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Six mock drafts… six different results


Since the draft is tonight, it's always fun to take a look at the various mock drafts. The latest mock from ESPN's Chad Ford (insider access only) has Avery Bradley from Texas falling to the C's.

Analysis: Danny Ainge has been shopping this pick, but if he
stays here, Damion James, Eric Bledsoe, Solomon Alabi and Avery Bradley
appear to be the front-runners. James, Bledsoe and Alabi are all off the
board, leaving Bradley. The super-quick combo guard could spell Rajon
Rondo at times, and would give them another dynamic scoring option in
the backcourt. More importantly to Ainge, he's the best talent left on
the board.

That's the thing about the 19th pick.  We're knee deep in "best talent available" territory rather than "filling a need."  Then again, the Celtics need a lot… so another quick guy to run with Rondo or give him a rest isn't entirely a bad thing.

SI's Ian Thomsen has Bradley off the board by 19, and the C's selecting Trevor Booker, a 6-7, 240 Sr. out of Clemson.  Just to show you how different people see different things:  Ford has Booker going 44th!

DraftExpress puts Kentucky Fr. guard Eric Bledsoe in Green (and also has Booker as a 2nd rounder, FYI).

Hoopsworld has Florida St. So. center Solomon Alabi dropping to 19, BLEDSOE going into the second round… and BOOKER going 21 to OKC. 

FanHouse has the C's taking Texas Sr. Forward Damian James… with Alabi falling to 23, Bledsoe at 20, and Bradley off the board at 13.

Ball Don't Lie is looking at the C's taking Xavier Fr. G/F Jordan Crawford

So… 6 mock drafts.. 6 different picks… and 6 wildly different scenarios as to where guys are going to go.

Get the idea that no one really knows for sure?  Should be interesting tonight.

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  • greenbeand

    pull a BB move and swap the pick to a pathetic team for next yrs draft

  • I can’t judge which way drafts are supposed to go anymore. Rondo, Baby, Perk.. but then Giddens, Lester, etc.
    The draft is not how we win #18 in my opinion. Maybe 2-3 years from now but it’s tough to get excited about it.

  • thetitleisours

    They variation between who is a first rounder or a second rounder also is large.
    Should we move down for more early second rounders?
    Crawford is even shown in the early 2nd in some