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Your Morning Dump… Where we’re assessing Ray Allen’s worth

Ray worth

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Allen offers prolific 3-point shooting, a commodity teams always
covet in free agency. Like [Reggie] Miller, Allen creates space to get his shot
off by darting around the floor and rubbing shoulders with his screening
teammates. All told, he generated 31.6 percent of his scoring plays
from off-the-ball screens this past season, topping all NBA starters.

this stage in his career, Allen almost completely relies on his
frontcourt teammates to set strong screens so he can pick off his
defenders. In Kendrick
, Rasheed
and Kevin
, the Boston Celtics
fielded a murderers' row of screen setters who crushed chasing
defenders. But once Allen loses the essential ability to carve up the
half court, he's likely finished as a contributor at the NBA level.

showing his age right in front of you," one league exec said. "He's
struggling to get where he wants to get athletically."

ESPN (Insider): Buyer's guide: Ray Allen

Harsh words for our boy Ray… but not entirely inaccurate, either.  He's not creating his own shot.  He needs the screens to get the job done.  And when he leaves the Celtics' swarming defensive system, he may become a bigger liability on defense.

BUT… he's still one hell of a shooter.  And if he's on a team, like Boston, that knows how to spring him… then he's worth one last contract.

Let's face it… Ray turns 35 in a couple of weeks.  For him to be this good at this age shows what kind of shape he keeps himself in.  But he's still going to be 35.  How much money do you really give a 35 year old in the NBA? 

2 years, $20 million in that ESPN graphic is still a touch on the high side for me.  Any team that gives Ray 3 years is out of its mind.  There's also a potential cap hit with long contracts for guys over 36 (as explained here).  I'd like to think $16 million is enough for Ray to finish his career.

But who'll give it to him? The Celtics?  Will they if Doc doesn't come back?  The article mentions Chicago and OKC as possible destinations.  I can see OKC working in some respects because their team is so young and some good veteran leadership and a clutch, go-to shooter would be a good thing.  Chicago would work since they don't have a shooter to space the floor.

Still, Boston makes the most sense.  Ray's not at an age where he wants to re-learn systems or pack up his family and leave.  He wants his son, who suffers from diabetes, to be near top-notch hospitals.  And I'm sorry, Oklahoma City… you're not known for your medical care. 

So I say Ray stays… and I say it's for a 2-year deal.

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  • drew33

    i agree with you…..a 2 year 16 million dollar contract is what he is worth. anything higher and im fine with letting ray walk.

  • 11in13

    I do think the celts will get a decent discount on Ray because he is so happy with the care and routine they have in Boston. From a basketball standpoint Chicago would be best fit as they really need someone to spread the floor and his child would get good care. Okc is great basketball fit but no chance he moves his family there. With all the money out there though someone could overpay and he might not be able to turn it down.

  • antoinew8

    i say because of the birds-rights exception, the Celtics should resign Ray Allen, but only because of that. If the team could get an equally good two-guard otherwise without affecting the cap that would be the smarter way to go. But because they can’t, it’s Ray Allen or nothing.
    I hope he takes under nine mill for no more than two years, with a team optioned third year possibly. I think that would be a proper price for the guy. I mean, Rondo’s making 9.5 next year so Ray can’t make more than that, right?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Ray could sign and trade also for 1-2 pieces. There’s a ton of perimeter players in Memphis, we could try to pry Outlaw and that Rhino guy from Clippers or various what ever.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    My blood boils green, and it also boils of unadulterated fanboyism for Ray Allen. I want him to retire as a Celtic. That simple. Give him whatever he wants. Human blood? Take mine!
    p.s. Has any caught the wide-load in that last picture? Now THAT’S confidence. 🙂

  • They should make that a more public event and sell some tickets…

  • fiorelladad

    I agree on the 2 years but my friend, did you watch this season? Ray does get the majority of his outside looks from screens but actually this season he created more of his shots by penetrating and cutting to the basket. That’s the way he got going on his 3’s this season.

  • greenbeand

    nets, nicks, raptors will throw 4 yrs / 40 mill, be real

  • I was wrong about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Ray should come back for cheap or get lost. That dude cost us the series in my mind. There were so many Ray Allen bricks man. I wish we would have dealt him before the deadline. I hate to bag on him since he’s a great guy, but we simply needed more threes than he gave us.