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Tracy McGrady a fit with the Celtics?


"He'll always get interest," one executive said. "I could see a team
like the Lakers. A team like the Celtics. Not Orlando."

There is that scenario, that McGrady makes a stand that $1.35 million
isn't enough, remains unsigned as camps open and waits for an injury
that nudges an anxious team to dip into the mid-level exception. He's
still barely 31. Maybe he can make a dent for somebody in the regular
season and win a game or two in the playoffs. – T-Mac must wait to take what he can get

Even when healthy, I've never been a big McGrady fan. He reminds me of Vince Carter, a guy with great stats unable to carry a team.

But… IF he's healthy and IF he's willing to take a million dollar contract, then why not take a flyer?

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  • As much as I don’t want to get older and more fragile, this is an interesting consideration. I question whether he’ll complain about being “properly utilized” in a bench role behind Ray and Pierce… Could this be an option if Ray walks? Not sure if McGrady or Pierce can guard twos anymore, or if T-Mac will even buy into the whole Celtics defensive concept. Intriguing, it really all comes down to whether he’d be willing to join the club.

  • Lakerhater

    No thanks, I have no desire to watch Starbury 2.0

  • aaron

    t mac is an upgrade over anyone on our bench. people forget he was all NBA forever.
    if he buys into playing D i’m all for it. could be a great storyline too

  • Radd

    Tmac takes to much heat from media and everyone when his teams used to lose it was his fault but lebron never gets that treatment lol and lebrons teammates are better then anything tmac has ever seen. N he’s been on defensive teams chek the rockets from 06-09 had the top 5 in the league in all defensive catagories. He can’t lead a team? 22 game win streak doesn’t count does it? Expecially in the west that had 10 teams win 50 games that year smh lol I guess

  • NorthernGreen

    T Mac can’t stay healthy enough to help the Celtics! He is there to help out when others need help due to fatigue or injury. He’s not our guy.

  • No way. He is too fragile and between his back and his knee we’d be extremely lucky to get 40 games out of this dude. (IMO) No. I am fully aware of his scoring numbers, and his prowess during his younger years, but he is cocky, has poor work-habits and a glass knee/jaw/back/hand/calf/thigh….

  • Radd, T-Mac has never been known for his defense. He’s never averaged more than 1 block or 1 steal over a season.

  • Take TMac Please!!!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Pass, lets go after the Miller’s, Brad and Mike.
    “The Celtics will be equipped on Thursday with their mid-level exception and all of the veteran minimum deals they can throw at people. Expect Mike Miller – the talented wing for the Washington Wizards who once played for Rivers – to be a target.”
    Both would contribute right away and all season long, especially if we lose Ray.

  • Lee in Oregon

    What, Steve francis isnt available?
    5 years ago T-Mac and Pierce were two of the best, but thankfully PP has aged much better. I say if T-Macs head is in the right place and he would accept a role at something around the vet minimum, then YES. If he wants to be “the man” again, pass.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    No thanks. Though, I would like to see what he could do with a hard-working team like the Bobcats or the Jazz.

  • nick thanks, he still thinks hes as good as Pierce aND Ray, he’s a delusional mofo. My top wing targets are Travis Outlaw and Ronnie Brewer who is a bigger and more advanced version of Tony Allen. I’m a fan of Mike Miller on a lesser level becase he’s not as athletic and as good of a defender but I really really would like Travis Outlaw and Matt Barnes, those guys are ballers
    4.Mike Miller
    Also we needa sign Kwame Brwon and move him in with Perkins

  • Scott

    “Also we needa sign Kwame Brwon and move him in with Perkins”
    Are you serious?

  • Shawn-cvd

    I know exactly what Nick will say here…Brown’s still got something left in the tank. He’s still young. He’s a big body and he’ll do fine until Perk is back. He’ll also come cheap (say Shelden Williams cheap) and he’s certainly an upgrade over him. KG and Perk may rub off on the guy over a season…

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Enough said. Leave TMac where he is.

  • Shawna

    He really is made of glass. I would definitely pass. I couldn’t possibly be any less interested in this guy for every last one of the reasons you said.

  • Tommy Legend

    what in the holy hell is wrong with you guys. t-mac is too soft and too much of a loser to play for us. He has been done for years and he will never be good stop falling for all these names and get us jj reddick and a big guy not named brad miller. Hate to say this but trading sheeds contract for troy murphy seems pretty appealing living in Indiana i think this guy can still play and he will grab some boards and pop some 3’s on you but no thanks to t-mac I always hated that poser

  • Lee in Oregon

    Perk will rub off on Kwane Brown?
    Does that mean Kwane will lose the ability to catch and dunk? It’s really his only skill. I’d rather have Sheldon Williams back.
    I like Amir Johnson alot better than Kwane.

  • Yeah, & like I said, not taking away from his great individual scoring
    accomplishments, but just not the answer for this franchise.

  • Too fragile? He will be coming off the bench. If he is available for cheap, why not? Now, I would only take him if Doc coaches him. Otherwise, no thanks.

  • realtalk

    Please danny ainge do not bring this washed up no heart mc greedy here. i don’t want to see him and shaq in the green uniform. don’t waste that money on them. please don’t.

  • Swoopster

    I have always been a big Boston fan, but let’s try to see the light here. They are on there way down. Why would Tmac even consider them. They only have one player that is improving and that is Rondo. Rondo would be absolutely great on several teams just not the Celtics. I wish the Celtics the best but I do not believe they will even get out of the first round next year. Tmac just say no. There are still some good teams that you can play for. And just to let the people know, that do absolutely no research, Tmac has has averaged 29.8 points per game in the playoffs for all games played. Fourth highest in the history or the NBA.

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