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Washburn: I think Doc will stay

Globe reporter Gary Washburn speculated about Doc's future on WEEI (via CelticsTown.com):

“I think he stays,” Washburn said. “You don’t get that year back. You
could coach a team, you could always have another opportunity to coach,
but you don’t get another opportunity to coach the guys in that locker

“I think he realizes he’s not going to get a chance to coach three
Hall of Famers again, even in his next job. I think he wants to take
advantage of it. I think he probably enjoyed some of the things that
went on in the playoffs and, you know, I think he wants to give it one
last run. I think he really understands his place in Celtics history, in
Celtics lore, and he wants to be a part of that.”

Washburn continued to discuss whether right now would be the best time
for Doc to take a sabbatical. “I think he could take one next year. I
think he’d much rather watch his son’s first and probably only year of
college than to watch his senior year of high school, which is going to
be somewhat anti-climactic once he picks a college. So I would think
next year would probably be a better year for him to step away.”

The longer Doc waits to make a decision, the more likely he is to return as head coach.

As for other free agency news, Yahoo! Sports reports the Mavericks will seek a sign-and-trade for Joe Johnson.

New York is far from JJ's first option. a source tells Adrian Wojnarowski.

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I’d be tickled green if Doc stays. \o/

  • BRADinLA

    Same here. Team wouldn’t be the same without him.