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Your Morning Dump… Where Shaq is an option

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Think Chicago’s Brad Miller or maybe even Shaquille O’Neal, who soon
may have absolutely no reason to return to Cleveland.

Those are two of the best options Ainge will have to plug the hole
left by Kendrick Perkins who will be recovering from surgery to repair what is now believed to
be the so-called triangle – tears of the anterior cruciate ligament,
medial collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament.

Herald – Big stretch for Celtics

Yes, we laughed hysterically when O'Neal joined the Cavs, but that was because he was billed as a final piece of their championship puzzle. In Boston, Shaq would be a temporary starter and bench player. His numbers in Cleveland were decent; 23 mpg, 12 ppg, 56%FG, 6.7 rpg and 1.1 bpg (And if you are going to mention Shaq, what about Big Z – 7 ppg, 4 rpg?).

As for the easy to hate Brad Miller, he averaged 8 ppg, 43%FG, 4.9 rpg and 1.4 apg. What he lacks in rebounding, he makes up for with jump shooting and passing.

Money will be the biggest factor in who gets signed. I wouldn't give any of the above multiple years and more than $3 million. The lure would be a chance at a championship (provided the Celtics can retool). If the Celtics are willing to dump their entire MLE on a big man, they might be able to lure a guy like Brendan Haywood.  

Before you scoff at any of these names, consider the alternatives:

Jason Collins, Nazr Mohammed, Kwame Brown, Ben Wallace, DJ Mbenga, Drew Gooden, Jermaine O'Neal, Jamaal Magliore, Kurt Thomas, Tony Battie, Sean May, Adonal Foyle, Jarron Collins, Etan Thomas, and Rasho Nesterovic.

Another possibility is Semih Erden. I see him filling the Shelden Williams role, provided he leaves Turkey and comes to Boston.

The rest of the links:

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  • Connor Henry

    One name not mentioned who might be worth a look is Udonis Haslem. Isn’t he also an unrestricted free agent? I know he’s primarily a power foward but he can play some center. He’s a good rebounder and an excellent defender. I think he would do a fine job off the bench. Is there some kind of salary cap issue or something else that is excluding him from the list of possibilities?

  • We do not need Shaq. We do not need to get older. We need a hard nosed rebounder and defender.

  • 11in13

    If you could get one of the above for the bi-annual exception then it would be worth it. Not sure they can though. Big Z would be especially nice to help spread the floor for pierce and rondo. Rondo could find him a lot for his mid range jumpers.

  • greenbeand

    word on the street is Team president Larry Miller said the Blazers will probably release newly acquired forward Ryan Gomes in order to avoid taking on the remaining three seasons of his contract. hm

  • yea in all probability gomes will be a free agent
    SIGN HIM!!!!
    would be a great backup for pierce and probably wont cost all that much because no teams have his rights to sign him

  • Is he a free agent. I was thinking true centers when I made that list (guess I should have excluded Drew Gooden).
    They need someone who can guard opposing centers in the post. KG cannot be playing center.

  • thetitleisours

    Gomes had some great games for the Wolves last year

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    That would be so damn awesome if Ryan came back to Boston. \m/

  • antoinew8

    This is the order that i would put the Free Agent big men of who i would want the C’s to sign first.
    David Lee
    Udonis Haslem
    Tyson Chandler
    Brendan Haywood
    Kris Humphreys
    Jermaine Oneal
    Drew Gooden
    Craig Smith
    Amir Johnson
    Hakim Warrick
    Brad Miller
    Joe Smith
    Sheldon Williams
    Kwame Brown
    Sean May
    Shaquille Oneal
    Brad Miller and Shaq are too slow to be anything other than a back up option. they’d do to us what Shaq did to the Cavs, Slow them down. THat’s not what we need. that’s why i wouldn’t mind an undersized Udonis Haslem starting next year, so long as they also got a beefer for the bench until perk comes back (like Craig Smith, or Jermaine Oneal.)
    I’d also likle them to try and sign a Josh Howard for cheap money. I doubt he’ll get many offers from most teams as he’s almost acted himself out of the league the last few years like Stephon Marbury and Nate almost did. And so like those two, i think the Celtics could be a great place to keep him in line and get some Great play out of him again.

  • nick

    Bottom Line…We all Love guys like Gomes Powe Craig Smith Udonis Haslem and other guys like that, but we lost 2 L.A for TWO REASONS. 1 was that we didn’t have a dominant scorer on the floor as often as they did…but the #1 issue was HEIGHT, LENGTH, WINGSPAN, and all that other good shit. We have are undersized banger in Big Baby, at this point we need either Shaq, Haywood, Tyson Chandler or somebody like that who is long and huge. even Jermain O Neal if he would accept a bench role. But as much as i like Ryan Gomes as a player we just don’t need that right now.

  • JD

    If we could get Gomes and Haywood this offseason, that wouldn’t bee too bad (assumming more money isn’t freed up). I would take Haywood before Gomes just because of the rebounding problem we had last year; a large center/backup-center who can rebound is our biggest need. But Gomes is a solid 3/4 who can hit the three and allow us to go small (no, Big Baby does not count as going small when we play him at the 4 or 5).

  • realtalk

    Please danny do not bring the old washed up shaq here. he doesn’t fit for this team. he’s too slow. he would not be able to keep up with rondo’s speed on the fast break. that’s why it didn’t work with steve nash when he was with the suns. shaq should be retire now. he will be 39 next season. i do not want to see him as a celtics. we should try to get younger not older.

  • nick

    Next years roster should be this..
    Starting Lineup: Rondo,Travis Outlaw ,Pierce, K.G, Perk
    Bench: Tony Allen,Big Baby,Hakim Warrick, Brendan Haywood, Kwame Brown, Steven Hunter, Avery Bradley keep 3 You split the mid-level between Outlaw and Haywood and then you dole out the vets minimum on 2 talented underachievers in Brown and Hunter. then you fill it out with Avery Bradley and Decide what u want 2 do with the last few spots maybe you can keep harangody or gaffney or lafeyette

  • Moglie

    Jup, Shaq would fit very well. he´s old and ringchasing like the rest of your team.

  • realtalk

    OK u can crawl back where ever u came from troll. bye bye