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Doc: “This past year… I feel almost reinvogorated in some ways”

I'll admit, that headline sounds more hopeful than the entire tone of this interview Doc gave in San Antonio yesterday.  He's still solidly, if his words are taken at face value, on the fence.  He genuinely seems conflicted between the pull of family and the pull of his team.  He says flat out that the way he's leaning depends on the day and his mood.  I would not be surprised either way, at this point.

Doc says flat out he's not burned out, he loves his job, he loves his team, and he loves the guys he works for.  But, he's got 4 kids.  His oldest is a senior in college, then next one, Austin, is a senior in high school.  I'm sure Jeremiah and Austin being where they are make this decision a lot tougher.  I'm sure he doesn't want to miss these moments.  Jeremiah's future might not be in the NBA… so Doc will want to enjoy watching him now before he takes off overseas.  Austin is going to be torching fools this year, and what Dad doesn't want to see his son put on a show as one of the best players in the country?  Tough to pass that up.

Speaking of Austin, he tore it up last night.  A day after I wrote that he was doing alright… he went out and broke the Team USA under-18 scoring record by dropping 35 points on 9-12 shooting from 3 and 12 of 18 shooting overall.  Calbert Cheney had the previous record: 34 points set in 1990.  His 9 3's are also a team record.

Thanks KWAPT for the video

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  • That kid is going to be a sick player. Much better than his dad.

  • A buddy of mine was at the game and was quite impressed with Rivers’ shooting performance. I’m hoping there are some clips on YouTube today. I know it’s only under-18 FIBA play, but this kid appears to be the real deal.

  • yeah grammar

    yeah grammar