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C’s expect to re-sign Pierce, and LeBron called Ray?

Chris Forsberg tweets:

Multiple sources close to the Celtics told ESPN.com's Andy Katz that the team expects to re-sign Paul Pierce…


According to the sources, the Celtics expect the Pierce deal to be wrapped up sooner than later but Ray Allen could take longer into summer.

Weird.  I would think the Ray thing would go more quickly and the Pierce thing could take longer.  

Ray has said he wants back in… but if you believe the (sigh) single source reports out of the Miami Herald... LeBron James called Ray Allen in an effort to get an uber-team together.

 LeBron James is calling the possible union of Dwyane WadeChris Bosh and of
course, the King himself, "Dream Team."

Those were the
words James used when he reached out to another free agent in the past
10 days and pitched the idea of joining them.
said, 'Would you be willing to take less to join Dream Team?'" the
player, who did not want to be identified, told the Daily News. "He said
his people were putting it together."

I've come across a
source who has told me that free agent player is Ray Allen. The source
tells me that Allen's preference is to remain with the Celtics, but
that's predicated on Paul Pierce remaining with the team. The money is
not a huge factor. Winning more championships is the most important
to the source, Allen has spoken to James and would consider joining
said, "Dream Team." Along with possibly taking less money if it was the
perfect opportunity.

Well.. if Paul comes back, then no big deal… but I still think all the single-source "hey, guess what I've heard" stuff is crap.

But… what the hell… it's out there so we're letting you read it.  What else are you gonna do?  Work?  Talk to loved ones?  Pay attention to the road? 

No, no and no… so there.

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  • Lakerhater

    Yeah I wonder how many assists per game this “Dream Team” would average? .2?
    The lakers tried this crap with Malone and the glove, kobe shaq. They were gonna win it all……

  • Finn

    That’s exactly the way I feel about the “Dream Team” thing. It depends a lot on who goes with who, but putting all these Superstars on one team may not always bode well for team chemistry.

  • Sal

    I hope this “Dream Team” actually spoke to a center or point guard at some point. I’m convinced that Wade and LeBron on the same team won’t work. I don’t think they’ll both ever be able to get into a rhythm at the same time in the same offense, negating that super-offense effect. And they play defense the same way, like football safeties. It can’t work with both of them doing it. LeBron’s smart if he goes to Chicago or NJ, where they already have talent at PG and C.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Malone & the Glove were old broken down shadows of their former selves. malone didnt even go in that last game and he wasnt on crutches.
    You give Wade a couple great players to run with and he will evebtually win rings with them. Wade & LeBron together might take a year to work out, but they would eventually come together and rip off about 5 championships in a row. To think otherwise in serious denial.

  • Section328

    Richard Jefferson a good fit in Boston if Ray decides to follow LeBron?

  • Shawn-cvd


  • Section328

    I still picture him doing the “Gone In 60 Seconds” finger shake getting announced in the starting lineup in the NCAA Final, lol.

  • boston shit chowder
  • jimkanicki

    this blog been pretty damn good to cavs fans on the lebron issue. if you want to see how it’s going down in cleveland, check http://www.waitingfornextyear.com/?p=30427 as well as the other posts there today.
    also for a good set of reasons for him to stay check http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/2010/06/top-ten-reasons-why-lebron-james-should.html
    i was heartened that in the espn poll of ‘where do you WANT lebron to sign, new england said CLE. (except for RI, what’s up with that? chicago? really?)
    anyway, thanks.
    crazy on pierce opting out. seems like there’s going to be a musical chairs thing going on and if nets, knicks don’t score a big prize, they’ll have to overpay for whatever’s left.
    pierce might make some dough on this, but a really squirrely play by him here. i see him in a knicks uni next year.
    and somehow ainge will lose allen and pierce improve the team. you’ve got a really good (maybe great) GM. i admit i scoffed at the house for robinson trade… but in the playoffs… i loved nate’s contribution.
    that’s it for now. let the stupidness begin.

  • I think Wade and Lebron could be dangerous. You might forget, Wade already won it all and Lebron has been to the Finals.

  • gkite

    Paul’s deal is easy to do because he’s garrenteeded 21M next year even if he pulls an Eddy Curry and stays home.He will allow the C’s to lower there cap by spreading his money over 3yrs. maybe 39M. Don’t forget the over 36 kicker for 5yr. deal for over 36 year olds. they add the final years on to the first year cap.also applies to Ray.

  • SorryMan

    If it wasn’t for Malone and Shaq being injured most of the season is actually could have happened.

  • SorryMan

    Imagine if Bron and JJ team up in Chicago and they sign Ray Allen too, I will admit that I’d be scared shitless going up against Rose, Lebron, Johnson, Noah, Allen and Deng

  • rav

    If Pierce wants to opt-out to sign a longer deal with the Celts (for post-lockout financial security), couldn’t he have just signed an extension instead?

  • rav

    Except that Lebron averages 8 assists a game and D-Wade averages 6 apg.
    It’s strange how people try to paint all superstars as ball-hoggers. The reason they’re called superstars is because they are good at everything, including passing/sharing the ball.
    Even Kobe is a good passer, just that he rarely uses it (he still averages 5 apg, and his career high is 17 assists)

  • rav

    Also, we tried this “crap” with KG, Ray and PP just two years ago. It worked pretty well. Just because they were past-their-prime didn’t mean their egos were any smaller.

  • Lakerhater

    of course it would cause they were kickin ass before they went down. Gotta have chemistry to make it work, and a coach that can handle them. Best team on paper was the cavs last year but it still didn’t matter.

  • Shawn-cvd

    This is better because he won’t make 21 mil. THIS year. That gives C’s flexibility to resign Ray Ray and move Sheed’s retiring contract and not take such a luxury tax hit.