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The 2 Man Game sorta draft show live at 9

2 man logoIt's draft night, and all of a sudden its time for us to focus on the future.  Chuck and I will hit the airwaves at 9pm so we can catch the C's draft pick and immediately crown it a bust or the best pick ever… since approximately 30 seconds after a pick is made is the best time to make long-term assessments. 

Yes, we'll put a little stamp on the end of the season since it's our first show since… IT… happened.  I'm sure there will be plenty of Kobe bashing involved. 

So join the fun at 9pm by visiting our show page.  It'll help pass the time.

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  • thetitleisours

    After many waffles my final prediction is:
    1) Crawford (Alt. Orten)
    2) Pittman (alt. Zoubek)
    Predictions by others?