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Crappy GM’s are effing up Danny’s flow

The Celtics are over the cap.  They're going to be over the cap.  And with Doc coming back, they damn well BETTER be over the cap… cuz we ain't rebuilding just yet. 

But when guys like David Kahn in Minnesota give Darko Milicic 4 years, $20 million… and 2008 second round pick Nikola Pekovic 3 years, $13 million…

… or when Drew Gooden gets his 5 year, $32 million from John Hammond in Milwaukee….

The bar for average-at-best players is set right around the Mid-Level Exception.  That's pretty much all Danny Ainge and other over-the-cap GM's have to play with this season.  If Danny Ainge is looking at splitting that money to bring Matt Barnes type of guy… Matt can say "Hey, why are you offering me $3 million when Darko's getting $5 mil?"

I don't see what the rush is everyone.  Are you GM's afraid Darko's going somewhere else?  Here's a little tip:  No one else wants him.  Why do you have to lock him up 12 hours into free agency?

Cut the crap, guys.  You're ruining it for the rest of us.

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    I suspect the suicide rate to spike in Minny very shortly….

  • seriously… that’s just ridiculous. just so…. so bad.

  • GranTur

    Who knew a blowjob from Darko was so persuasive?

  • greenbeand

    KG is wishing he never left sota

  • nick

    i appreciate you guys finally realizing that Matt Barnes is a god walking amongst mere mortals..something i realized long ago, however..i would’nt mind having Darko for that price tag..If you gave me the choice of a 7 foot 25 year old who is coming in to his own and beginning to understand who he is as an athlete or a 6’10 unathletic Brad Miller who is aging and regressing, sorry guys I’de take Darko 10 out of 10 times. we have to get young and still stay title-hungry at the same time which means you have to take chances.

  • im not defending david kahn cause that contract was horrible
    BUT to your point that they werent competing with anyone for darko thats just not true
    its true no one else in the NBA wants him, but teams in Europe would throw ridiculous cash his way
    he is a bonafide star over there
    thats where its tough, because as an NBA player he is worth about 3 million dollars but thats cause teams have a salary cap to abide to
    european teams dont have a cap and would be willing to pay much more than that so the timberwolves had to overpay to keep him
    i dont know why they did because he sucks… but they wanted to keep him so they had to give him a competitive offer, while competing with teams from a whole different league then they are in
    Or what could have happened was Darko’s agent showed Kahn tapes of a 13 year old Darko playing point guard and David had to have him

  • Lee in Oregon

    This is the craziest free agency ever- Rudy Gay just got 80 mil for 5 years.
    Nick, are u related to Matt Barnes? He’s a decent journeyman with bad tats and a fireman mustache, nothing more.
    Looks the going rate for a back-up big men is getting more expensive by the hour. Hopefully DA has something clever up his sleeve. Kahn in Minnesota is an idiot, borderline insane.

  • michael

    or maybe they showed him the stats from 2001’s “Donnie Darko”. Budgeted at $4.5 million, a slow start grossing $4.1 mil internationally, but moving on to become a cult classic and achieve accolades such as “ranks ninth in FilmFour’s 50 Films to See Before You Die.”

  • thetitleisours

    This is a very tough time of year with only a little reprieve from basketball withdrawal called the Summer League
    Anyone remember how long it took before the M Daniels deal got done last year?
    I think it will be awhile before we see any outside signings. Hope we see our own FA’a sign soon though.
    Do you think Danny will sign Tony Allen?

  • michael

    My guess is that Bradley is TA’s replacement.

  • Lakerhater

    Jesus – the Hawks just offered Joe Johnson 6 years 119 million. Crazy money being thrown around this year.

  • Finn

    Let the teams make inflated contracts, their money will run out and suddenly we might be able to get a player we wouldn’t of been able to get before. Patience.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I still think they bring Tony back as long as he doesnt want big money. 2 years, 5-6 million. Thats similiar to what House got. I dont think Bradley can provide the same man-up defense yet. He’s prob already better offensivly but that’s not what this team needs.
    I’m like everyone else, love TA’s D on guys like Kobe, tired of watching him dribble it off his foot every other time.

  • thetitleisours

    Wondering that too but not sure if they will count on a rookie just yet. TA has that in his favor.

  • Jake

    I don’t think there are any fans left up there anyway.