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Your Morning Dump… Where Bradley’s more Westbrook than TA

Avery bradley Every morning, we compile the links of
the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

Against my strong suggestion — and I
have been wrong before, believe it or not — the Celtics chose youth, a
Russell Westbrook-clone who can play both guard positions but is the
athlete the Celtics desperately need.

Bradley is not a reach here, and the pick
displays some long-range thinking from president Danny Ainge and Rivers.
Instead of taking a player short on potential but who could help
immediately, the Celtics brass decided to take the best on-ball defender
available — Bradley — and deal with their shortage of big men in free

Globe: Starting to put game plan in motion

Doc: “I love his speed. I can tell you that – he has unbelievable speed. He
has a good in-between game. He can make the spot-up jump shots. He’s an
NBA defender right now. He can play point guard defense on anybody in
the league, and that’s huge for us. But he has to learn the position, he
has to learn how to be a point guard, so with (Rajon) Rondo in front of
him, (Rondo will) be a good teacher.”

Herald: C's have guard up

I'm seeing a lot of reaction to Avery Bradley and Luke Harangody as "The C's just drafted Tony Allen Jr. and Brian Scalabrine's replacement."

That's not exactly the case.  It's not that I can't see why people would say that.  Bradley's a defensive guy who's mainly going to take it to the hoop and play defense.  But let's not color this guy's future with Tony Allen's past. 

Bradley is a much better shooter and ballhandler.  Hell, you look at his shooting form you'll already forget the Tony Allen comparison.  But TA is more of a 2/3 tweener while Bradley is more of a "combo guard" who can handle the 1 and the 2. 

What does this pick mean?  Well… as Chuck and I said on last night's Two Man Game… this shows what the C's are looking for down the line: athletic guys who will run with Rondo… or at the very least keep up Rondo's pace.  He'll have a year, if the team gets back together for one more run, to learn under Rondo and maybe Ray Allen.  But then he'll be on his own in a back court with Rondo leading (we hope) fast break after fast break.

As for Harangody… let's not look at the goofy looking, red-headed, white guy and say "oh, we've got Scal's seat-filler."  I'll echo the comment that was made last night:  You don't average 22 and 9 in the Big East because you suck.  The kid knows how to play the game.  There are some serious questions as to whether some of the things that worked in college will work in the pros… but he can ball.  He'll at least come into camp with an opportunity to win a spot.

Of course, it's way too early to judge this draft.  The Harangody pick, as with all 2nd rounders, is a no-risk pick that could turn out to be a Danny Ainge magic special.  Bradley seems to be a pretty good player who may be able to contribute right away.  So overall, a decent job by the C's last night.

On Page 2, Perk's knee could be worse than we thought

After some confusion over the condition of
Kendrick Perkins, Danny Ainge said last night the team now believes
that the Celtics center may have torn the anterior cruciate ligament in
his right knee during Game 6 against the Lakers. It was initially
believed that Perkins had turn the medial collateral ligament and
posterior cruciate ligaments in the knee.

Both may also be partially torn, according to Ainge.
All information, based at the moment on an MRI exam, won’t be known
until Dr. Brian McKeon finally performs the surgery. Though initially
penciled in for today, Ainge said last night that Perkins may not have
surgery for another week in an attempt to allow the swelling to subside.

Ainge also said it is unknown whether Perkins’ recovery from surgery
will mean missing the first part of next season.

Herald: Perkins may have torn ACL

This is bad.  Not gonna lie.  Surgery was supposed to happen today but it's been delayed because the swelling hasn't gone down enough.

We're going to have to see what the C's do to fill the holes in the front court.  One option is Semih Erden, the 2nd round pick from a couple of years ago that is currently playing overseas.  He'll probably come into camp in a few months.  Then the C's will have to dip into the free agent pool and hopefully find something good enough to get them through the first half of the season. 

But don't expect Perk until around Christmas.  These surgeries are tough… especially for a big dude like Perk who will put a lot of pressure on that knee as he runs and jumps.

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  • thetitleisours

    What big men are out there that this team could afford do you think?
    The return of Sweetney? :-/

  • Aaron

    Perkins jumps?

  • I keep saying Brendan Haywood is probably the best option out there. He averaged almost 10 rebounds a game last year… and he can probably be had at mid-level money.
    That’s the best we’re gonna do.

  • Danno

    With Williams and Harangody, we have the first Charter Special Olympics NBA frontcourt coming off the bench.

  • thetitleisours

    Could bring in the undrafted Art Parakhouski I suppose

  • What’s a guy like Ben Wallace gonna go for?

  • Just make sure Perk and Wes Welker drink the same water.. get him back early.

  • JD

    The problem with both draft picks is that they don’t fill the biggest needs Boston has. Bradley is 6’3: he’s not going to be a starting shooting guard, he’s going to be a point guard. And even if he does fill his potential, we already have Rajon in place for the next decade (hopefully). My question is why the hell didn’t DA go after James Anderson, who got picked after Bradley: Anderson is 6’5, Bilas called him the best shooter in the draft, he played against great competition at OSU. He would be a perfect candidate to replace Ray Allen in a few years.
    The biggest upside that Luke Harangody has is to be a Big Baby type of a player. I don’t understand why Danny would get another undersized Big when we already have two and it clearly hurt our rebounding and finishing around the rim last year. Both picks could end up working out, but they are still head scratchers.

  • thetitleisours

    I was high on Anderson or Crawford too. The track record is DA likes defensive guys so maybe neither passed his minimum is my guess.
    Jones was a good offensive rebounder so i was surprised he was ignored too
    This guy was expected to go into the 2nd round but not drafted. Worth a look

  • thetitleisours

    James not Jones

  • Shawn-cvd

    Letting Anderson pass IS a head scratcher. I do like that the C’s took a defensive specialist in Avery. It sounds like he will get playing time. Everything right now is knee jerk reactions though.
    Backing up the 2 and 3 is not a bad thing. Should Allen return I’d like to see him on the bench in a Ginobley roll. Have Avery and Rondo wreak havoc on the ball and in the lanes and get up for some easy transition buckets. Then bring in Jesus to dominate opposing bench players and to close out games. Also should we keep TA we’ll have amazing perimeter defense. Should Rondo/TA/Bradley be on floor at same time then a big with outside shooting becomes much needed for spacing.
    If the draft was the only way to improve our roster we’d be screwed. This off season will be judged much later this Summer. Anyone thinking we’d set the world on fire with the 19th and 52 picks are on crack.

  • Shawn-cvd

    *is on crack.

  • Shawn-cvd

    LOL and Avery would back the 1 and 2…

  • patrick stone

    You Celtics fans are so stinking negative.It does not matter what DA does your going to be critical.He knows talent,and knows how to build a team.A guy who avg 20 pts and 9 rebounds in one of the best basketball conferences isn’t shabby.You don’t give DA or these players a chance,and you seem to forget they picked up a guard Lafayette and a forward Gaffney earlier just for the summer league.Some of you must have irritable bowel syndrome because you are so critical take a chill pill,because the days ahead for the Celtics are exciting!