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Your Morning Dump… Where Pierce’s decision is explained

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The move shouldn't come as too much of a shock … not yet, anyway. It
could be in the best interest of both Pierce and the Celtics for him to
navigate this channel. Pierce walks away from a guaranteed $21.5 million
this season, but sets himself up to make as much as $96 million over
the next four seasons. Especially with an uncertain labor situation
looming, Pierce's move could allow him to lock in a deal worth an
average of $24 million per season that would take him toward the
twilight of his NBA career (he'd be on the backside of 36 when such a
four-year deal expired).

If Pierce ultimately re-signs with Boston, this move might also free
up a bit of cap space for the cash-strapped Celtics. It should be
noted, however, that the savings would appear to be minimal and Pierce's
price tag in the final years of any
deal would be prohibitive,
particularly if the salary cap doesn't rise accordingly in the new CBA.

ESPN Boston: Analysis: Pierce opts out

…perhaps Pierce sees the potential demise of the Celtics next season
and worries where he’ll be 12 months from now while facing free agency
as a 33-year-old coming from a franchise that may then be in
full-fledged rebuilding mode.

Labor uncertainty looming next summer is another huge incentive to
get a long-term contract done now instead of heading into what could be a
far more restrictive salary environment without a deal.

Or, just perhaps, Pierce’s intention is to stay with Boston – become
the “Celtic for Life” he has talked about for the past five years – and
opting out of the final year of his current deal is the best means to an
end of getting an extension that gives Pierce security for three or
four more years, while lessening the luxury-tax burden on the franchise.

Regardless, it was a bold move at a late hour for Pierce last night
when his agent, Jeff Schwartz, revealed to ESPN that – at least for a
little while – one of the all-time Celtic icons was no longer a Celtic.

Courtside View: Pierce takes big chance with opt out of contract with Celtics

It's a little ironic that Pierce isn't exercising a player option… so he as a player can have options.  And I think options are what this is all about.

Like I wrote last night, the impending lockout after next season is a big factor in all of this.  It's probably a good idea for any player to lock up a longer-term deal that lasts past next season.  No one knows what the next CBA will bring.  The owners are crying poor, so why not take advantage of what would seem to be looser rules regarding salary right now?  Financially, from a player perspective, it makes more sense to dump the last year of his deal now to bridge the uncertain waters of the NBA's financial future… especially if it nets you more money in the end.  I don't think any player wants to be sitting there without a contract next summer.

This also leaves Pierce open to sit back and watch what the Celtics are doing.  He can wait out Doc and Ray and see if the band really is getting back together.  If he doesn't like what he sees… he can test the waters.  If he thinks the C's are going for it one more time… he can instruct his agent to get a deal done in Boston.  

I wouldn't put much stock in that 4 year, $96 million number.  Paul Pierce is not getting a max deal.  He's not a max guy anymore.  But if you tossed $45 million at him over 3 years… it might be enough to get him to stay.  At least I HOPE it's enough to get him to stay.  An average of $15 million over 3 years would be about right for Pierce.

So I wouldn't read too much into this decision.  I don't see this is as the bad sign some people might make it out to be.  This is simply about a player leaving his options open.  It's a good business decision… not a signal of impending doom.

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

On Page 2, an update on Perk's knee

"I feel good, I've been here, trying to strengthen [the ACL] before I
go into surgery," said Perkins. "I'm working with [team trainer] Ed
[Lacerte] — a lot of leg work and icing trying to get the swelling all
the way down, a lot of treatment before I go in for surgery."

Perkins originally
he tore the medial collateral and posterior cruciate
ligaments, but further testing revealed the more severe ACL injury. He
was scheduled to have surgery last week, but was advised to delay the
procedure in order to shorten the recovery. He's walking fine, but
admitted his hamstring is sore, a sign he's compensating for the
weakened knee.

"I was hurt at first, to be out so long and away from the game of
basketball," said Perkins. "At the end of the day, it's something I've
got to deal with. I'll make sure I rehab and come back like I'm supposed
to. If I have to be out for like five to six months, that’s what it

ESPN Boston: Perkins set for ACL surgery

Surgery is set for next Wednesday.  We won't see Perk back until late December, early January at best.  I'd say we won't see him in any kind of shape until the All Star Break. 

All in all, not too bad.  We'll get him for half a season and the playoffs.  Considering the big man options out there, the interim might suck… but it's still doable.

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  • Section328

    Truth loves it here – smart move beating the CBA.
    I like the idea of Brad Miller – would love to see us get in the mix for a David Lee…what about Matt Bonner? Personally, I’d like to see us pick up Allen Iverson for the Veteran Minimum as I think he’d be GREAT running the second unit (strong shooter, strong passer, good defense, good penetrator, keep things uptempo). I know most people don’t like him, but that would just be my dream.
    Regarding all the Super Team and other Free Agent banter…James, Wade, Bosh, Boozer, Johnson, etc., my question is, how will this all shape up in terms of long term rivalry? Say LeBron says, “thanks, but no thanks” to D-Wade’s South Beach idea and ends up in Chicago (with Bosh) and Miami settles for Johnson and Boozer – wouldn’t Wade resent and feel disrespected by James? Imagine how Pat Riley would feel?

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    As much as I love him, I’d hate to live another 10 years or more of mediocrity because of cap problems. It actually might be better for both parts to end it now.

  • Finn

    I mean we did just make it to Game 7 of the finals. We can’t give up yet, especially on our captain. I know we blew it, but we still got a shot for next year. I think the 3-year 45 mil would be perfect for pierce. We get 6 mil off the books this year and Pierce gets some solid job security for the next 3 years (probably his last 3 playing good basketball). Let’s hope it works out as planned.

  • Finn

    And if there’s any way we could get haywood and mike miller, along with Avery Bradley coming off the bench. I think we would be in great shape. Even though I’m still pissed we didn’t trade to get Hassan Whiteside who would’ve been a GREAT add to the Celts.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Giving Pierce 3yrs/45 mil frees up absolutely no cap space right now I hope people understand this. All that does is save the organization some money in luxary tax. I’m curious to see what pierce thinks he deserves considering 2 years ago the guy said he feels he’s the best player in the world. Don’t be surprised if he starts out asking for a 4yr/90 mil extension. Now Ray is going to sit and have to wait for Pierce’s situation to get figured out, and you think Ray is gonna see Pierce sign a deal that gets him about 15-17mil a year for 3 yrs and Ray won’t feel like he’s just as good a player as Paul? It’s going to be REALLY hard to get both of these guys signed at this point.
    If the celts renounce both their bird rights and Sheeds contract comes off the books we would have enough to offer a max deal to another free agent by the way. Or go after Rudy Gay for about 12mil a year and fill out the roster with whatever is left and then you can use MLE and vet minimums.
    I donno what it is but I just feel like these guys don’t have another run left in them. Last year was the perfect storm where everyone was healthy at the right moment and things were lined up for us to make it. Next season there will be some real tough teams out there and no guarantee these older guys will be healthy at the right moment again.

  • aaron

    nodding head….

  • Joseph 17-16 (It’s just a matter of time)

    Beginning of the end. LOL
    Mediocrity awaits

  • Lakerhater

    you so funny joey, love how you ignore the big ass long term no trade clause with kobester your screwy doctor just signed. He ain’t much younger than the big three and the miles are adding up. Keep thinking about midiocre joey, get your head wrapped aroung it, cause its in your near future.

  • michael

    Pierce opting out means the beginning of next, rather than wading through a year of mediocrity and injury. Rudy Gay or Joe Johnson are great replacements. Rudy Gay probably better fit with Rondo, but I’d rather get Joe back because he will thrive with KG motivating and inspiring him.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Whose gonna contend in the East next year? I think most of these big names will act all “new sheriff in town” so won’t jell in their first year with their new teams. That or they’ll go to a team with no supporting cast.
    Bulls are promising but you can pencil in Celtics and Magic for ECF next year should the teams stay intact.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Doc’s back so they’ll keep the band together.

  • cmoney

    “Paul Pierce is not getting a max deal. He’s not a max guy anymore. But if you tossed $45 million at him over 3 years… it might be enough to get him to stay. At least I HOPE it’s enough to get him to stay. An average of $15 million over 3 years would be about right for Pierce.”
    strongly, strongly disagree. The CBA is inefficient in terms of “max guys” making “max money.” The true max guys, i.e. LeBron, Wade, etc, can’t make nearly as much as they’re worth. So Pierce, is in fact, worth a max extension.
    There’s also the fact that if Wyc is willing to pay it, the difference between Paul signing a 3/45 deal (I would bet so heavily against this) or a 3/70 deal (closer to what I think he’ll get), is really meaningless to us as fans.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I’m struggling with your reasoning here. How is this meaningless to us fans? Difference of paying a guy on the back 9 15mil a year or 23mil a year is pretty substantial. Yes the CBA is very inefficient because the “max” for a guy who actually deserves it, Lebron or Wade, is only 20% of the salary cap where pierce b/c of seniority being in the league over 10 years can garner 30% of the salary cap. Still doesn’t mean he should or will get that money. Your still working with a cap and as a team, or a fan of the team, you can only afford to pay that sort of money to a player who truly deserves it. I as a fan can only get behind an organization dedicating that much money to either Lebron or Wade. Look at Kobe’s extension he just signed. This will no doubt hurt the lakers in the later years of that contract. How is this meaningless to fans? Poor management decisions ie bad contracts are very important to fans IMO

  • realtalk

    just give pierce a 4 years 44 millions contracs.

  • cmoney

    The thing is, no good teams are under the cap. In fact, it’s often easier to maneuver with an over the cap team, a hard fact a lot of teams will learn this offseason. So whether Pierce eats up 20 or 30%, it won’t matter, because we’ll be in luxury land no matter what.
    I mean, if you think Pierce is staying in Boston for 3/45, you’re nuts. He didn’t opt out to lock up $25M more when there’s so much cap space out there that could bring him in $60M or more. Pierce is going to get paid, and get paid well. If Danny holds firm to some 3/45 pipe dream, he gone.