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Celtics Targeting Brad Miller

Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnorowski reports that the Celtics are targeting Brad Miller and re-signing Ray Allen as their two main free agents this summer.

The Boston Celtics have targeted center Brad Miller to sign in free agency, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Miller and guard Ray Allen are expected to be the Celtics’ two top priorities in summer free agency following the retirement of Rasheed Wallace and a knee injury to Kendrick Perkins.

 You can read the whole entry here.  Another interesting note in the piece is how Doc Rivers is acting like a coach that plans on returning, and how the Celtics management EXPECTS him to return for the seventh and final year of his contract.  While I'm still in the belief that Doc walks away from this season, things seem to be getting more interesting as we reach closer to the NBA's summer apocalyptic date on July 1st.

Brad Miller would be a solid signing to replace Perk for the time being.  Especially if Perl also tore his ACL, which would mean an even longer process just to get back on to the court, never mind conditioning as well as NBA conditioning.

Ideally, it would benefit the C's even more if they didn't have to use the entire Mid-Level Exception on Miller, but it may be necessary to sign him, as it was to sign Sheed last summer.  Somehow I don't expect Pierce, KG, Ray, Wyc Grousbeck, Doc and Danny flying to Miller's backwoods Indiana home to convince him to sign.  That would require them going hunting and I don't want to even begin to think how crazy KG would be.

Since his early days with the Charlotte Hornets, Miller has been somewhat of a "Celtic Killer" coming up with huge games against the green.  However, if he does sign here, he and Rondo should have some interesting encounters in practice:

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  • nick

    Ughhh..I like Brad Miller as a player but I feel ike we are getting Utah Jazzitis. The Jazz just build there team how they see fit and don’t seem to realize that despite how good Boozer Millsap and Okur are offensively that they are just too small to ever beat L.A who has bounced them 3 years in a row. We need to build to beat LA! We have proven that when healthy we are going to beat the magic and 4 some reason i just don’t give a fuck what all these faget free agents do when they meet up at panera bread and decide to try and reconstruct the NBA, Chris Bosh especially makes me sick and he is the most overrated guy in the NBA, he doesn’t deserve close to a max deal.. If we are going to sign Brad Miller and Kwame Brown or another 7 footer then I’m cool with that but we need lots of size and he’s only about 6’10ish and not nearly as long as pau or bynum, so we shall see but i’m not super excited about brad miller as our key off-season target till i see the chips fall around him

  • Cliff Kensington

    It may be a good fit but I can’t support it. I hate Brad Miller with all my heart. He is easily my least favorite NBA player. At a certain point, you want to be able to like the team you’re rooting for. It helps to be able to tell yourself you aren’t just rooting for laundry.

  • thetitleisours

    It looks like we have landed a few guys for Summer League already. I was happy they brought in undrafted Art P.
    What are you guys thoughts on some of the other players invited?

  • Finn

    People keep talking bout Haywood but the Celtics haven’t seemed to express any interest in him. Why not? He’s solid on offense, great defender and rebounder. Way rather have him then Brad Miller.

  • Celtsfanforlife

    lol, honestly, why are we going after another veteran big guy. Basketball experience is the last thing we need, celts are like the oldest team in the league. no matter what old big guy we get, we cannot contend with the Lakers front court, especially if Bynum is healthy. We need bosh or something

  • JD


  • machizmo_junkie@yahoo.com

    hey celtic fans..non flagrant??? and you say lakers always get the call

  • Finn
  • LAL

    What would this make the starting line up average age? You guys don’t want no part of Miller.