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And the Celtics select… Avery Bradley

Here's the scouting report on Avery Bradley, courtesy

An athletic guard with excellent explosiveness, Bradley has a long
wingspan which helps make up for his lack of height for a shooting
guard (6'3 in sneakers) … Bradley's biggest asset offensively is his
ability to shoot from the outside … He can hit from a catch and shoot
position, and looks beyond comfortable pulling up off the dribble …
His high release and strong elevation, along with his quick first step
allow him to create just enough separation to get off a shot … He has
basic ball moves when it comes to creating separation, but mainly uses
his quickness/athleticism to get the room he needs …What should make
Bradley a late lottery to mid-first round pick is his ability to be a
lock down defender … He uses his long arms and persistent nature,
constantly causing havoc for whoever is handling the ball… His off
the ball defense is no different, and if you watch him follow his man
around the court, you'll notice the focus and concentration he has on
trying to prevent his man from getting the ball … His defensive
intensity shows he takes pride on this side of the ball, and makes it
seem like he wants to be the best perimeter defender in the league,
which he might have been his freshman year at Texas…

Doc on draft pick: "He is the guy we wanted. He is
an NBA defender right now."

John and I were both thinking the Celtics needed to go big, but clearly they liked Bradley's defense and athleticism.

After the jump, video of Doc's reaction


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  • what the hell?
    say goodbye to donkey
    btw he shot 50% from the free throw line last year
    can D up though, i hate the pick
    cant put coherent thoughts together i am so mad

  • hopefully they are in line to trade the pick

  • in the 2nd round i want scheyer routins or bouldin

  • Shawn-cvd

    This is a great day for the Celtics! I’m deferring to Doc quote from the official Celtics tweet…
    “He is the guy we wanted. He is an NBA defender right now”
    Celtics have chosen someone who WILL contribute next year. Giddens/Lester/Walker etc were wrong for the dynamic here because defense was priority number one. Let’s not forget that TA didn’t break out this season until he proved his defensive prowess. Ainge has brought in a rookie who WILL get a shot here. And one of the many needs are for us to get younger.
    As for the Green’s need to reload I’m sure Ainge will maximize Sheed’s retiring contract and there will be players willing to come here for a chance at glory.

  • Lee in Oregon

    The only thing that really encourages me is Doc said- “it’s the guy WE wanted”.
    Maybe an indication that Doc will stay?
    does anyone know how much of Sheed’s money they can actually use? Bob Ryan said it was only part of it.
    Hopefully DA has a good big in mind from the free agent pool. Haywood in Dallas, anyone?

  • nick

    Avery Bradley is so much like Rajon Rondo that it excites me and yet confuses me at the same time. I’m sure they can play together in spurts, but Rondo’s gona log about 35 plus minutes a night on most nights. And while I know we like to go small at times and at 6’3 with good athleticism and wingspan he can probably guard 2 guards.. i still prefered getting Solomon Alabi or Hassan Whiteside, as a YOUNG big to mold into Laker Killers, bu t this kid is deff NBA ready and has D which the C’s love. The C’s can now sign Tyson Chandler or Brendan Haywood with Sheed’s money so that should help on the Big Man front. I’de also like to see if we could possibly let Ray go and combine him and sheed’s money and make a push for Joe Johnson or Rudy Gay or Monta Ellis

  • I saw that statement and quite frankly my response was “well what else is he going to say?”

  • Shawn-cvd

    True what else would he say…but if he can defend now it’s a promise to continue Celtics brand of basket ball and get the personnel to fit…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Ray’s market value will dictate where he goes. I feel that Ray Ray will take a home town discount. His home is in Connecticut and Boston has some of the best hospitals to take care of his son.
    If he’s going we absolutely MUST sign and trade with him…

  • nick

    agreed…I just want to get a little bit Younger while still keeping a title contender intact. Maybe a sign and trade of Ray to the Clipps for Eric Gordon or maybe to the Nets who could sign 2 max guys and the nets could give us Yi and Courtney Lee while they pair Ray with Amere or Boozer and a max FA wing player. we shall see but a backcourt of Lee and Rondo would dominate teams defensively

  • Jay Bilas thinks every single player is going to be an NBA all star.

  • lmao..Bilas is also gay as hell for the term “wing span”.

  • One thing I will say from watching YouTube clips on Bradley, this kid can jump through the damn roof:

  • Tony Allen’s Lawyer

    Drafting Tony Allen Jr. in the first round? Fair enough Danny.
    Also, it would be real nice to have bill walker on the roster. Him and rondo together would be a nonstop highlight reel.

  • JD

    Worst. Draft. Ever.

  • evan


  • Tony Allen’s Lawyer

    I keep on waiting for the celtics to say just kidding and announce their real draft picks.

  • O’s

    Sign Lance to the summer league partial guarantee… WTF

  • uvmbball101

    harangody…for real? Would have rather had my man MB23 from up here in Vermont.

  • nick

    1 thing I’ve really noticed over the course of the draft night, that may have gone under the radar is that Al Jefferson is going. He will not be in Minnesota on opening night. I really think the C’s need to make a hard push to get him, and we can sit here and talk about how he’s not the best athlete or defender in the world but if we could somehow get Al I think he would be unstoppable with Pierce ROndo and K.G, Big All really is underrated and undervalued by the NBA, he would dominate offensively and be an ALL-STAR out east so I think Ainge needs to monitor Big All because its clear the wolves like darko, love, and this european they have stashed away whos coming over this year…GET BIG AL

  • Shawn-cvd

    WTF Dominique Jones AND Alabi could have been had for cash and a single future 2nd round pick?!? Could our roster support three rookies?
    I can’t make heads or tales out of Draft night.

  • FrankF

    Why not harangody? Stats: averaged 21.8 points, 9.1 rebounds, and 0.7 blocks per game in his final season at Notre Dame. He shot 48.1 percent from the field and 78.7 percent from the free throw line.

  • JPD985

    Bradley can hit a jump shot and has better handles so I wouldn’t say he is an exact TA clone.