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Fireworks Begin Early For Celtics

Doc and kevin One of the great Boston traditions and experiences is attending the Fourth of July fireworks event at the Hatch Shell.  Alongside the esplanade of the Charles River, the Boston Pops play glorious music to go along with a majestic display of fireworks, celebrating the birth of our country.  For the Boston Celtics, and the entire landscape of the NBA, those fireworks will be on display three days early.

First and foremost the Celtics need to know who their coach is going to be.  Doc Rivers is absolutely perfect for this team.  His decision to return or resign will be the figurative spark that lights the wick of the dynamite of their off-season.  As the regular season drew closer and closer to its mediocre end, Doc probably decided he had enough.  However, in light of their amazing run at banner 18, along with his recent involvement in the draft and assistant coaching search, Doc may have changed his mind.

Nobody would blame him for stepping down for cited family reasons, but at the same time the majority of Celtic fans would be (or SHOULD be) ecstatic if he returned for the final year of his contract.  He's even hinted at possibly "merging the two families" if that were possible.  I'm not sure how that would work or if the players would be completely ok with it (I think they're all close enough that they would all figure out a way to work it out) but it might be the final discussion point amongst Doc, Danny and ownership.  At any rate, Doc's decision likely affects what Paul Pierce and Ray Allen decide to do.

For now, the Celtics' plan is not to make one more run, but most likely two more.  The main reason for that is the length of Kevin Garnett's contract.  With KG's contract set to expire after the 2012 season, it's unlikely that the Celtics can blow it up and rebuild completely as long as he is here.  Yes, he would be an attractive expiring contract all of next season, but if Pierce opts-out then re-signs an extension, and Ray Allen re-signs it would make no sense to explore trade options for KG.  Unless of course, the C's are completely out of the running (but with the main core of players that's not very likely).

Big 3 At the end of it all, I think Pierce opts out and signs a 3-year $45 million extension.  I'm not sure money will be an issue with Ray Allen as much as the length.  If I'm Ainge, I don't go beyond two years.  From all accounts, it seems that Ray really likes it here in Boston, so a 2-year $16 million deal seems reasonable.  The major wild card will be all of the teams with tons of cap space that miss out on all of the big name free agents.  The Knicks are a prime candidate to vastly overpay for Ray's services, so watch out for that scenario.

The other major piece of business for the Celtics is how to spend their mid-level exception and veteran minimum exceptions.  They've already been rumored to be targeting Brad Miller.  This would be a decent choice so long as he doesn't demand the full MLE.  If they could somehow split it between he and Mike Miller (or even Kyle Korver), then that would be a very good off-season.  Brendan Haywood would be a great choice to fill in for Perk while he is recovering from his knee injury, but it's unlikely they sign him for a few reasons.

First of all, he would probably require more than the MLE (believe it or not).  Secondly, he's more of a starting center, which for the C's they only need an interim starting center.  You only make a run at Haywood if you plan on replacing Perk with him in the long term.  I highly doubt he would be happy with a backup role on the C's one Perk returns.  He didn't take too kindly to it while he was on the Wizards when he was battling for playing time with Etan Thomas.

The Celtics would do themselves a favor by looking into signing Udonis Haslem.  He'd be a solid big/vet to add to the bench, but something tells me that once the dust settles in Miami, he'll find his way back there.  Players such as Kurt Thomas, Francisco Elson, Ben Wallace and Joe Smith could all possibly be signed for the minimum, but some of the contracts that get signed in years past have been more surprising.

With the drafting of Avery Bradley, Nate Robinson's brief career in green is most likely done.  Even if the C's re-sign Ray Allen, they will need depth at the SG/SF position for backups to Pierce and Ray.  While Ainge's trade of Robinson (and subsequent jettison of Bill Walker) at the time was understood and accepted by most, it would be nice to have a guy like Walker making very little money, but being very capable of spelling Pierce/Ray for 10-15 minutes per game in a long season.  Ideally, it would be great if they could sign a free agent like Matt Barnes or Raja Bell.

Both players fit the C's system well.  They're instigators, they thrive on defensive challenges, the can both shoot the three fairly well, and they both hate Kobe (ok this is made up, but if you do some Googling on historical encounters between Barnes/Kobe and Bell/Kobe, you'll see my point).  It's highly unlikely that they would sign for the veteran's minimum so at BEST you're looking at getting one of them in a split for the MLE.  Bell has reportedly been interested in becoming a final piece to a potential Miami Heat superpower.

Luckily for Celtic fans (as well as NBA fans) we all don't have to wait until the 4th of July for the fireworks to begin.  Ours commence on the 1st.  Get your bottle rockets, M-80's and Black Cats ready.

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  • greenbeand

    give paul and doc w/e they want. split the mle with miller and gomes, resign nate for peanuts, add the rooks ray could command 4yrs 40 mill, but i think he keeps his fam here for short money. we still need another big, sheldon?

  • nick

    Glad yo see you boys finaly on the Matt Barnes bandwagon. I’de like to split the mid-level between Barnes and Travis Outlaw, keep T.A, let Ray walk..then you sign Kwame Brown and Steven Hunter for the vets minimum as two 7 footers with ntapped potential, if you lock them in the dungeon with Perk, K.G, & Cliffford Ray then you’ve got something, and you can all laugh at me and say I’m dumb but Kwame Brwon is still young and he’s still got sometihng left 4 sure. those guys would be our 4th and 5th bigs behind K.G Perk and Baby, fuck signing brad or mike miller, both very unathletic and always get hurt. Let Ray go because he played like shit for the last 5 games of the finals and he needs to be punished for it. if your core is Pierce,Rondo,K.G,Perk,Baby,Outlaw,Barnes,Bradley,T.A,Kwame & thrn you hold on to sum cheap gys to round out the bench. works 4 me.

  • thetitleisours

    If you go by history the Celtics will be very quiet when Free Agency starts (other than our own guys). We will end up with the scraps that are left after other teams are done
    Just going by what we have seen the last two years

  • CFH

    Wasn’t Sheed one of the most, if not THE most, sought-after free agents last year?

  • Lee in Oregon

    Haywood will definitly be out of reach at the mid level. Take a look at the free agent centers and tell me who’s better?
    I hate Matt Barnes. Not a fan of Brad Miller but I sure as hell want him on the team. Not so with Barnes though.
    Mike Miller has chick-hair, which never works in Boston (Never Nervous, Mikki Moore, Quisy). He also wears a chickstyle head-band to keep in in place so he can jack up shots and watch guys blow by him. I’d honestly rather have Nate back at 2-3 mill than give MM any part of the mid-level.
    Anyways, Brad Miller will take the whole thing. No way that guy will play for 3+.

  • Shawn-cvd

    LOL on the chick hair…by your analysis Bosh looking to blow it up next year considering he shaved his off…

  • drew33

    You guys dont watch mike miller much…..he cut his hair short last year. He is a great three point shooter, rebounder and passer. He would be a great fit to play 20-25 minutes spelling ray and paul. I like Brad Miller only if it means signing him for 1 or 2 million. Anything more would be a waste. Amir Johnson would be a nice young big, but he is likely gonna get 3-5 mil per year.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I like what Nick’s saying but if Ray needs to walk we need to pry someone away w/ a sign and trade. I was thinking with Houston for Shane Battier or to Suns for Dudley and Barbosa (straight up for Channing Fry would also be sweet albeit a dream).
    Try to negotiate Ray Ray to a contender over budget even pair with Sheed’s retiring contract so we get players and they get a little relief.
    I still think easiest option is to resign Ray Ray for the target two years…

    Can someone explain why we’d want Brad Miller? Seriously, am I missing something? He’s 34 years old and on the decline if you compare his carreer stats to this past year.

  • Lee in Oregon

    He may be on the decline, but he’s still a good player, and he has excellent hands, he can score. As much as I like Perk, his limited offense was almost non-existant in the playoffs. Seemed like 4 on 5 at times on offense.
    I didnt know that Mike Miller had lost the hair and barrets. Or that he was an great rebounder…..or a great passer.

  • Finn

    Mike Miller 10.9 points, 6.2 rebounds, 50% from the field, 48% from 3, and 3.9 assists per game last year….I’ll take that coming off our bench.

  • AJ

    Ha ha ha ha You ARE DUMB!!