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Danny: “We would like [Pierce] to come back”

Via Mark Murphy:

Should Pierce sign elsewhere, Ainge said that doesn’t mean the
Celtics’ chances at another NBA title over the next two years would
necessarily be aborted.

“There’s too many other things that factor in right now,’’ said
Ainge. “Who else can we get? But it’s not all dependent on getting Paul
back. I don’t think it all rests on his shoulders.’’

“We were negotiating an extension in good faith,’’ said Ainge. “He’s
worked hard to become a free agent, but I still think that in his heart
of hearts he still wants to stay in Boston.

“It’s all a negotiation,’’ he said. “Risk is involved in all of these
things. But I’m telling him that we would like him to come back and
make another run at a title.’’

Sounds like there's a little bit of a game being played here.  Welcome to negotiations, folks.

There's a risk involved with opting out as a negotiation ploy.  You have a player here in Pierce who has said many times that he wants to come back.  Although he has also said many times that he understands that this is a business.  So he ultimately will be OK, albeit possibly disappointed, with plying his trade elsewhere.  It's good business to opt out right now (because of the CBA, blah blah blah… you've heard that part from us already), but it's also part of the negotiation.

However, opting out gives Danny pause as well… and perhaps an opportunity.  He wants Paul back and Paul wants to come back… but that's not necessarily the 2 + 2 equation that will equal 4.  Danny wants Paul back… at the right price.  Danny is sitting there looking at his own long-term goals of building around Rondo (a point mentioned in Murphy's linked piece).  Is he going to handcuff himself by overpaying Paul and removing any cap flexibility.

On the other side, Paul wants to come back… at the right price.  He may take the hometown discount in the end… but he's not going to play for much less than he thinks he's worth.  In the end, you can justify leaving as a not being able to see eye-to-eye and that's that.  We've already gotten the championship in Boston… so he can easily go to another team, maybe win one there, and say "see Boston… this is what you could have had."

So both sides are going to put out little quotes here and there to negotiate through the media.  Paul and his agent will speak out of both sides of their mouths and say how much they want to come back… so long as the Celtics play fair.  And Danny will speak out of both sides of HIS mouth by saying he wants his captain back… but he's got other options just in case… and his job is to think of the next 3 years, not just the next 3 months. 

It's all posturing.  It's a negotiation.  Its like buying a car and telling the salesman you're done talking and you get up to leave.  There's a chance he's going to let you leave… and then you'll have to start all over somewhere else.  Or there's a chance he'll come back and sit down with you a little while more… and give in just enough for you to sign those papers.

The thing is… in this scenario… both sides are equal parts car salesman, and car buyer.  Both sides are saying "what can I do to put you into a contract extension today?"  But both side also have 2 hands on the arm rests and their butts a half inch off the seat.  

So get ready to hear a lot of mixed messages over the next few days… or even weeks.  It feels like this game is just getting started.

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  • luke walton

    Let the youth movement begin!
    I want the next big al and perk.

  • thetitleisours

    Now does that clear up cap space now, and after signing other free agents (with that cleared money) they still can overpay PP with Bird rights?

  • No. Because the C’s have bird rights, there is a cap hold worth about $20 million. It’s a tool in place to prevent teams from signing a bunch of free agents THEN signing their own. It’s like an imaginary number based on the prior year’s salary put in place until Pierce signs a deal.
    now, they can RENOUNCE their bird rights… making Pierce like any other free agent. Then they’d only have whatever cap space they had to sign him… or they could use the MLE if they’re still over the cap.

  • thetitleisours

    Thanks for clearing that up. Lets hope Doc coming back will buy the home discount

  • michael

    Pierce is hard to replace for this coming season, but worth the savings. There are so many guys out there we can pick up for cheap, guys we are already familiar with. Bill Walker comes to mind, Ryan Gomes maybe.
    Resign Ray for 2 years in the 7-8 mil range. Let Pierce go. Sign Amare. Pick up some budget SF’s. Give Bradley and Harangody serious consideration. Bring in the punk Matt Barnes!!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Amare is not the answer. You’ll clog Power forward and nether him or KG will want to come off bench once Perk returns. Also Amare is not a rebounding beast.
    Nice rebuilding concept but that team will NOT compete for title. So if resetting we need to get some side kicks for Rondo. Young and fast.

  • thetitleisours

    One thing history has shown is that talent cannot always be replaced, even if it looks good on paper.
    KB and Pierce bring teamwork, leadership, a winning attitude, respect from players who join the team afterwords, a “Celtic Attitude” whatever that means”, and probably other intangibles one cannot measure. KG may be able to do that himself, but if we lose Paul I am not sure he can be easily replaced; even with those high profile FA

  • michael

    Well, maybe not Amare. I was thinking more for after KG, but since he’s still here 2 years we need to plan with KG. Rudy Gay fits with Rondo very well. Joe Johnson, Mike Miller, JJ Redick? I just read that Knicks have options on Walker for next two years, so forget that I guess. I assume we have no shot at Dirk, and not sure he’s a good fit anyway.

  • Rick

    Even without signing Pierce, there isn’t a lot of money for the Celts. As I understand it the Celts have $10 million for an FA and any other of those small exemptions that are there.