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Paul Pierce To Sign With Nets, Clippers?

With all of the madness and uncertainly surrounding the NBA free agent clock that strikes at midnight, Paul Pierce has joined the fray by opting out of his contract.  Speculation has already been running rampant including this gem from an Q & A with their "experts."  Check out the screen shot below for their predictions on where Pierce will sign.  The Nets scenario makes sense, but is still unlikely.


Of course, these answers were given before the Doc Rivers announcement that he's returning.  Who knows how that will affect Paul's decision.

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  • With Doc coming back, Pierce is resigning with the Green. 45m for 3 years.

  • michael

    NO WAY. Don’t pay him!! it’s Rondo’s world now. Pierce opting out is a great situation for us. A year early gift! We need to spend that money on:
    Rudy Gay, Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudemire, David Lee, or combination of Mike Miller with myriad other free agent options out there (such as Travis Outlaw, Anthony Morrow, JJ Redick, Matt Barnes) . SF is not a hard postion to replace. Yes Paul can still score, but we can get Ray back for less $$ and he is just as good a scorer.

  • Shawn-cvd

    PP to clippers makes a lot of sense. Sterling loves to bring in HOFers on the decline. Truth would make that team a fifth or sixth seed in the west.

  • michael

    Clippers. Go home to LA and rest Paul. Save your body for life after hoops. Zero expectations in Clipper land. Enjoy life with Baron. It’s been a good ride, thanks for the title! Don’t go to NJ because it will most likely suck.

  • michael

    yes Shawn, I completely agree. what about his replacement? Gay, Johnson, Miller, Redick?

  • Danno

    Michael, do us all a favor and shut the fuck up.
    Pierce is staying in Boston, and retiring a Celtic.
    He’s said it a million times.

  • michael

    I’m sure he’d like that, but why would we pay Pierce $45 mil for 3 more years? It makes no sense. We need a long term Rondo sidekick. Paul is not hungry anymore. He has a sense of entitlement about him that is not welcome here anymore. There are too many better options out there. I admire your loyalty Danno, but it is not even in the team’s best interest for next year to sign him, let alone year 2 and 3.

  • Danno

    You really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    While I’m more on the fence than you are about this, I am tending to lean your way. I just find it very hard to dedicate this money to a guy based on the fact he’s played here his entire career.
    Imagine you were a different team and you sign Pierce now to this money as a free agent. Would you really be happy about this? I don’t think I would be that excited of the prospect of dedicating that money to a guy his age and diminished talents. A “max” contract to Lebron on the market is $16.8mil/year. Now you are looking at paying Pierce basically same pay, who would you rather have? Pierce or Lebron/Wade? I think for the sake of just keeping our options open we need to at least entertain the possibility of not resigning these guys.

  • michael

    Someone mentioned Carmelo Anthony. That is one heck of an idea if at all possible. Latest report I read is that he’s looking to sign 3 year extension at 20 mil per year.. I don’t see Denver parting with him, but it’s one more option even if a remote one that requires a trade rather than just a signing.

  • michael

    thank you Double P. I know you are not necessarily endorsing my “kick PP out of town” perspective, but my main point is along the same lines as what u say. So many options out there. Younger and hungrier players. We can keep Ray for less and replace Pierce. Rondo is then the clear leader with KG as the motivator. Pierce is no longer the leader or the motivator. He can still ball, but we just don’t need him.

  • michael

    Danno. Please give us an intelligent reason why we should resign Paul for anything close to $45 mil for 3 years? How does this benefit the team?

  • jared

    the idea of Paul in another uniform makes me want to chuck, but at the same time i realize the Celtics have been and should be far bigger than any one player (including lebron if he were here) A really tough call. In the end though, my worries are moot. He will be resigned. Why? Noone else will want to play here. Many of these better FA’s enjoy their small market cities where noone really gives a shit. To go to the pressure cooker that is Boston requires a special kind of determination, which only a few have, unfortunately.

  • Mad Hatter

    Pierce expected to re-sign with Celtics……