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Your Morning Dump… Where losing Paul Pierce is an option

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Another league executive with knowledge of Jeff Schwartz’ dealings said
the agent is investigating Pierce’s marketability heading into this
summer’s free agent megamarket.

The agent reportedly has looked into the interest of teams, including
the Knicks and Clippers, franchises with significant cap space that may
lose out on the likes of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

Would those teams, to stave off disappointment, bring in Pierce in a
max-contract slot, or perhaps even in conjunction with another big name?
It’s unlikely such an idea would float for a New York public that has
been expecting James for the last two years.

The Celtics also have the option of renouncing Pierce, should he void
the last year of his contract. Veteran minimums and the mid-level
exception aside, this would leave them with approximately $15 million to
spend on another max-level free agent.

Herald – Decision Time for Pierce, Celtics

Everything starts with Doc Rivers. If he returns, so do Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. They will make the numbers work. If Doc walks, then it's quite possible this team unravels quickly.

Pierce has repeatedly said he wants to retire a Celtic, but what if another team ponies up $25-$30 million more than the Celtics? What if that team has some attractive players? All these 'what ifs' are making my head explode.

Ainge could renounce Pierce’s rights, get under the cap, and begin the
rebuilding process in earnest.

Ainge always said Auerbach
should have broken up the original Big Three when he had the chance. Red
got sentimental. And the Celtics got lousy for a good long stretch. It took a few bold
moves from a fearless young general manager in the summer of 2007 to
get them back atop the NBA.

Time for that general manager to get bold all over again. He could
lose his coach and his captain in the next few weeks, but Ainge can’t
lose his nerve. The Celtics need it now more than ever.

Herald – Hey Danny, time to be bold

Gerry Callahan makes a (lazy) case for letting Pierce walk. It's akin to a drunk guy in Sully's tab screaming "We're too old, we gotta rebuild" after the Game 7 loss.

On Page 2, the free-agent summit did take place…. or maybe it didn't.

Sources close to the situation said Monday night that three of the
biggest names in basketball — Wade,
and LeBron
— met over the weekend in Miami to seriously discuss their
futures, with a focus on the increasingly plausible possibility of those
three teaming up with Wade's Heat.

Yet sources with knowledge of the meeting stressed to that
James, while clearly intrigued by the possibility of forming a
star-studded Miami trio with Wade and Bosh, has not yet committed to
leaving his hometown
for South Beach.

ESPN – Sources: Trio talk free agency scenarios

UPDATE: The Miami Herald is reporting that if the summit happened, it wasn't in Miami.

What are the chances all three of these guys are signed by 12:05am on July 1st? I can't take all the speculation anymore.

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  • greenbeand

    Gerry Callahan and the rest of weei has the IQ of shit

  • thetitleisours

    Cannot imagine this team without KG and PP. Their “presence” is almost as important as to what they bring as their skill level to a winning attitude

  • Danno

    Gerry Callahan is the dumbest, most racist piece of shit tool in all of Boston Sports media. He’s a poor man’s Michael Savage who isn’t smart enough to be able to get a job in political talk radio, but isn’t sports knowledgeable enough to get a regular national sports gig either. He’d rather argue abotu how much he hates Obama for 4 hours, then what the Celtics might do in the off-season.
    I fucking hate that idiot.

  • Cliff Kensington

    Let’s kill him
    Only joking…kinda

  • 11in13

    Starting to feel like someone who is left out of the big names will give pierce 3-4 years at max money like Knicks or clippers. Also If you are trying to win a title pierce is right below the top guys. Say bosh goes to Miami and lebron goes to the bulls. Pierce is better fit for heat then any other free agent. If the lebron, bosh, wade happens then the bulls to compete could go pierce and amare. Would be better for keeping pace with heat for right now and pierce contract would be up once rose gets max money. As we know bulls don’t ever pay luxury tax.

  • Lee in Oregon

    First off, I think Pierce actually wants to be a lifer in Boston. Those tears he shed at the trophy ceremony speak volumes for how much he appreciates the organization.
    Secondly, he’s not worthy of a max contract guy anymore. Anyone who pays him that way, including DA, would be an idiot. I certainly don’t want to lose him, but if keeping him means a max extension, thanks for the memories…..os should i say memory?