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Your Morning Dump… Where the Perk rumors have started

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A league front-office source told FanHouse that the Celtics
have been dangling center Kendrick
and their No. 19 pick to teams with high lottery picks in
attempt to add a dynamic young talent to their aging core. It's a tough
sell, considering Perkins is facing surgery as early as Friday after
tearing his medial collateral ligament and partially tearing his
posterior cruciate ligament in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Perkins has an expiring contract that will pay him $4.4 million next
season, and the best case scenario for the Celtics would be to move
their big man and the pick to a team with the salary cap space to absorb
both and free up money for Ainge's strapped payroll.

Sam Amick – NBA Fanhouse

For the sake of discussion, let's make some wild assumptions: 1 – The Celtics, a team in need of height, are willing to deal height 2 – A team is willing to overlook Perk's injury.

What are the likely destinations? Washington is taking John Wall. Philly just traded for Spencer Hawes, and they'd probably want more than Perk and the 19th pick to pass on Evan Turner. New Jersey and Minnesota do not need centers. Sacramento just traded for Sam Dalembert. Golden State is an offensive minded team with zero interest in a lumbering, offensively challenged center. 

That leaves the Pistons at #7 (I can't imagine the Celtics going further down the line under this trade scenario). They don't have a true center (Ben Wallace and Kwame Brown are free agents). Perk is a Joe Dumars type of guy. A deal to Detroit makes sense for the Pistons, but I'm still not buying it for the Celtics.

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  • Cliff Kensington

    Agree with your logic about the teams. The only way it would make sense for the Celtics is if Cousins somehow falls to 7 but then Detroit would want him equally, if not more than the Celtics.

  • G4L

    C’omon Perk… really!

  • greenbeand

    keep perk out of this, how about baby and this yrs celts draft. cheap teams like the kings, warriors or clips should take a hard look at something like that

  • aaron

    no, dont keep perk out of this. he is a liability. centers who only play defense are useless. he has developed ZERO offensive moves and for all his defense, premier centers still routinely drop twenty on him and outrebound him.
    fortunately for us the media has labeled him the “best defensive center” in the game. great, hopefully we can spin this into some decent trades.
    i am sure this will start a sh*tstorm on here, but i deal with facts. and the facts are, we need a number two offensive option BESIDES rondo. it aint ray allen anymore and pierce cannot take over 4th quarters like he used to.

  • Double P Reppin the B


  • him

    Come on guys, we have to give up something to get something.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    People need to realize that we need to start making changes to this team. I know they were just in game 7 of NBA finals but you guys really think they can duplicate that run?everyone happened to be healthy at the right time. You can’t expect them to coast thru another agonizing regular season then flip the switch and win the championship again

  • mollysdaddy

    If we allow for your claim that “centers who only play defense are useless”, which I’m not sure is valid, then let’s get rid of the bum. Perk you suck, get out of town!!! Who is going to be our starting center? Scal? Davis? KG? Sure Cousins is making big waves right now in the camps and such, but is he really ready to start? And that’s assuming one of the top four teams in tonight’s draft are willing to trade for the bum Perkins.
    Now I’m not saying that I believe Perkins should go, I actually think he is one of the guys who absolutely needs to stay, I’m just wondering what sort of team would trot out on the court next year if we were to trade away our only center.

  • unbiased

    danny ainge has made one good deal, and that was with other a former celtic: with mchale (for kg). (And yes, boston was getting kg, regardless of whether or not he made a move for ray allen. that’s the truth).
    there’s only one former celtic in charge of a team right now, and that’s bird. who would the celtics want from the pacers?
    Ainge is overrated as a GM. He needed MASSIVE HELP from Mchale to save his job (they were a lowly 15-win team at the end of 2007, tanking games, AND STILL couldn’t get the no. 1 or 2 pick). shady.

  • mollysdaddy

    Oh oh, better yet, convince Pierce to opt out and then don’t resign him. Wings who can’t get it done in the fourth are useless (in my opinion).

  • unbiased

    and if he makes a deal with bird and the pacers… then i can’t wait to say i told you so

  • aaron

    last time i checked shelden was listed as a center. ideally we would pick up a serviceable center. plenty are available. sometimes you have to cash in when someone’s trade value exceeds their team value. this time is now.
    everyone was crying when we traded Al Jeff one of my faves too but not crying when we won #17. so….
    also never said perk sucks. i like him. but he is a liability, offensively, at the free throw line late in games and with his ridiculous foul rates (and technicals). his game stopped progressing the DAY he was selected to the USA team.

  • aaron

    dude. there are so many things that work in the trade machine w/ Indianapolis for perk and a pick its not funny

  • aaron

    i disagree. baby is making progress. i wouldnt be surprised if he had a breakout season next year. also, as evidenced on the FA market last year, no one is interested in an undersized project.

  • DiP

    It would be great if they could trade Perk and the 19 pick for a future pick, Sheed retires, and then make a run at Bosh. Rondo to Bosh…. for year to come.

  • greenbeand

    perk cancels out w/o he’s going against. any coach would take that unselfishness every night. i’d like to see the celts get a starting shooting guard/slasher and move ray allen as a 6th man. that’s banner 18

  • realtalk

    I don’t believe in rumors. people write these articles just for the hype. perk ain’t going nowhere. if we ever trade perk. we will never beat team like the orlando magic in the east. who’s going to guard howard. perk is the best man to man center in the nba. u tell me now who are u going to replace perk with. lets be real people, and stop with all those stupid rumors. danny ainge is a very smart gm, and he will not make a stupid mistake like that.

  • thetitleisours

    I hear some Pittman talk too. A taller Big Babay?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Ever think about what it took to lead up to that deal? Great drafting year over year, with the likes of Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, and acquiring expiring contracts which are valuable on the trade market. Calculated moves were made year after year with Danny Ainge that lead to a break through trade like the KG trade. The fruits of his labor weren’t seen to the “casual fan” until we got Garnett but to say Ainge had “one lucky move” as a GM is utterly idiotic. He’s one of the best drafters in the league and makes great moves for the team and most GMs in the league wouldn’t have the balls to do. I love our GM and wouldn’t want any other.

  • Yeah man, Phoenix really got the best of Ainge on that Rondo trade.

  • Lakerhater

    amen. In Danny we trust.

  • nick

    Perk isn’t that athletic but ask Bynum, or Dwight who d’s up better in the league than Perk! See what they say.. To say we have an aging team and then trade a great young defensive Center about 2 enter his prime is fucking stupidddd. Trade your 19th pick tp Memphis for the 28th and 25th picks..Draft Damion James and Solomon Alabi, then sign Travis Outlaw. That gives you a nice yong core of Rondo, Baby, Perk, James, Alabi, Outlaw, possibly a sleeper at # 52…then maybe we bring back the Big 3 and sign Brendan HAYWOOD, that would give us a title contender next year as well as a young core to build with..don’t 4get to get matt barnes too to take TA’s spot

  • Shawn-cvd

    Phew it sure is great to have complete basketball analysis by Unbiased. Oh wait Double P offered the whole picture.
    You might want to consider a name change…

  • Shawn-cvd

    If you think those two would be available at 25 and 28 I’m all for it. Being strapped for cash the Green will need to improve through the draft for future’s sake then add some pieces for one last surge.
    If Sheed is retiring moving him for a player would be huge.

  • aaron

    wont forget to get matt barnes!!! we JUST MISSED getting Corey Maggette! DAMN!!!!

  • Gil

    Minnesota def needs a center and have 5 draft picks and there gm is an idiot so perk could go to Minnesota but i highly doubt they would move perk seeing we need big men. Moving down and getting an extra pick would be danny’s best bet.