s need bigs desperately and it appears they wont come cheap.

  • The MLE is about $6 million. Maybe the Gooden deal is $1 million or so too high. But that sets the bar for David Lee a little out of our price range, I think.

  • michael

    Just don’t let it be Haywood. PLEASE not Haywood. It’d be like Mark Blount all over again. I’m an up and down Brad Miller fan, but I gained some respect for him during the Bulls/Cavs series. He put up a good fight against Shaq despite the refs stupidity.
    David Lee would be great, but we have KG two more years and other needs. Not to mention the possiblity of Harangody being a pleasant surprise and Baby already a serviceable replacement. Need to spend the FA money on PP replacement, or on PP if we must be sentimental and repeat the mistakes of the early 90’s.

  • michael

    If all we need is rebounding, KG and Shaq/Miller could certainly get the job done while Perk recovers. Maybe take a look at undrafted Gavin Edwards out of UCONN as well. Not a center, but a good steady player who can rebound and shoot. Nowhere near the athleticsm of Lee, but I believe he could give us quality minutes and rebounding immediately for pennies on the dollar. Just read that he looked awful during workouts, so maybe not.